Macomb County Bigfoot sighting

Police field report of bigfoot sighting in Shelby Twp.

Resident’s surveillance camera captures image resembling sasquatch

Shelby Township police car.
Shelby Township police car.

Shelby Township police received an unusual call Friday night from a resident reporting she had captured an image on her home surveillance camera that resembled bigfoot.

According to the Macomb County Scanner Facebook page, officers searched the area but did not find a sasquatch or anything resembling the fabled large, hairy, ape-like creature.

Shelby Township police could not offer details on the search or the report Saturday because, according to a dispatcher, all of the officers who were working with the bigfoot sighting occurred were done with their shift and not available.

Michigan Bigfoot sighted

Michigan Bigfoot Report and Data: Gumshoguy’s Corner


Tons of Bigfoot sightings and encounters are reported by motorists passing by or parked. Many of the parked motor vehicle reports occur by Bigfoots jumping down from trees or climbing out of ditches. Photo below shows what a Bigfoot looks like laying down creepy…
Credit: David Hite
  • I saw what I thought was a deer in the ditch it got up on two legs
  • Motorist says as she approached when headlight on “I saw this ape running in the ditch”
  • As I got closer, it stood up, facing my Explorer this 7-foot blonde thing stands up from the ditch at an angle closet to the passenger side door
  • I was riding my motorcycle I what I thought was a bear in a ditch. As I got closer it came out of the ditch walking like a human. It was totally covered in hair
  • We also seen what looked like a large hairy ape like bigfoot around 8 feet high, with a brownish red color in the ditch
  • Motorist says a Brown 7-foot Bigfoot had been lying in the ditch then rose to its feet and ran across the road as they approached and passed by
  • We just turned the headlights on we saw a huge black 8-foot hairy beast coming up and out of the ditch from a prone position flashing teeth at us in the headlights
May be an image of tree and outdoors

Interesting Bigfoot lore

Bigfoot Report and Data: Gumshoguy’s Corner


Coincidence? “Once is happenstance; twice is coincidence; three times is enemy action.”
People in Bigfootery use to say a Bigfoot sighting under the bridge was a coincidence. When I look at and analyze tens of hundreds of thousands Bigfoot reports I’m looking for things and objects that seque into reoccurring patterns that reappear over and over.
In Bigfootology you will learn many times they follow a weird kind of pattern and most times there is no logical explanation other times they are a plain day.
So , are Bigfoots hiding under the bridge are more than the old Norwegian folktale “Three Billy Goat’s Gruff.” Coincidence? “Once is happenstance; twice is coincidence; three times is enemy action.” I think not.
All across North America there are over 300 such instances Bigfoots under the bridges somewhere.
May be an image of outdoors

Bigfoot traits

Rail Road Tracks

This is an instance of showing how prevalent Bigfoot Sasquatches use railroad tracks traverse the terrain mostly unseen. Sasquatches like wolves are linear creatures. They follow creeks, rivers, trails, and other areas as do Bigfoots. When you have a major predator around, it impacts how the prey behave. This may explain strange cases where turkey and deer suddenly appear wandering around seemingly confused or out of place in urban and highly developed suburban areas especially where rail lines run through the area. Bigfoots and wolves are both predatory animals. They use linear features of a landscape as travel corridors, like roads, electrical easements, pipelines, rivers and stream beds. Deer learn this and can adapt by staying away. This would include but not limited to any straight fixtures utility powerlines and railroad tracks easements and right of ways, not only roads but woodlines and agricultural fields running parallel to freeways.
Illustration: 1 Farmers and residence report spotting a white shaggy haired 6- foot Bigfoot creature in almost naked a condition, carrying only a small red blanket walking along the railroad tracks.
Illustration: 2 Hunters heard strange noises near woods and railroad tracks then seen two 8 foot hairy ape like beings
Illustration: 3 Hikers heard brush and trees breaks seen Bigfoot creature sticking its head out at treeline and shot it, knocking it down the creature. It screamed got back up running off screaming to abandoned railroad tracks
Illustration: 4 Hunters walking along abandoned railroad tracks came upon an 8-foot of steel rail pulled up and large human- like tracks next to it
Illustration: 5 Man sees group of
Illustration: 6 Several motorist spotted a family of Bigfoots walking along the railroad tracks
Illustration: 7 Friends walking along railroad tracks in heavy woods bordered by deep swamps and the Grand River, were followed for two miles by a large hairy creature walking on two legs
Illustration: 8 Man hiking along on railroad tracks sees a large hairy being coming towards them from the opposite direction
Illustration: 9 Group walking along railroad tracks see brown 7 foot apelike beast crouching down watching them
Illustration: 10 Two men in vehicle saw huge black 9 foot Bigfoot run across railroad tracks 40 ft away
Illustration: 11 Motorist saw 7 foot Bigfoot with long black hair in railroad bed by road; creature went into bush as he got out of car.
Illustration: 12 Train engineer saw a large hairy black strange creature on all fours eating carcass; leaving behind 6 toed tracks.

Bigfoot Reports

Michigan Bigfoot Report and Data: Gumshoguy’s Corner

Rocks Tree Stumps

Sasquatch does to mark trails
Illustration: 1 Two men were found dead, their rifles twisted and distorted, and with all their bones crushed and broken as smashed against ground. Former deputy sheriff reported investigating an incident 95 years ago. He believed Sasquatch mark their trails with rocks on stumps. One of things that stood out to him beyond the carnage were rocks found on tree stumps.
Note: I invited then removed a known member of the Bigfoot Community for his pedantic trolling and open contempt toward me over this photo. Hie was adamantly focused on a rock on a tree stump. Each time I would post his trolling would began as though a switch were clicked on schedule. His unwavering contention was that he “knew” loggers did that, and nothing was going to I could illustrate would assuage his feelings or snap him out of his opinion. This is Michigan Bigfoot Report and Data: Gumshoguy’s Corner.
This is a Bigfoot group site, not loggers’ site, we don’t get into tornados, tree climbing elephants, zebras, coyotes, beavers or rabbits here. What this is – is Bigfoot reports and data at its finest.
These photos are not the original phots but are illustrations examples’ for learning aids only.

Sasquatch encounters a Michigan hiker

A deer hunters Bigfoot encounter

Over the years, I have taken in many reports of deer hunters encountering Bigfoot. This could probably stem from the fact that both hunters, and bigfoot, are stalking the same prey. This encounter occurred in Lenawee County, Michigan. Lenawee County is in the southeaster part of Michigan.

Here is a report I recently got in from Craig.

– Start Report-

Name: Craig *****

Email Address:
 On file

State: MI


Date of Sighting:

Time of Day:  before dark

Nearest Town: Tecumseh (Tom – Tecumseh is a small city in Lenawee County. It is about 60 miles from Detroit and a 40 miles from Toledo, Ohio.)

Length of Sighting: Unsure

How many Witnesses: 1

Any Photos/Videos:

Describe sighting in detail:
I was watching 3 deer at about 200 Yds away, while bow hunting. When I began to hear a knocking sound coming from the woods very close to the deer.  The knocking came closer and it was an unmistakable wood on wood sound that was loud. At about 80 Yds away a branch was broken that immediately had me very nervous as it was very loud.
The knocking kept coming closer with no other sounds and it was calm and quiet that day.  It came all the way to within 35 yds or so and the knocking was all I heard. If it came any closer it would have to show itself but never did.

After a few knocks at close range my mind was racing as I had never heard of this behavior by anything and absolutely did not believe in Bigfoot, until that day. I heard a slight rustling of the leaves as apparently it headed back into the woods deeper but not without letting out a crazy scream/growl/yell that was terrifying.
That was all I could take and jumped from my tree stand (about 10 ft) and hustled to my truck without running, because I was thinking it might attack as I’ve heard that you don’t run from a predator.  It took 2 hands to start my truck since my hands were shaking so bad. This happened 3 miles from my house and I do hear things occasionally but nothing like that day. I’ve never gone to that spot again, and never will.

– End Report –

Thanks goes to Craig for sharing his encounter with all of us. Even though this might have been a scary experience, it was also an eye opening one for Craig. Most of us have been told, that Bigfoot is not real, but for those of us who have seen and/or heard it, we have no doubts about bigfoot being real. Just be careful when jumping out of a tree stand.


Bigfoot harasses campers in Michigan’s U P

Myself and four other friends decided to go on an over night camping trip about 2 miles from my friends house. There were 3 men and two women all together. The ages ranged from 15-17. The area we choose to camp in is known as the Beaver Pond (at least to us and our friends it was). We were driven, by my friends father, to within a half mile of where we planned to camp. We hiked in the rest of the way in with our tent and supplies. The area we were camping in was on a ridge that ran along an old small lake. Our campsite was on the top of the ridge on an old road that was used as a snowmobile trail in winter. To one side of our campsite was a steep hill that went right down to the waters edge. On the opposite side the ridge sloped down into a swampy area, very thick with brush. On either end of the camp the ridge continued for a short distance, 20 yards or so, before sloping down into the lower, thicker woods. We arrived at our site after dinner time, probably around 6 or 6:30 I’d say. We had a large yellow one room tent that we set up on the top of the ridge looking over the lake. We set about gathering firewood and getting ready to make some hamburgers. The evening proceeded uneventfully for several hours. Being teenagers, we didn’t plan on getting much, if any, sleep. I should point out that we were a pretty straightlaced group so there were no drugs or alcohol being used that night. As I remember, we built our fire and made something to eat and sat around the fire drinking sodas. We never really ventured far into the woods around our site. Perhaps a few yards to gather wood and down to the waters edge. As best I can recall it was about 1 or 1:30 a.m. when first something happened. Another thing I should mention here is that as children having grown up in the woods and around outdoor activities, we were all very comfortable out of doors and very familiar with the creatures that inhabit the Upper Penninsula. The first thing that happened was a distance noise. It sounded much like a screeching sound a chimp might make. It sounded quite distant, probably over a mile as it was barely audible. It came from the direction of the swamp. The swampy area at the base of the ridge was not actually all that large, maybe a quarter mile thick. So, we realized that the noise must have been coming from the pine forests on the other side of that swamp. I know even though the first sound was very faint and short it gave all of us a strange feeling. We tried not to think much about it and returned to whatever conversation we were having. A few moments later we heard the noise again. Much clearer and closer this time. I would estimate that it was probably 400-500 yards away. Still a good distance but significantly closer than before. It was again, one lone 2 or 3 second screech. After hearing this one we were unable to go back to our old conversation and began to discuss the noise and it’s possible sources. We all agreed that none of us had ever heard anything exactly like before. One of us ventured that it sounded like an animal in heat might. The other said that sometimes an animal being killed can make a terrible sound. No one was satisfied with either explanation. We sat, fairly quietly, waiting to see if we would hear more. After a few moments the screeching began in earnest. Whatever was making the sound had come to within 40-50 yards of our site and was at the base of the ridge down on the swampy side. It almost seemed as if the thing had made a direct line for our camp from the first moment we had heard it. The next 3 hours were truly terrifying. The thing began to move around our camp. Always staying at the base of the ridge. It circled all the way around us, going from the waters edge on one side to the waters edge on the other. The sounds varied coming from the woods. Sometimes we could hear the sound of branches breaking as though something large were moving in the trees and other times we could hear nothing moving. Sometimes it would move around us, screeching as it did so. Other times it would make its noise in one place and then make it again on the opposite of the camp a minute later without our having heard one bit of movement from the woods. We tried shining our flashlights out into the woods but could see nothing. I can’t remember if it had a reaction to our lights but I don’t believe so. Over the next three hours this continued. Sometimes the thing would go silent for perhaps 5 minutes or so only to erupt again with a fresh tirade. We had no idea what to do or think. I can honestly say that all of us were more frightened than we had ever been before. We had no weapons save a pair of the “Rambo” style hunting knives that were popular among teenage boys in the 80’s and a couple of pocket knives. We kept the fire going strong. I remember a couple of times when we all went inside the tent just to feel a little safer but we would quickly come back out when the thing would quit for a few moments. I’m not sure if we thought it was going to sneek up on us or what. I do remember feeling very insecure when it would get silent. At least when it was making noise we knew where it was. This is how things went until around 4 a.m. At around that time the screaching ceased and the thing left exactly the same way it had came. We heard a screech after a few minutes that seemed to be several hundred yards away and then one more in the distance and then it was gone. Suffice to say we did not sleep. At first light we took off at a jog down the dirt road towards the main road. I wish that we had taken more time to look for signs but we were all just scared. I do remember that we did take note of the fact that we saw no tracks on the sandy dirt road despite the fact that the thing must have crossed it 2 or 3 dozen times that night. Again, I have to say we didn’t look very thoroughly though. We just wanted to leave. We walked to my friends house about a mile and half to two miles away. We told his father all about what had happened and we were promptly dismissed as having overactive imaginations. This is what would happen with every adult we shared our story with. We did go back later that day to get our gear. My friends father gave him the truck so we could drive right into our campsite. We threw our things in the back and got out as quickly as possible. It has been several years since this has happened. I’ve told many people about it but never anyone who was in a position to truly evaluate or have an interest. I have heard some of the bigfoot sound recordings and have to say that some of them are very similar to what we heard that night. I’ve had many explanations proposed to me about what happened that night but none has ever satisfied me.
Could this possibly be a Bigfoot that has issues with people invading it’s territory? I have heard many stories where Bigfoot harassing people until they are scared off.




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Bigfoot and sharp objects

There is growing evidence some Bigfoots use fingernails or other sharp cutting objects

“Shortly after actual Bigfoot sighting 14 inch and 11 inch tracks of multiple animals were found and a strange deer kills were investigated Deer’s carcass seems to be thrown about 15 feet. It was wasn’t eaten just thrown.”

  • 2015 January 9, 5:30P Startzville, Comal County, Texas
Actual Sighting
Multiple tracks 14 inch and 11 inch prints of multiple animals
Neck twisted AND wound up like a rubber band
Do Bigfoots always eat the entire kill? No!
back half of deer was eaten, front shoulder was eaten, but not the shoulder
Obvious evidence of sharp edged tool or cutting device fingernails or cutting device?

Bigfoot acvtivity

Michigan Bigfoot Report and Data: Gumshoguy’s Corner
No photo description available.
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