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A deer hunters Bigfoot encounter

Over the years, I have taken in many reports of deer hunters encountering Bigfoot. This could probably stem from the fact that both hunters, and bigfoot, are stalking the same prey. This encounter occurred in Lenawee County, Michigan. Lenawee County is in the southeaster part of Michigan. Here is a report I recently got in […]

Bigfoot harasses campers in Michigan’s U P

Myself and four other friends decided to go on an over night camping trip about 2 miles from my friends house. There were 3 men and two women all together. The ages ranged from 15-17. The area we choose to camp in is known as the Beaver Pond (at least to us and our friends […]

Bigfoot and sharp objects

There is growing evidence some Bigfoots use fingernails or other sharp cutting objects “Shortly after actual Bigfoot sighting 14 inch and 11 inch tracks of multiple animals were found and a strange deer kills were investigated Deer’s carcass seems to be thrown about 15 feet. It was wasn’t eaten just thrown.” 2015 January 9, 5:30P […]

Bigfoot traits

Michigan Bigfoot Report and Data: Gumshoguy’s Corner Bigfoot Techniques Imagine stopping your vehicle in shock in shock and awe to stare at an animal lying on the roadway. You want to get a good eyeball full to share it on Gumshoe’s group site suddenly out of nowhere there is a hairy hominid right there at […]

Bigfoot in the U. P. of Michigan

Hunter Runs into Bigfoot Upper Peninsula Michigan Lynn writes RMSO Lynn  I never really thought they were real. I’ve hunted for 50 years an never seen or heard anything. Until this year I seen one very close here in the U.P of Mich. keep lookin an good luck. Cause they are real. Rocky Mountain Sasquatch […]

Is Bigfoot flesh, and blood or Psychic

Bigfoot: Flesh and Blood, or Phantom and Psychic? I have been following the legend of Bigfoot for over forty five years and have read, and listened to basically anything that I could get my hands on pertaining to Bigfoot. Even though I am a believer in most of these stories and keep an open mind […]

Leading Bigfoot researcher Igor Burtsev

Igor Burtsev, PhD  –   born in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, USSR, in 1940.  Currently lives in Moscow, Russia Graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute in 1963, continued his studies at the  Academy of Social Sciences In 1977 achieved the degree of Candidate of History Sciences, which is the equivalent to a PhD Became Deputy Chief Editor of “Asia and […]

Sasquatch communications

When No means NO Like sign language we are left to interpret symbiology and messages that communicate a particular message. Sometimes in life there are quick learners and slow learners; quick thinkers and slow thinkers. When a beast uproots a tree growls while flashing teeth I think, it is telegraphing to me how strong it […]

Sasquatch A O D

Bigfoot Sasquatch AOD AOD means “Atlanto Occipital Dislocation” is often referred to de-capitation. AOD is an ancient time tested, practiced method of incapacitating your quarry and it is a perfected strategy meeting modern resolve like a courtesy card saying Sorry, I missed your calls. I’ll call back again. It conveys a subtle and unmistakable message […]