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Leading Bigfoot researcher Igor Burtsev

Igor Burtsev, PhD  –   born in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, USSR, in 1940.  Currently lives in Moscow, Russia Graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute in 1963, continued his studies at the  Academy of Social Sciences In 1977 achieved the degree of Candidate of History Sciences, which is the equivalent to a PhD Became Deputy Chief Editor of “Asia and […]

Sasquatch communications

When No means NO Like sign language we are left to interpret symbiology and messages that communicate a particular message. Sometimes in life there are quick learners and slow learners; quick thinkers and slow thinkers. When a beast uproots a tree growls while flashing teeth I think, it is telegraphing to me how strong it […]

Sasquatch A O D

Bigfoot Sasquatch AOD AOD means “Atlanto Occipital Dislocation” is often referred to de-capitation. AOD is an ancient time tested, practiced method of incapacitating your quarry and it is a perfected strategy meeting modern resolve like a courtesy card saying Sorry, I missed your calls. I’ll call back again. It conveys a subtle and unmistakable message […]

Stick Formations

STICK FORMATIONS Stick formations are a powerful testament to their strength and sends a covert message to their illicit dominance strongly and openly. Stick formations are like art, they require dexterity and strength and they show purposeful deliberate intelligence in craft and design of the structure. The Stick marking paradox branches setting in such symmetry […]

Some thoughts on Dogman

Is Dogman Real? Is Dogman a Misidentified Bigfoot Sasquatch? I am on the fence about that and therefore cannot answer that question affirmatively or not. I am ambivalent and hold mixed impartial feelings but I am certainly aware of the Dogman reports in Michigan and across the United States especially by those I consider extremely […]

Bigfoot traits Sleeping

Q: Where Do They Sleep? They have been known to sleep standing up, and have been found sleeping in backyards. They sleep most anywhere. A: Anywhere, including the fringes of inner, suburbia and rural America. There are several Native American legends claiming they live in caves or in holes they dig in the ground. Accounts […]

Is Bigfoot living in caves?

Where is your county? Compare and Contrast It has been suggested that Bigfoot Sasquatches inhabit caves. In spite of the fact that I do not believe in coincidences there seems to be plenty of interesting anomalies that take occur in counties in close proximity to karsts, caves, mines, quarries and pits. Limestone formations where these […]

Window peeping

Window Peeping Never mind that it is creepy many times it is destructive and causes long lasting mental and psychology scars. Window Peeping is an unlawful act in modern civil society and a surreptitious intrusion, invasion of privacy where there is no reasonable expectation of openness. In other words it is an intent crime in […]

Disappearing Bigfoot?

Bigfoot Hiding When people suggest these animals disappear it implies they somehow disappearing a paranormal sense of mystique. Yet, these things have been observed hiding behind trees or burying themselves under leaves or other forest debris. It is speculated this technique is executed extremely fast and is something they rehearse or continuously do all their […]

Bigfoot Lore by Val Zavala

Bigfoot and Owls Legend, Lore or Something More Quite a few Native American legends are consistent with data collected by historians and researchers. I have not been able to confirm this but it is the belief of many  that Owl – represents the Iroquois omen of death. If somebody knows or more of cultural symbology please feel […]