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Early Native American Lore

This post was kindly sent into me by a gentleman named Thomas Phelps, who has a back ground in history. I appreciate his contribution.     A book by Andrew Blackbird titled, History of the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan (first published in 1887, but available on Scribd), has a legend story in Chapter […]

Bigfoot encounter in Washtenaw County { 2004}

Washtenaw Co 20 Nov 2004 – Ape-Like Creature Seen Crossing Trail; Gray Female Observed From: R W While listening to the [police band] radio today, the DNR received a report from two people inside the Waterloo State Recreation area of large 7′ tall, ape-like creature with dark brown fur crossing a trail near Cassidy Lake. […]

Bigfoot in Detroit Michigan suburb

2016 March 20, 12:30P Westland, Wayne County, Michigan Story provided by a former Michigan state policeman and private investigator. On March 20, 2016 Mother and son observed two Bigfoots. This occurred while they were walking around on a high bank near a river-creek ravine complete with thickets and partially wooded areas when they heard some […]

Bigfoot in Menominee county Michigan 2012

Craig Sulk says it all started with a series of three photographs taken on one of the trail cameras on his 80 acres of property in Menominee County, Michigan in May 2012. “To us it was pretty obvious it was something way out of the ordinary,” he told Local 5. Craig was flipping through photos […]

Foley swamp Bigfoot, Oscoda county

Foley Swamp, Oscoda County, Michigan 1990 – © Chicago Tribune wires. Dateline: Bay City Michigan `BIGFOOT` IS BACK, SAY MICHIGAN RESORT OWNERS The legendary Bigfoot is back, say deer hunters emerging from Foley Swamp in Oscoda County. Reported sightings of an 8-foot hairy creature trickled in to authorities and nearby business owners before the Oct. […]

Bigfoot in Michigan’s History

Another great report from my friend Gumshoe. Michigan has a long and rich history of Sasquatches. In fact, the earliest mention of this strangely beast goes back to 1631 long before the French traders would ply the land and missionaries navigated through the settled waters of the Detroit River. Michigan became the 26th state when […]