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Sasquatch does to mark trails
Illustration: 1 Two men were found dead, their rifles twisted and distorted, and with all their bones crushed and broken as smashed against ground. Former deputy sheriff reported investigating an incident 95 years ago. He believed Sasquatch mark their trails with rocks on stumps. One of things that stood out to him beyond the carnage were rocks found on tree stumps.
Note: I invited then removed a known member of the Bigfoot Community for his pedantic trolling and open contempt toward me over this photo. Hie was adamantly focused on a rock on a tree stump. Each time I would post his trolling would began as though a switch were clicked on schedule. His unwavering contention was that he “knew” loggers did that, and nothing was going to I could illustrate would assuage his feelings or snap him out of his opinion. This is Michigan Bigfoot Report and Data: Gumshoguy’s Corner.
This is a Bigfoot group site, not loggers’ site, we don’t get into tornados, tree climbing elephants, zebras, coyotes, beavers or rabbits here. What this is – is Bigfoot reports and data at its finest.
These photos are not the original phots but are illustrations examples’ for learning aids only.