Michigan Bigfoot sighted

Michigan Bigfoot Report and Data: Gumshoguy’s Corner


Tons of Bigfoot sightings and encounters are reported by motorists passing by or parked. Many of the parked motor vehicle reports occur by Bigfoots jumping down from trees or climbing out of ditches. Photo below shows what a Bigfoot looks like laying down creepy…
Credit: David Hite
  • I saw what I thought was a deer in the ditch it got up on two legs
  • Motorist says as she approached when headlight on “I saw this ape running in the ditch”
  • As I got closer, it stood up, facing my Explorer this 7-foot blonde thing stands up from the ditch at an angle closet to the passenger side door
  • I was riding my motorcycle I what I thought was a bear in a ditch. As I got closer it came out of the ditch walking like a human. It was totally covered in hair
  • We also seen what looked like a large hairy ape like bigfoot around 8 feet high, with a brownish red color in the ditch
  • Motorist says a Brown 7-foot Bigfoot had been lying in the ditch then rose to its feet and ran across the road as they approached and passed by
  • We just turned the headlights on we saw a huge black 8-foot hairy beast coming up and out of the ditch from a prone position flashing teeth at us in the headlights
May be an image of tree and outdoors