Bigfoot in the U. P. of Michigan

Hunter Runs into Bigfoot Upper Peninsula Michigan

Lynn writes RMSO


I never really thought they were real. I’ve hunted for 50 years an never seen or heard anything. Until this year I seen one very close here in the U.P of Mich. keep lookin an good luck. Cause they are real.
Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization

Right on. Do you mind telling us more details of your sighting. Time of year. Time of day. How it happened. Description of the creature etc…?


It was mid day this year in Aug. I was checking beaver traps for county. Came around corner an seen something on all fours. I thought it was a big bear so I went faster to get a closer look and when I did it stood up an looked at me than walked into the woods when I got to the spot an looked he was gone. No human on earth could have covered ground that fast. It had walked in front of a red. Sign an about 6 inches of sign was above its head. The sign was 8_9 feet high. I got the heck out of there. It was wild. I reported it to local Bfro they talked to me an said they got another report just 5 miles away in the same month. It was awesome but I’ve told some ppl an they think I’m nuts. But I don’t care. Just wish I could see him again

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization

I get a lot of sighting reports where people see them near beaver ponds etc.. Thanks for the details. Lucky amazing encounter.

Do you mind if I post your sighting on my blog. I can post it with just your first name if you want to stay anonymous?


Yep I just had to tell someone that would believe me. Now I know how all those ppl felt when they told there story. Thanx for listening

Yes you can. Ppl need to now they are real. I’m still tryin to wrap my head around it.
Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization

This is how I learn about the creature is from sighting reports. So far eye witness accounts are the best we have to collect data on this elusive creature

They must be highly intelligent because I’ve hunted an trapped for 50 years an never seen a track but I have herd the woops but never knew what it was till I researched it

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization

I believe they are very rare and then on top of that why and elusive for the most part. So makes sense why rarely spotted

Ya. Hope I see another before I go. I’m gonna start watching for them now. I don’t go anywhere without a camera at the ready. I know that sounds crazy.. Right

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization

Not at all. Good luck I hope you can one day get some nice footage

Well if I do. You will be the first to know. Thanx again for listening.

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization
Appreciate you messaging us with your sighting

Bigfoot encounter in Washtenaw County { 2004}

Washtenaw Co 20 Nov 2004 – Ape-Like Creature Seen Crossing Trail; Gray Female Observed
From: R W
While listening to the [police band] radio today, the DNR received a report from two people inside the Waterloo State Recreation area of large 7′ tall, ape-like creature with dark brown fur crossing a trail near Cassidy Lake. The creature was carrying a freshly killed deer under it’s arm according to the two eyewitnesses who saw it cross 25 feet in front of them and apparently they wasted NO time in leaving the area in fear.
From what I remember, they were close to or within 1.5 miles of Cassidy Lake, “on a trail that has a bend on it.” I suspect that they were near or closer to Green Lake in the south side of that area.
Interestingly, one of the DNR officers mentioned that he was wondering if it was the same creature that he spotted last month on the west side of Welch Lake Rd near Seymour Rd [about 7 miles west of the above sighting, which is 5 miles west into Jackson Co. from the Washtenaw Co. border]. He [the other officer] said no, that creature was dark gray in color and clearly a female with breasts from what he could see through his binoculars, but he was only able to observe it for 45 seconds before it moved back into the woods out of sight. Apparently, they must have had an anti-poaching sting going on, or looking for hunters in an area that is off limits to hunting and the creature was observed very nicely from a distance with high-powered binoculars by the DNR officer.
Moreover, he mentioned that the Sheriff’s Dept., had a report nearby north of Chelsea, where a hunter found a large buck with its head tore (twisted?) off, and it’s insides torn out. The hunter had a very weird feeling that he was being watched and heard some large branches snap, he left the area and called the police.
Both of the DNR officers concluded that it was probably the Sasquatch in the area that was responsible. However, if anyone asks him what is he is doing out in the woods with a camera or collecting any evidence, [one of the DNR officers said he would] just tell them that he is looking for signs of poachers. One thing the DNR mentioned, was that no hunter in their right mind would have turned down such a prize buck like the one found north of Chelsea, which was easily a 12 pointer. Apparently, the head was ripped off the body and thrown several yards away, and the poor thing looked like it was beat to death, then had it’s insides cut open and emptied out. However, they did not mention anything about the liver being missing.
I really think that the DNR investigates Sasquatch sightings, but they don’t divulge this to the general public. I mean how would it look if the DNR was out in the woods and they were asking the public if they saw Bigfoot walk through the area lately? However, I have heard three DNR officers say they have actually seen one of these creatures while out in the field, and they have no doubt about it being a reality.
After hearing this today, and all the other reports of dead deer found in the woods across northern Washtenaw County, especially from Whitmore Lake west possibly into Jackson County, leads me to believe that there is a family of Bigfoot creatures in that area. Moreover, I think as the deer herds move this time of the year, so do the Bigfoot creatures following them.
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Interview with Phil Shaw from West Branch Michigan

Possible Bigfoot evidence in the Grand Rapids area

Subject: Hair


I received a message from a gentleman named Mike, who lives in the Grand Rapids area. He sent me an amazing story of something he and his grandson found while they were out hiking in a stretch of woods near by.

He explained he and his grandson where out target shooting, and hunting salamanders near the Grand River, deep in the woods of a 200 acre parcel.His grandson called him over and pointed up in a large tree.  He asked “grandpa what kind of hair is this ? I looked and saw a clump of hair stuck to the bark about 7ft. up the tree. He  pulled it down and it appears to still have tissue on the ends as if pulled out. Its dark brown almost black and the tips of the hair are lighter. Not sure what I have but it would be interesting to find out.

I was intrigued with his story and after I  received his message I called Mike to get a better understanding of what he and his grandson found. We both thought it unusual that a matting of hair, and tissue to be that high up in a tree. And what could possibly leave that tissue,/hair  that high up? We could not think of anything. Mike did say the fur was nothing that he recognized and had a strange coloring to it.

In addition Mike, had mentioned some strange noises he had been hearing in the area, but wrote them off as coyote’s.

Mike was going to try to have the hair, and tissue analyzed and see who the owner is. He would let me know as soon as he found out the origin.And as soon as I  hear anything I will publish the results.

He also has some other strange things that have happened to a  friend of  his in area. I will get all the details, and publish them when I can. I am planning to go see him in October of 2019. I will get an account of his stories and publish them at as later time. I will look forward to my visit.

I thank Mike very much for coming forward with his story, I feel he is a very credible person. I enjoy reading, and hearing of Bigfoot stories in Michigan. I think I read that Michigan has the fifth highest ratings of sightings in the country.























St. Clair county Bigfoot

I received an interesting telephone call from a man in Port Huron, Michigan on the night of Tuesday 6/13/2018. He was somewhat nervous, because it was the first time that he had told his story to someone other than family and friends.

This narrative begins in the early 1980s while the witness was young man living on his family farm in St. Clair County, Michigan…approximately 8 miles northwest of Port Huron. The first incident occurred when his older sister and her husband where living in a trailer on the property. About 2am she frantically ran into her parent’s house, yelling for her father to grab a gun because something huge had literally picked up the end of the trailer and moved it several feet.

There were other incidents of this 7-8 foot red-eyed hairy hominid walking onto the property, literally getting into the livestock pens and storage areas. In fact, it has killed many peacocks and pheasants that the witness’ mother has been raising. The family was on high alert for many years, fearing that the beast would make an attempt to break into the house.

One interesting incident occurred when the witness and a friend made their way to the sand dunes on the shore of Lake Huron…which was several miles east of the farm. This beast had literally followed the pair and shadowed them throughout the day. The being was not aggressive, but made the witness very nervous not knowing what would happen.

The witness also explained that there had been a strange incident back in the 1940s, when two local girls had gone missing after picking berries. Eventually the pair turned up, but there was never an explanation given as to what happened. Many years later, the witness befriended the woman, who was then in her 70s. He recalled the incident with her. She confided to the witness that ‘we would have never found our way back if it were not for the big hairy man who brought us home.’

There was another incident in 1981, also in St. Clair County, that made the news:

The Detroit News-Sunday, November 22, 1981

Hairy, red-eyed


BY Ann Cohen
News Staff Writer

Cindy Barone isn’t sure she wants to call the creature, “Bigfoot.”

But something big, hairy and red-eyed has frightened her family three times since September.


Bigfoot observed in the town of Fowlerville

Posted: 2018 September 18,

2018 September 16, 3:45A Fowlerville, Livingston County, Michigan
It was looking straight at my car. A listener writes “Hello Wes, This happened a couple days and it’s the only thing that’s been on my head for past few days. Just a little background I’m an overnight security guard for a company in Michigan and I watch their equipment over night. Well on this particular night I was located in a rural area south of a town called Fowlerville. Well to recount my encounter it was a little before 3:45 am because at my job we report every hour at quarter to because we only had one guard per site. Any who I was facing my vehicle that I was in towards a clearing that leads into a field nearby and I was watching videos on my phone and I look and see two deer come into this clearing so I watch them for about 2-3 mins and all of a sudden they darted backing in forest on the other side they came out from with their tail in the air and I went back to looking at my phone.

Then out of the top of my vision I see another figure move and I expected to see another deer but what I saw was no deer. What I saw was a “creature”. When I looked up it was looking straight at my car and instantly fear washed over me, my eyes started watering, I had shivers going all over me and i wanted to throw up. I couldn’t stop staring at this thing and about what felt like minutes but was probably seconds it went in the direction of the deer. To describe this creature, it was like what I was looking at shouldn’t be real. The thing had to be about 2 and half to 3 times taller than the deer it was chasing. The eye shine I saw off this creature was very intense, with a Amber to a reddish look to them. The thing had dark brown to black hair, it was hard to tell because of the time of day, and the face and hands were close to a tan from what I saw. The weird thing is that it had hair, it wasn’t fur, it was like if someone had long oily hair all over their body. Sadly I was too full of fear to actually get a good look at it’s face. I’m not actually sure if saw me or was just surprised my headlights were shining on it. After words I decided it was probably a good idea to have my lights on for the rest of the night. I really appreciate finally getting this off my chest, I’ve kind of had a feeling something undiscovered but to see it myself. I almost wish I kind of didn’t see it.
Source: SC Blogs

Terrifying incident in Monroe, Michigan

I am about to reveal a story told to me by a former police agent, whom I just recently met. The source, who wants their identity kept secret, seemed to be very credible and honest, and quite  shook up by their sighting. This is the third person I have interviewed that has mentioned that their sighting was a life changing event and that that the memory if their sighting has haunted them. Be careful of what you wish for when heading out into the woods, or in your quest to hunt down Bigfoot.

Here is the story as told to me by Federal agent D.

I still have anxiety about the sighting and experience. I still have bad dreams that continue to haunt me, and have only driven down that road once in the daytime since my strange sighting.

The only thing I didn’t include when I spoke to you was that the blazing red eyes struck a very primal fear instinct in me that has been difficult to shake since the sighting. Whatever it was was able to project primal fear upon its prey—me.

The incident occurred on November 1, 2018, at approximately 10:40 PM. I was returning home near Monroe, Michigan from a class in nearby Ypsilanti. I was driving southeast on north Stony Creek Road in Exceter Township and on Tobin Road, a route I had taken numerous times in the past.
It was overcast, dry, and extremely dark outside, where I could see that the night sky was slightly lighter than the woods and occasional house that passed by the car as I drove. It was if there were a power outage, since I did not see any lights on in the houses, nor any driveway lights at the time.
I continued driving on this narrow country road when I looked out the driver’s side window of my car. What I saw was unreal, unmistakable and terrifying; it was unlike anything I had ever seen before, or since. This is the fist time I have shared this incident with others and am hesitant to talk about it.
It was standing off the side of the road less than fifty feet from the car as I drove by, when in the darkness, I saw two blazing red eyes staring back at me. I got a look at it for about 3 or 4 seconds, and it appeared to be 7-8 feet tall, had a bulky outline blacker than its surroundings; where I unmistakably saw it had a head, two arms and two legs. It was standing upright, and boldly stood on the side of the road without movement or apology.
My headlights barely lit the dark road, and the eyes were not reflecting the light from the headlamps at all like any of the other animals I have encountered at night.
What was really strange is that the eyes appeared to be bioluminescent—that is—emitting their own light. The blazing and firey red eyes penetrated the dark night like laser beams, but only projected 2, and less than 3 feet out from the eyes and body of this creature. It was surreal.
As I passed this creature, it was as if it were projecting onto me a very raw, primal fear. This was not my fear, but terror and fear that came directly from this thing. I was stunned and shocked at what I was seeing. I couldn’t believe it—but still, there it was.
It took me several seconds to process seeing this “thing” as I continued driving. I tried to provide myself with some rational explanation as to what I had just witnessed and assessed the area, finding none. I continued driving and decided against turning around to try to photograph it, primarily because of the primal fear and terror I experienced were unlike anything I have experienced in my lifetime.
I have been seriously shaken by the incident, where I avoid the road altogether, and entire area after dark. What I saw was something that was not right, that didn’t fall within any sort of normal experience that people have. To this day, I know what I saw, but I can’t explain it.
I have to add here that I have been hiking Michigan for the past five years, and have encountered bears, coyotes, wolves, bobcats, owls and other large birds; deer, among others.  I know what wildlife looks like and this thing was very different and nothing like anything I have seen before, or since.
I have over twenty plus years in law enforcement as a veteran police officer, and retired federal agent with an above top secret security clearance. I also hold academic degrees and credentials where I have instructed college and university courses.
What I experienced that night was enough to fill this veteran law enforcement officer and federal agent with primal fear and terror, and to shake my belief system to its very foundation.
As a police officer, you sometimes see things you keep your mouth shut about—that is, if you want to keep your job. I would not be speaking of this if I were not retired from service.
I know now that there are things out there we have yet to explain—in the darkness of night—and on long, lonely country roads in Michigan. Once a skeptic, after my experiences, I am a believer.
Federal Agent D, Retired.
What this agent experienced was terrifying. Was this a case where this creature was using Infrasound, and or mind speak to paralyze it’s prey? Is this the way they hunt? And what would have happened to this individual had they been walking down the road and had this encounter? All very good questions and something we need to consider as we are going about our daily lives.
Mark Hearn

Bigfoot observed near Mio, Michigan

There have been numerous reports of Bigfoot sightings in this area. It contains thousands of acres of rivers, lakes, and swamps. Ideal habitat to support a large Bi-pedal creature. Here is one such story.

I dont recall which summer this sighting happened. It could have been the summer of 2000 or of 1999. I still have a hard time believing it myself and the few people I’ve told have made so much fun of it that it makes it even harder for me to believe. I will start with a little background. We live in the southern part of Michigan but my husbands family has a cabin in the northern part near a town called Mio.

After three years of visiting Mio and nearby towns I still dont have my bearings when there,so I cant supply any north,south, east or west directions but if you need any my husband knows the area well because hes been going there since he was a small child. I do know a few names of roads though. This is hard for me to explain but when I saw “bigfoot” I totally dismissed the idea from my head until a few weeks ago. I would even go so far as to say that I forgot about it.

Until recently when I was trying to think of interesting things to search for on the web. For some reason I thought of “bigfoot” and happened upon this site. While reading some of the sighting reports I kept seeing this image in my mind and I would think to myself “now where have I seen this?” Although I have seen shows on TV about bigfoot I still could not recall seeing my image. Then it came back to me.

We were up north for the weekend with friends and we were planning on doing some riding. There are many offroad trails where it is legal to ride ATV’s with an ORV sticker. “Not allowed in southern MI” Well anyway, my girlfriend and I went to town to get some things to cook for breakfast and since we were in town we thought we would go to a popular ORV spot on the opposite side of town called “Bull Gap”. There is a huge hill that is really sandy that everyone rides their ATV’s and Trucks up just to see if they can do it, I guess.

And there are many trails also connected to bullgap. It is stateland. Well we just wanted to see what was going on so we drove there and didnt really stay just drove back there and looked and then headed back towards town on M? 72. We were driving along on the paved 72 just talking about what I dont remember.

When we came around a curve I saw a bigfoot step into the treeline. I immediately interrupted my friend and asked “Did you see that?” she said “What did you see a deer?” I said “no it was big and black” She said it was probably a bear. I kinda snorted and my mind thought that sure as hell was not a bear. I slowed down where I seen the bigfoot enter the woods and told her to look into the trees because thats where I saw it and we both looked and saw nothing.

There was no trail and not even a space in the foliage where it must of entered. It was extremely thick, which made me wonder how it fit through there without making a path or something. I did not state that I thought it was a bigfoot because even saying it in my head sounded really stupid to me. I guess I would have been embarrassed.

Instead I totally dismissed it from my brain until recently. You have to understand that although I had always believed there could be a bigfoot I never imagined I would see one and in my native Michigan no less! I had thought they inhabitted only mountainous areas. After reading your sightings reports though I have went back and reflected on what I saw. Never did I doubt that it was a bigfoot I thought that I had been imagining it or something.

Truthfully, I had not even thought about it at all from minutes after it happened until recently. That seems strange even to me but I rationalize it by thinking that I saw something that my mind simply couldnt comprehend so it just dismissed it. I will now tell you in as much detail as possible what I saw and how I interpreted it. It was definitely a bigfoot and if not,then it was a dream.

I only saw it for a split second as it took one last big step and was gone into the trees. I am not good at judging distances but I guess it would have been about 25 to 30 yards away. I judge its height by the trees that it stepped into and I would guess that anywhere from 10 to 12 feet. It was truly the biggest man shaped thing I’ve ever seen ( It would have blown away the biggest of WWF wrestlers!) I must tell you that I don,t have the greatest eyesight so although It was covered in hair, I  didn’t see the detail of hairs.

It looked just about exactly like the Patterson film bigfoot. I did not get a view of the face. I just saw the outline of the body. It was broad daylight, around 9:00 AM.

The head was smoothly rounded(Which makes me think the hair was so long that it laid down flat, not short and distorting the shape of the head.) The shoulders were so broad that it couldn’t possibly have been a human it had long legs. It was completely black from head to foot(a very solid black). Even from a distance and with my poor eyesight it still seemed massively huge. I’ve never seen anything as big (I cant seem to emphasize this enough).

I have totally ruled out a bear (I knew that instantly) my husband tried to convince me of this, saying that bears sometimes stand on hind legs to get a better view, but if that were true then it couldn’t have stepped like that into the trees. The shoulders stayed level as it stepped into tree line and besides bears don’t have that long of legs. Aside from head, shoulders, and legs I also saw the rounded shape of its buttocks. I have also ruled out a human, even in a suit because of the size of it and the distinctness of its outline.

It appeared to me to have a very firm body. I think this bigfoot could possibly hear my truck coming and was trying to get across road before I came around the corner, which it did. If my eyes would not have been positioned exactly where it entered woods I would have missed the split second view as my friend did. The side of the road it was coming from is where there are plenty of riding trails and I thought maybe since people were starting to show up and ride that it went to the other side of the road to get away from all the riders.

I have since asked my husband if there were any riding trails on the side of road it went into and he said maybe a few but not sure. It could be protected state land where you are not allowed to ride and he also said that he thinks it is swampy on that side. I plan on investigating further on the next trip up north. I will ask the locals if they have ever seen anything and I would like to go back and check out area it travelled into to get a closer look and judge its size better.

I did not stop and get out or anything. I have no desire to have a close encounter with something as big as the bigfoot I saw.

Infra sound and its effects

I was talking to my friend Chuck recently on the topic of infra sound and how Bigfoot uses it to confuse, and disorient people, and possibly prey. This is a story that Chuck told me of his personal experience.


About 2 years ago, my wife and I were at the botanical gardens and conservatory

near “Irish Hills” in the warm fall.  We knew of a nearby “Tee-Pee” structure

and decided to visit it on the way out to our favorite specialty restaurant, the “English Tea

Garden” in Tecumseh.  The well hidden structure is only about 50 feet off the

road and at an elevation of about 20 feet up a hillside.  I was really looking forward to

the restaurant and anticipating a great meal.

We photographed the structure from all sides and also smaller auxiliary

“blinds” so that the “Forest Folk” could view the nearby human activity.

Lue went back to the car and I intended to follow in about 5 minutes

after taking a few more photos.  I normally leave a gift such as chocolate covered

Reese’s peanut butter cups, but forgot them in the nearby car.

I had been anticipating a great lunch for quite a while.  However, as I started down the

short hillside to the car, I was suddenly seized with a strange feeling of nausea

deep within my body, starting at about the region of my bladder and pushing upwards.  I then had a mild wave of dizziness and stumbled on one footstep.

Quite independently of this, when I reached the car, after telling my wife about

the discomfort, I suddenly remembered the Reese’s treats in the car.  So, I made another

trip up the hillside to insert about a half-dozen chocolate peanut butter cups into

various splits and cracks in the sapling trunks making up the Tee-Pee.  I then turned around

and started to walk back to the car without thinking anything of it.  However, within

3 steps, I was suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling of relief and well being

and not only did the nausea disappear, but my appetite was even enhanced!

It took me a while to connect the nausea and its “more than reversal” with a likely

infrasound experience!

Infrasound can cause vibrations in the eyes, aural canals and effect the nervous system. These can cause hallucinations, feelings of being watched, hearing things, or generally a creeped out feeling. This affects people differently.

So in some of these cases where the Sasquatch told them something, or they may have hallucinated something such as a disappearance or “cloaking” it would seem extremely plausible that infrasound could be the root cause.