Bigfoot traits

Rail Road Tracks

This is an instance of showing how prevalent Bigfoot Sasquatches use railroad tracks traverse the terrain mostly unseen. Sasquatches like wolves are linear creatures. They follow creeks, rivers, trails, and other areas as do Bigfoots. When you have a major predator around, it impacts how the prey behave. This may explain strange cases where turkey and deer suddenly appear wandering around seemingly confused or out of place in urban and highly developed suburban areas especially where rail lines run through the area. Bigfoots and wolves are both predatory animals. They use linear features of a landscape as travel corridors, like roads, electrical easements, pipelines, rivers and stream beds. Deer learn this and can adapt by staying away. This would include but not limited to any straight fixtures utility powerlines and railroad tracks easements and right of ways, not only roads but woodlines and agricultural fields running parallel to freeways.
Illustration: 1 Farmers and residence report spotting a white shaggy haired 6- foot Bigfoot creature in almost naked a condition, carrying only a small red blanket walking along the railroad tracks.
Illustration: 2 Hunters heard strange noises near woods and railroad tracks then seen two 8 foot hairy ape like beings
Illustration: 3 Hikers heard brush and trees breaks seen Bigfoot creature sticking its head out at treeline and shot it, knocking it down the creature. It screamed got back up running off screaming to abandoned railroad tracks
Illustration: 4 Hunters walking along abandoned railroad tracks came upon an 8-foot of steel rail pulled up and large human- like tracks next to it
Illustration: 5 Man sees group of
Illustration: 6 Several motorist spotted a family of Bigfoots walking along the railroad tracks
Illustration: 7 Friends walking along railroad tracks in heavy woods bordered by deep swamps and the Grand River, were followed for two miles by a large hairy creature walking on two legs
Illustration: 8 Man hiking along on railroad tracks sees a large hairy being coming towards them from the opposite direction
Illustration: 9 Group walking along railroad tracks see brown 7 foot apelike beast crouching down watching them
Illustration: 10 Two men in vehicle saw huge black 9 foot Bigfoot run across railroad tracks 40 ft away
Illustration: 11 Motorist saw 7 foot Bigfoot with long black hair in railroad bed by road; creature went into bush as he got out of car.
Illustration: 12 Train engineer saw a large hairy black strange creature on all fours eating carcass; leaving behind 6 toed tracks.

Bigfoot Reports

Michigan Bigfoot Report and Data: Gumshoguy’s Corner

Rocks Tree Stumps

Sasquatch does to mark trails
Illustration: 1 Two men were found dead, their rifles twisted and distorted, and with all their bones crushed and broken as smashed against ground. Former deputy sheriff reported investigating an incident 95 years ago. He believed Sasquatch mark their trails with rocks on stumps. One of things that stood out to him beyond the carnage were rocks found on tree stumps.
Note: I invited then removed a known member of the Bigfoot Community for his pedantic trolling and open contempt toward me over this photo. Hie was adamantly focused on a rock on a tree stump. Each time I would post his trolling would began as though a switch were clicked on schedule. His unwavering contention was that he “knew” loggers did that, and nothing was going to I could illustrate would assuage his feelings or snap him out of his opinion. This is Michigan Bigfoot Report and Data: Gumshoguy’s Corner.
This is a Bigfoot group site, not loggers’ site, we don’t get into tornados, tree climbing elephants, zebras, coyotes, beavers or rabbits here. What this is – is Bigfoot reports and data at its finest.
These photos are not the original phots but are illustrations examples’ for learning aids only.