Macomb County Bigfoot sighting

Police field report of bigfoot sighting in Shelby Twp.

Resident’s surveillance camera captures image resembling sasquatch

Shelby Township police car.
Shelby Township police car.

Shelby Township police received an unusual call Friday night from a resident reporting she had captured an image on her home surveillance camera that resembled bigfoot.

According to the Macomb County Scanner Facebook page, officers searched the area but did not find a sasquatch or anything resembling the fabled large, hairy, ape-like creature.

Shelby Township police could not offer details on the search or the report Saturday because, according to a dispatcher, all of the officers who were working with the bigfoot sighting occurred were done with their shift and not available.

Leading Bigfoot researcher Igor Burtsev

Igor Burtsev, PhD  –   born in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, USSR, in 1940.  Currently lives in Moscow, Russia
Graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute in 1963, continued his studies at the  Academy of Social Sciences
In 1977 achieved the degree of Candidate of History Sciences, which is the equivalent to a PhD
Became Deputy Chief Editor of “Asia and Africa Today” – a journal published by the USSR Academy of Sciences.
Worked for 4 years in Southern Yemen (1972-74) and in Afghanistan (1986-8) as an
 adviser in social and publishing fields.
Has been a member and a leader of several expeditions to search for the Russian snowman and other unrecognized hominids since 1965.
Locations investigated included a dozen of Russian regions and neighboring countries Azerbaijan, Abkhazia, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Kazakhstan
In 1971 arranged and took part in the Russian multi-year study of the PG film and authored a book on the results
In the Autumn of 2004 spent 5 weeks in TN, USA at the property of Janice Carter, studying her story of encounters
In the Spring of 2011 till Summer of 2012 had several expeditions in BC, Canada, and in 11 states of the USA.
In 2015 spent 2 months studying encounters in MI and OH
Has been a speaker at Conferences in BC, Canada, and Ohio, USA.
Organized the 2011 International Conference on Hominology held in Moscow and Siberian Kuzbass.
Arranged and took  part in expeditions sponsored by television crews from Japan (2011, 2014), Italy (2012), and Great Britain twice in 2013, (in Russian Regions and Kazakhstan.)
In January-February, 2015 spent almost two months in MI and OH, USA, to study some encounters there, had several finds on the subject.
In 2015-16 investigated locations within 70 miles of Moscow where evidence of Snowmen activities was reported
Has cooperated with American and British geneticists in researching DNA of hominoids.
Author and co-author of many articles in scientific and popular magazines and newspapers, including Current Anthropology
Led early expeditions to recover the remains of an alleged female hominoid called Zana.


The skull of her son was recovered and another which could be Zana.


Intense DNA research on these relics is currently underway in the USA, Denmark and Russia.
During the last 18 years conducted research in North America, visiting British Columbia and eleven US states.
Has authored several books on hominology, published an article in the scientific journal
Current Anthropology, and written many articles for magazines
Has appeared in television documentaries, and given presentations at many conferences.

Editorial from Gum shoe guy

Bigfoot Community, Hypocrisy, Courage and the Citizen Scientist
The citizen scientist are not constrained by peer reviews or concerned with standards of journals. Everyone knows the citizen scientist in the Bigfoot community does the heavy lifting. Act like it, police your own Bigfoot community within your own orbit of influence. Respect is not given it is earned. Respect yourselves and others will respect you or risk credibility. Help clean-up the Bigfoot Sasquatch image by disallowing comedy and garbage from being used in the Bigfoot community. Courage is the point at which all other virtues are tested even when one is standing alone on a position. You’ll see that theme and methodology repeated over and over here. What I’ve learned in this business is the closer you get to the truth, the more vitriolic the responses become and generally among the previously unknown quiet lurkers. But, again personal courage is is the point at which all other virtues are tested even when one (you, me, us, we) is standing alone on a position. The Bigfoot community as fickle as it is can be extremely tolerant of fools posting pictures of Sasquatches dressed in underwear poking fun at the topic all day but … people like me, you, us, we have to be perfect all the time without error or human mistakes and frailties or risk our credibility… That is the hypocrisy within the Bigfoot community day. Is that clear? ~Val

Bigfoot prints

These are some footprints and 6 inch fist print from Southwest Michigan from the past 4 years.


Bigfoot encounter in the Salt Fork area of Ohio

Tracks in snow at Salt Fork State Park Ohio:…
Bigfoot Prints in the snow Salt Fork Ohio Grassman
Bigfoot Prints in the snow Salt Fork Ohio Grassman
In the deep forest of Salt Fork State Park I found Bigfoot Prints in the snow believed to belong to the Ohio Grassman.#WeDoItOutDoors#Bigfoot#SaltForkOhioGra…


Michigan Bigfoot report and data

I am posting a face book page dedicated to my personal friend and fellow researcher. His name is Val and  he posts daily reports of Bigfoot activity from all over. He has had a Bigfoot sighting himself a few years back. And when I interviewed him he had mentioned that this sighting was a ” Life changing event”.  So let me introduce my friend.

My Introduction
Hello, my name is Val, and this my introduction: I am the Gumshoguy. I am not a Bigfoot expert friends. I am a Bigfoot data-miner and researcher though. Some people mine for gold and other precious metals. Me, I mine for information and details. I am a data-miner.
I have one largest active Michigan Bigfoot databases in Michigan with over 1,560 reports from as early as 1700 to present. It is my hope and wish to preserve it for the ages in a book in the near future. Let me start by saying thank you for allowing me to join you in fellowship and your friendship. I treasure that more than gold. I personally thank you for the invite. I am here to here to network, share and exchange ideas and to simply offer my own encounter to share.
This is my Introduction you. First of all, thank you for joining us with your friendship. I am not a Bigfoot expert friends, if you’re looking for expert there are plenty Bigfoot experts just go ask them. Michigan Bigfoot Report and Data: Gumshoguy’s Corner is a Bigfoot Sasquatch and cryptid FB group site. My friend and partner to this group site is Dave Dominque. He comes with an unmatched credentials and impressive background, but I’ll let him share that if he wishes. Personally, I have as many have noticed this (my group site)is primarily a Michigan dedicated group, but I like diversity and all are welcome and invited from the Bigfoot community too. I retired in 2012 and brought my skills and experience to bear from my professional career to this topic subject with a new found passion.
My Personal Encounter
On a hot humid Michigan day, July 2014 I had my own encounter that shook me to my core and seared itself into my memory forever. I am not a Bigfoot expert nor am I a Bigfoot Researcher but I am a data miner. I am an eight-year retired law enforcement officer and a formerly licensed private investigator. I worked with federal, state, county and city agencies. I graduated Central Michigan University in Michigan. I served honorably in the military and retired in good standing. I don’t sell books, t-shirts, tickets or my grandmothers socks either. I’m not here to pull anyone’s chain. Nobody has ever paid me a dime to speak about Bigfoots. I do it because it is my passion. I go out on hikes with my friends from across southeast Michigan who are Bigfoot researchers and enjoy the camaraderie. Some people mine for gold and other precious metals. Me, I mine for information and details. I am a data-miner. I have one largest active Michigan Bigfoot databases in Michigan with over 1,560 reports from as early as 1700 to present with over 116 datapoints. It is my hope and wish to preserve it for the ages in a book in the near future. It is my goal to encourage others report their sightings and encounters.


Diseases and Bigfoot

Disease and Bigfoots
A blessing or curse? Consider this Bigfoots live difficult lives. It has been said that Bigfoots posses this superhuman healing ability. So, somebody aptly suggest that Sasquatches may have a host of diseases and parasites that we probably do not want to share or play host to if we were to know the truth. In the interest of disclosure as far as that goes I know little about their medicine, remedies or healing goes. I never seen any evidence to support that tp know differently. If I had it doesn’t stand out with me right now. On the other hand, scabies, eczema, dermatitis and other skin conditions have been observed as well as parasites and even mange. What I do recall are few reports of authorities responding to Bigfoot Sasquatch sense dressed fully suited in Hazmat regalia. We can only surmise Bigfoots are intelligent to understand that humans are carrier of viruses and diseases for which they have no inoculation against or antibodies to protect them. As far as anyone knows the reason that they avoid such close contact with us is because our diseases could kill them. Ever watch a documentary on gorillas in the wild? Even the native guides wear a mask, so The gorillas don’t potentially get sick. Another thing to consider is they could potentially suffer from Simian Herpes Simplex, which is far as I know has 100% mortality if contracted by a human. In the warm months, they are quite miserable, there are places here where they will spend quite a bit of time submerged up to their necks in the water in order to combat parasites, heat and mosquitoes. They will lather themselves in mud and Spanish moss in order to keep cool and to keep insects away, 
and abate mosquitos as well. It has also been noted by us that they typically will not wade in water that they cannot see through In order to avoid damaging the feet as best as we can surmise. They know that we are dangerous, they are very well aware of what firearms are, especially rifles or shotguns. It could also be argued that possibly in some cases Sasquatch violent, homicidal attacks on humans could actually be considered a preemptive strike, because of the level of danger that we carry with us, especially when we are present in numbers.
As to whether or not they occasionally kill humans out of a hunger drive or predatory behavior I personally believe that it’s foolish to think that they would not do such a thing if pressed, if driven, or if extremely convenient or in instances of territoriality. It is pretty apparent that they share many of the same food resources as bear. A predatory male (boar) black bear is the most dangerous animal in the woods statistically, And there are studies that support this, Even in regions where brown bear, grizzly, or black bear share habitat. If Sasquatch is in direct competition against different species of bear, it would be extremely inefficient for them to turn their nose up at an easy meal depending on the circumstances. Having said that, I would add that if and when Sasquatch do kill humans, which I believe that they do at least occasionally, I believe the behavior is driven by something more than hunger. In many cases, if we had an owls I view of what transpired, I believe we would see that a human made a fatal error, ignore a series of escalating warnings or did something else stupid, at least some of the time at best. We should always be afraid of any predator more powerful than ourselves. Regardless of species.
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Where is the evidence?

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Bigfoot has left behind plenty of evidence in the form of huge footprints showing dermal ridges, hairs that are from an unknown creature, scat, DNA evidence, and of course, all the sightings. Possible Bigfoot beds and shelters have been found in the woods, along with broken, twisted tree branches that are too high up for humans to reach. Horrible, ear-piercing howls have been heard that cannot be identified.
Source: Wednesday, October 22, 2008 By Sandra Maisel, Alive Magazine
My Note: I love his article.When All the actuaries are in, when the numbers and all data is amassed, clearly for a man who relied on his instincts for years as a true guiding virtue, this is a true observation. I would say the scales of believability and fabrication were tipped in favor of truth under the weight of preponderance of evidence.

Bigfoot in Michigan’s thumb area

“Their first encounter with the animal came in September, when her neighbors’ barn door was ripped off at the hinges. “I’ve had fences torn down and grain barrels dumped over and eaten,” she said. She said her dogs have raced off into the dark, barking at an unknown intruder, and their farm animals have been spooked by some unknown predator many times.”
by Ann Cohen News Staff Writer, Detroit News-Sunday
November 22, 1981
Hairy, red-eyed… “A Bigfoot in Thumb?”
t. Clair County, Michigan: Cindy Barone isn’t sure she wants to call the creature, “Bigfoot.”.” But something big, hairy and red-eyed has frightened her family three times since September. Something out there roaming the farm fields of Michigan’s Thumb area is emitting high-pitched screams by night. “It’s the unknown that scares us,” says Mrs. Barone, whose family last encountered the creature Friday night at their farm home near Yale in St. Clair County. Tina Barone, 13, said she and her sister, Roxanne, 12, went to the barn to do chores. “Roxanne was scared to go into the barn because she’d heard noises before,” Tina said. “I said I would go in first, so I reached in for the light.”I felt fur. “At first I thought it was a goat or something, so I took my glove off and I touched it again. “It didn’t look like anything. It was tall with red eyes and big and black and furry and stood on two legs. It had a deep growl.”
Tina told Roxanne to run back to the house. “It scared me so bad I just had to run.” Roxanne said. “I just can’t put what it looked like into any kind of form.” Tina said she turned and began to walk slowly from the barn but “it started walking out behind me and I started running.” The creature never tried to harm her, Tina said. “It let me touch him when I took my glove off, ” she said. “The horses were running around, they were spooked. But it was just curious, whatever it is.” The girl’s cousin David, 18, got his 16-gauge shotgun to scare the creature away.
“When it stood there and looked at me, it didn’t know what to do and I didn’t either,” said Barone. “It’s unbelievable. Its big. “It was some kind of animal but I can’t describe what. It was about 6 feet; 6 or 7 feet 6. I didn’t shoot to kill, I just shot in the air to scare it away. It ran into the woods, making a funny noise. “It was standing on two feet and had real long arms-between a bear and an ape, that’s what I think. I’ve never seen a Bigfoot, so I have no idea if it was one of those.”
Mrs. Barone, 33, said their first encounter with the animal came in September, when her neighbors’ barn door was ripped off at the hinges. “I’ve had fences torn down and grain barrels dumped over and eaten,” she said. She said her dogs have raced off into the dark, barking at an unknown intruder, and their farm animals have been spooked by some unknown predator many times. Mrs. Barone said the family is frustrated by the unwillingness of many people, including the local sheriff to take her story seriously. Mrs. Barone did file a report of the Friday incident with the sheriff’s department but the report contains no mention of her daughter actually seeing an animal. “There was nothing in our report to indicate this,” said a department spokeswoman, who speculated that Tina actually felt a raccoon or other small, friendly creature.
But Tina is sure she did not feel a typical barnyard animal. “From now on, I’m going to take the camera when I’m doing barn chores in case I see him again, because no one believes us,” she said. A mysterious creature- called a Sasquatch, or Bigfoot- that walks on two legs and roams wooded areas from coast to coast has been reported many times from coast to coast.
While there is no documented proof of the existence of Bigfoot, films have been made that reportedly show the creature fleeing into a forest and footprints and other evidence have been uncovered which has led many people to believe the creatures do exist. “I don’t know what it is but I do know it is something,” Mrs. Barone said.
Source: The Detroit News-Sunday
Credit Source: Ron Schaffner
Note: Please refer to Michigan Bigfoot Data posted by Gumshoguy paying particular attention to data points Farming activities, Seasons, Months of Year, Mid eastern Michigan reports, Forced Entry, Damage Property, Stolen Food
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Be careful of what you wish for!

I have interviewed several eye witnesses that have had encountered Bigfoot. And to a man they have told me that it was a ” Life changing moment” that forever changed them So be carful where you go!
The “Loss of Innocence” – Advice to Aspiring Bigfoot Researchers
I used to love the outdoors. I would go out alone and wander around in the forest, exploring new places, the further off the beaten path the better. I would go into the National Park and select a drainage and just go, walk in for a couple hours then turn around and walk back out. I preferred to hunt deer alone, finding spots so deep in the thickets that no one else would even dream of going back into these places. Every now and then I would get the feeling I was being watched, but I would shrug the feeling off and go back to enjoying my day.
Those days are no more; the wilderness has lost its wonder. It is no longer a place of peace and serenity. It all changed for me on a sunny June day in 2009 while fishing. I was casting a point of land that was part of a public recreation area. I made some silly sounding “whooping” calls why I do even know. I was just messing around imitating what I had watched in a YouTube video. Then the most amazing thing happen, something came tearing down through the woods. It was breaking limbs and crashing around in the thick underbrush. My jaw dropped and I was in shock as I stared at the shoreline. It stayed back in the shadows and I could only catch glimpses of sunlight on it from time to time. It acted like it was looking for something. It would go up the bank to the right and then the left. While all this was going on I was fumbling with the trolling motor trying to put some distance between it and me. After a couple minutes I heard a very clear “humph” three or four times. Then I heard it walk back into the woods slowly until it was out of range. It took me several minutes to compose myself as I sat down in the bottom of my fishing boat.
This event would change everything. I had to find out what had made this noise. Even though I had a sighting when I was a child, this event was the catalyst; this event started me on this journey, this “quest for the truth”.
Over the past three years I have seen and experienced things that are unbelievable. The average person has no idea what is going on in the wilderness. I can no longer go into the woods in a state of “ignorant bliss” and just enjoy it. I know what is out there, I know what is watching and lurking in the shadows.
I do still enjoy being out but it is different now. It is hard to explain to those who have never experienced it, but the Bigfoot “know that you know” and this changes everything. I have a difficult time deer hunting because of interference from the Bigfoot. I go on family outings in the National Park with relatives that have no clue about Bigfoot or that I research and we will hear “strange sounds” or encounter “odd smells”.
I can not explain this but some people are what I called “marked” by the Bigfoot. No matter where you go, if there are Bigfoot in the area they will find you and make themselves known to you. On average it takes a couple days in an area for the “locals” to find you. Then all the “odd” stuff begins to happen.
My “loss of innocence” is compounded when you throw in the other crytpids that have shown up. I had only heard rumors about the “Dogman” until I captured it on video and then later made direct eye contact with one. I was not looking for them and definitely did not want to see one. It is a shock to the system when you begin to realize what you have been taught all your life is wrong and that your “reality” is not the truth. You have heard the old saying, “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it”. Well I found out how true this statement is. To be honest I am still adjusting to this “new reality”. Gone are the days when the woods were a place of solitude, peace, and wonder. It is now a place where the “Monsters” live and they do not respect your “reality”.
I get several request from people all the time “where can I go to see a Bigfoot”, “what can I do to have an encounter”, and “I want to know the truth about them”. My first piece of advise would be are you sure that is what you really want? The “truth” is a very sharp double-edged sword and is no respecter of persons or your belief system.
I have been bursting many bubbles lately when I talk to people. My advice now comes with stern warnings about being cautious, going armed, never going in the woods alone, do not take your children with you, if you’re a woman be extra careful. I can hear the disbelief in the voices of those hearing this for the first time. Those who think like I once did; the “benevolent keeper of the forest” is not always so benevolent and he is not the only cryptid out there.
So this is my advice or better my warning to those who want to “research Bigfoot” or “find the truth”, find another hobby, this is not what you think it is. If you still insist then be ready for a shock to your belief system, be ready to throw out everything you think you know. When you think it can’t get any “weirder” it will and there are very few people who you can tell or talk about this with. You will be called a crackpot, crazy, insane, out of touch with reality, idiot, and these are just the ones I can repeat. You will experience things you can not record on film or produce “evidence” of, you will be frustrated constantly by camera malfunctions, blobsquatches, and noises you plainly heard but your equipment did not pick up.
There are also the unintended consequences of research, home visitations. Yes in many cases they will follow you home, do not ask how or why I just know they do. Then your friends and family will really thing you are a lunatic.
Finally I have one more warning to give you, with knowing the truth comes responsibility. What do you tell the woman that calls you who is all excited about researching Bigfoot and loves to go out into the woods all by herself? When you see that a child has gone missing in a wildness area you will wonder. When phone calls come from scared people who have a Bigfoot habitation around their home what do you tell them? When you talk to a person that has just had an encounter and they called you because you’re the “local researcher” what do you tell them? What are you going to say to calm their nerves? How are you going to reassure them that it is ok, they are not crazy, what they saw is real.
Some who research seek anonymity to avoid the above but it will be difficult if you choose to go this route, you will be faced with choices to speak out or be silent and there are consequences to both decisions.
So in closing my final word to you is take up golf or fishing it is safer and less stressful, but if you insist on perusing “Bigfoot Research” be prepared for your “loss of inn
Scott Carpenter
Note: I read this a long time ago and found it to be most profound and truthful that I thought I would share it.


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