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Imagine stopping your vehicle in shock in shock and awe to stare at an animal lying on the roadway. You want to get a good eyeball full to share it on Gumshoe’s group site suddenly out of nowhere there is a hairy hominid right there at your driver’s door window. This one of their techniques.
When we see Bigfoots in the woods they turn and seemingly disappear. We look, but they are never found. What if, they never left at all? What if they are laying nearby under a pile of sticks and leaves? This is another time tested techniques shared over time.
  • Driver stops truck to investigate creature laying in road is ambushed by second larger creature lying in wait
1977 September 1, Tracy’s Landing, Maryland
  • Bigfoot it had been deliberately dodged the snow patches so as to not leave any tracks
1958 December 8, 5:00P Hagensborg, Bella Coola District, British Columbia
  • Bigfoot used moss cover great pile of fecal matter
1928 August 2:00P Bella Coola, British Columbia, Canada
  • Watched Bigfoot hide and cover itself up under a big pile of leaves, sticks, dirt and debris
1885 June Watauga County, North Carolina
  • Bigfoot diverted witnesses attention while others fled
2005 July 22, 2:00A Martinsburg, Berkley County, West Virginia
  • Bigfoot would use stealth and cunning while stalking an occupied camp site or guarded animal herd
1944 September Lincoln County, Wyoming
  • Bigfoot leave in the midst of a storm to avoid detection in order for rain, wind or snow to cover their tracks
1862 August 15, Mont Clemens, Macomb County, Michigan
  • Bigfoot have a way of throwing their voice in different directions
1924 July 19, Spirit Lake, Mount St. Helen, Oregon
  • Studies reveal that chimps see all things at once within their field of view, in kind of an instant, man tends to focus on one thing and Bigfoots are thought to have similar field of vision as primates
1993 Spring southern Colorado
  • There is always a sentinel Sasquatch positioned to give a warning to the clan
2012 November 30, 5:15P Indian Cave State Park, Nemaha County, Nebrask



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Michigan Bigfoot Report and Data: Gumshoguy’s Corner

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The Monroe Michigan Monster

Back in the early 60’s there was a story going around about a Bigfoot that attacked a young girl, and her mother while they were driving in a rural section of Monroe, Michigan. A friend of mine who is currently retired but has many years of law enforcement, recently went behind  the scenes, to dig up more of what actually happened. Here is his story, and what he found out.

I believe she is referring to the “Monroe Monster,” encounter that took place down there in Frenchtown Twp, Monroe County in the mid 1960s. I did extensive background on the event and provided Loren Coleman a photo copy of the vehicle she was driving that day.
I pulled in some favors and had a historical archivist pull up all the news articles of the case and I learned more the episode than I previously thought.
16-year-old Christine Van Acker was driving while accompanied by her mother. She was a new driver and back in those days parents would routinely take their children out to some remote back country road and teach them how to drive.
It was a nice Cheverolet, but it had no air condition and it was a hot humid evening with storms threatening all day so, leaving the windows even at dusk wouldn’t provide that much relief. In fact, it stormed terribly after the incident which prevented searchers from locating foot tracks. Word of this spread like a common cold and everyone from miles around turned out to hunt and find Bigfoot.
As a new young driver something came across the field into the headlights and both girls screamed. The first thing young Christine does when faced with this startling encounter is to lay on the breaks. She did and it stalls with the windows down.
The Bigfoot screams and reaches inside grabbing the terrified girl jerking the left side of her face toward the open driver door window where she is slammed against the door post thus, the black or reddening of the eye area.
The two hysterical women are left on the dark gravel roads screaming hysterical as the Bigfoot wonders off through some neighboring yards. The county sheriff’s department finally received calls of gunshots and bedlam and take their time getting out there to the scene of the women in the car.
Either some distant neighbors heard the commotion or were worked by the animal intruding on their land and yards the girls make their way down the road to the grand parent’s house.
I learned that before this incident there about 12-13 similar incidents in Monroe County and that authorities struggled to keep them secret.
In one news article a state police trooper was quoted as saying they tried to keep it quiet.
There was similar attack on a young girl before the Van Aker incident in the southern county area near the Ohio stateline.
The entire scare lasted for some time but finally died out when the state police put her and her mother to a lie detector examination and determined she was lying and newspapers published that. The problem with the cover-up was that a radio personality from Ohio bought and paid for an independent lie detector test and the examiner was trained and certified by the institution that the state trooper was and he stated the women were truthful.
Later somebody steals a large caveman statue from some recreation park and the sheriff’s department dispatch deputies to pick it up and bring it in to the department until it could be claimed by the owner. One of those deputies took the stolen caveman and it re-appeared out in the field where the Christine Van Acker event took place.
It was a real Mayberry RFD comedy act where authorities struggled to deny the event and even took part in creating some ridicule and humor. Please share this others on this mail list so they understand what I am referring to.


Bigfoot spotted on a game tracker in West Branch



Bigfoot dispalces Michigan resident

Submitted by Barry

“We moved to the woods in Robinson township Mi. in 2004. In 2010 I began to notice things happening planters moved or broken. Sounds in the night. I passed the sounds off as birds not remembering birds are sleeping then.

Over the next few years I became aware of HD’s (Hairy Dudes) living around my home. There was an entire group of them multiple young or small ones and very large ones.

I became very alarmed and fearful. I decided not to tell my wife. I began to sleep in my clothes and with a 45/70 rifle.

For 3 years all of my chickens ducks geese and turkeys were killed. All of my fruit was eaten right of my front lawn trees.

Finally when I heard them on my roof I called a realtor and moved out. I witnessed what sounded like tiger growls and whoops knocks every night when they were around. You can feel it when they are around.

Sightings in Jackson county from the book ” Reports of Bigfoot/ Sasquatch in Michigan by Bob Daigle

It was old probably at least a week. It measured 41/2 by 2 inches. A small BF child stepped in some semi frozen mud by my father-in-law’s [deer] stand. It was faint due to the weather but I noticed the outlines of the three toes and the heel.

Jackson Co 17 Feb 2006  –  Found Two More BF Footprints

They were just two footprints of two different individuals. One the same size as the one down by the one deer stand (4″) [as reported 27 Jan 2006] and another one about a size nine or ten men’s about six feet from it.  They were faint next to the dammed up area next to the cabin almost in front of the “L” cut.  I estimated they walked through there about the time when the temps dropped since the footprints were barely made in the soft soil. I am hazarding a guest that the bigger of the two may be a juvenile, the height of 5’ 8” to 6 foot tall, and the other maybe about three foot tall. It’s unusual that BFs even step in that area near the dam but the wildlife have discovered this new watering hole.

Jackson Co 21 Apr 2006  –  Two faint footprints

Tuesday I went out to spread some corn for the turkeys and on the way back along Green’s property line, I found two faint outlines of BF footprints. The discoloration of something standing while it rained the last time left an outline of both feet about six to seven feet spread. The size was about 16″ (?) a guess. At least I know they are around, probably Junior. They sure love being in and around the dammed up part of the channel near the cabin.

Jackson Co 22 May 2006  –  22-Inch Footprint

I was mowing down back beyond the back channel when I found a left footprint measuring 22 inches. It was there for over a week and the rain washed the two impressions away but left the outline. It was the left foot heading southwest into Green’s fields. At the same time I spotted a flash of movement near one of Green’s brush piles and it was about my height (five ten to five eleven). It scared the crap out of me since I wasn’t prepared to see anything. Then I got a feeling I was being watched from three different places. 

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Jackson Co 04 Nov 2002  –  Sightings on Farm of Two BFs Near Michigan Center

Frpm:  R A

My sister-in-law Kris has some friends who live in Michigan Center [a town east of Jackson off 1-27 south] who have been terrorized by two large BFs at night for the past week. This is what I know so far: It started last week when the people living in a farm house saw two pair of green glowing eyes just outside their porch light area.  Screams coming from the creatures sound like a banshee and [they] have killed and ripped apart a deer near the house. I don’t know whether they witnessed this or not but they did see the deer carcass in their yard. There have been eight witnesses and one man (owner?) had to flee back inside because of them. The house is about one hundred years old and familiar to the landscape of the area.

The descriptions of the BFs are sketchy. Six feet plus tall and one is taller than the other (whether its a male/female pair or juvenile and adult is in question). They have approached the house under the cover of darkness and may have walked on the porch. (I’m not too clear on that at the moment. These people are terrified.

04 Nov 2002  –  More Information About the Multiple BF Sightings

I talked with Kris, and the new information is as follows: The creatures have been around for a long time (i.e. the woman lived there most of her life). They have a definite pattern. They appear for three nights and don’t on two nights. If this is the pattern, then they are on a two night cycle last night and tonight. Then tomorrow through Friday they should appear. The woman claims when she was a little girl that her father talked about something being there.

They have found a number of footprints measuring maybe eighteen inches long. One BF has pushed on a car at night and the resident took off.

07 Nov  2002 – New Information

Josh, the person who I will be talking to this Saturday, said that the creatures are back last night and the same banshee screams could be heard. Apparently, his mother who lives there, doesn’t think the creatures exists based on my two recent calls to their house. To let you know, the property is about seventy acres, with a barn and an old cabin, so there is a lot of cover where the creatures are coming in and hiding. Their appearances always come at night around midnight.


Recent Bigfoot sighting in Shiawassee county

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