St. Clair county Bigfoot

St. Clair County Bigfoot

Posted: 14 Jun 2018 10:13 AM PDT

I received an interesting telephone call from a man in Port Huron, Michigan on the night of Tuesday 6/13/2018. He was somewhat nervous, because it was the first time that he had told his story to someone other than family and friends.

This narrative begins in the early 1980s while the witness was young man living on his family farm in St. Clair County, Michigan…approximately 8 miles northwest of Port Huron. The first incident occurred when his older sister and her husband where living in a trailer on the property. About 2am she frantically ran into her parent’s house, yelling for her father to grab a gun because something huge had literally picked up the end of the trailer and moved it several feet.

There were other incidents of this 7-8 foot red-eyed hairy hominid walking onto the property, literally getting into the livestock pens and storage areas. In fact, it has killed many peacocks and pheasants that the witness’ mother has been raising. The family was on high alert for many years, fearing that the beast would make an attempt to break into the house.

One interesting incident occurred when the witness and a friend made their way to the sand dunes on the shore of Lake Huron…which was several miles east of the farm. This beast had literally followed the pair and shadowed them throughout the day. The being was not aggressive, but made the witness very nervous not knowing what would happen.

The witness also explained that there had been a strange incident back in the 1940s, when two local girls had gone missing after picking berries. Eventually the pair turned up, but there was never an explanation given as to what happened. Many years later, the witness befriended the woman, who was then in her 70s. He recalled the incident with her. She confided to the witness that ‘we would have never found our way back if it were not for the big hairy man who brought us home.’

There was another incident in 1981, also in St. Clair County, that made the news:

The Detroit News-Sunday, November 22, 1981

Hairy, red-eyed

Rock design

There are many that believe that the Bigfoot creatures will try to communicate, with both rocks, and sticks. This is their way of messaging ,possibly to us, as well as to each other. Here is an example of a possible communication with this individual very up close, and personal.

Overnight rock design on my deck


An overnight gift on my deck? Something unusual turned up this morning on my backyard deck which overlooks part of the Green Belt that connects hiking paths around the city where I live.

My bedroom window overlooks it directly. I once had a wired-in, infra-red motion detector focused on the yard there but something bit the wire in two! That was a few months ago. But just lately, I’ve been getting wood knocks in groups of 3 from the woods back there. Always a few minutes after I turned my light off.

A couple of nights ago, the knocks occurred immediately after I turned off my light. I told the Hubz but I wasn’t too excited, could have been lots of things. Last night around 8 or 9 pm some of the neighborhood dogs started barking in alarm mode. Again, I’d usually figure a deer or rabbit, coyote or whatever…until whatever was being barked at decided it had enough and made that super deep “hobita-hobita” growel + vowel sound that I and many others have associated with Brother Bigfoot or Sister Squatch. The barking stopped immediately. Again I mentioned it to my resident skeptic and he said, “Hmph.” So this morning I took a look out there and was shocked to see a perfect circle of 5 white landscape rocks laid out on the deck near the back rail. They had to have been carried from some edging close to the house. I know my neighbors…none of them would have sneaked onto my yard to make a little rock feature for me. The deck is surrounded by wilted plant debris so no footprints. Here are a few pix from my photo record. And the quarter and standard card deck are for size comparison, not a test to see if my visitor wants to ante up for a game of poker. BTW the woods were completely silent…no squirrels, birds etc. Eerie!


Michigan Bigfoot report and data

I am posting a face book page dedicated to my personal friend and fellow researcher. His name is Val and  he posts daily reports of Bigfoot activity from all over. He has had a Bigfoot sighting himself a few years back. And when I interviewed him he had mentioned that this sighting was a ” Life changing event”.  So let me introduce my friend.

My Introduction
Hello, my name is Val, and this my introduction: I am the Gumshoguy. I am not a Bigfoot expert friends. I am a Bigfoot data-miner and researcher though. Some people mine for gold and other precious metals. Me, I mine for information and details. I am a data-miner.
I have one largest active Michigan Bigfoot databases in Michigan with over 1,560 reports from as early as 1700 to present. It is my hope and wish to preserve it for the ages in a book in the near future. Let me start by saying thank you for allowing me to join you in fellowship and your friendship. I treasure that more than gold. I personally thank you for the invite. I am here to here to network, share and exchange ideas and to simply offer my own encounter to share.
This is my Introduction you. First of all, thank you for joining us with your friendship. I am not a Bigfoot expert friends, if you’re looking for expert there are plenty Bigfoot experts just go ask them. Michigan Bigfoot Report and Data: Gumshoguy’s Corner is a Bigfoot Sasquatch and cryptid FB group site. My friend and partner to this group site is Dave Dominque. He comes with an unmatched credentials and impressive background, but I’ll let him share that if he wishes. Personally, I have as many have noticed this (my group site)is primarily a Michigan dedicated group, but I like diversity and all are welcome and invited from the Bigfoot community too. I retired in 2012 and brought my skills and experience to bear from my professional career to this topic subject with a new found passion.
My Personal Encounter
On a hot humid Michigan day, July 2014 I had my own encounter that shook me to my core and seared itself into my memory forever. I am not a Bigfoot expert nor am I a Bigfoot Researcher but I am a data miner. I am an eight-year retired law enforcement officer and a formerly licensed private investigator. I worked with federal, state, county and city agencies. I graduated Central Michigan University in Michigan. I served honorably in the military and retired in good standing. I don’t sell books, t-shirts, tickets or my grandmothers socks either. I’m not here to pull anyone’s chain. Nobody has ever paid me a dime to speak about Bigfoots. I do it because it is my passion. I go out on hikes with my friends from across southeast Michigan who are Bigfoot researchers and enjoy the camaraderie. Some people mine for gold and other precious metals. Me, I mine for information and details. I am a data-miner. I have one largest active Michigan Bigfoot databases in Michigan with over 1,560 reports from as early as 1700 to present with over 116 datapoints. It is my hope and wish to preserve it for the ages in a book in the near future. It is my goal to encourage others report their sightings and encounters.

Bigfoot Culture and Belief of Sasquatch in the United States
The word ‘Sasquatch’ itself comes from the word “Sesquac”, which in the Halkomelem language of the Coast Salish Indians means “wild man”. The Coast Salish Indians originally lived in the Fraser Valley and other parts of the American northwest, including parts of Canada.
However, the concept of an ape-like man is prevalent in Native American legends across the entire North American Continent, and even in native populations around the world.
In total, the Native American tribes of North America have more than sixty different names for Sasquatch. The word ‘Bigfoot’ was coined in the late 1950s by the media when a man discovered large footprints in the mud near Bluff Creek in northern California. While the prints were disclosed to be a hoax in the early 21st century, the term stuck, and gave rise to the modern belief, interpretation and quest for Bigfoot.
Experts estimate that there are around 2,000-6,000 Bigfoots within the United States and Canada (excluding Hawaii).
Note: For the record these are not my estimates..
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