Big foot observed in Allegan county

This encounter took place around 2011 by a bow hunter, as told to me via a town hall meeting. This bow hunter , ( I do not have permission to reveal his name) was out hunting one fall day in the Allegan state game area near Swan creek. He parked his car at a DNR parking area around 2:30 in the afternoon near Swan creek. The day was  over cast, and he is wearing his full camouflage outfit when he notices  at the end of the road, maybe 1000 feet or so, he saw  what looked like to him a bear at the end of this two track. This figure, bear, was kind of hidden within the shadows of the woods. He presumed  this figure felt like  it was well hidden among the trees, and shadows. So not thinking much of this he continues his walk and checks out a potential place to hunt from in the meadows and creek area.

After awhile he notices that the bear is gone, and does not think much more about it until he hears twigs, and branches breaking behind him.  Then at one point  this animal starts talking, or mimicking talking,  in a language that he does not recognize or understands. And this creature goes through this procedure at least two more times that afternoon with the last time around 5:30 pm.He thought this was very odd. Are there other hunters in the area talking to each other? Who, or what is talking to him?  This thing is making a gurgling sound as well as dog barks, then eventually a loud howl. So he tries to process what is going on around him, and thinking this is very weird!. Around  5:55 Pm, he knocks an arrow to ready himself for his hunt in case a deer shows up when he hears a long drawn out howl, going from a low to high pitch, which as he said was very unnerving. When he gets home he googles Bigfoot sightings in Michigan. He then finds out that another  hunter in the Allegan state game area, and Swan creek , back in 2000  previously was howled and barked at  then eventually this thing chased this other hunter out of this area. Much like what had happened to this bow hunter.

The description this bow hunter gave was that this creature  had pure black hair, and well muscled and defined. He said it looked like a football player only much bigger. He measured the tree he saw it next to and it is estimated that this creature stood  around 7 and one half feet tall.

This bow hunter feels that this creature, or creatures was protecting it’s area and did not like humans encroaching on it’s land.




Bigfoot Discovery days in West Branch Michigan 2018

I just came back from my second time attending the Bigfoot Discovery Days, in West Branch Michigan. It was a terrific event in that we had several good speakers, including Dr. Jeff Meldrum. He actually gave two talks one in the morning and one later in the afternoon. I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with him the Friday before the event, and I want to say what an honor it was to be able to pick his brain on all things Bigfoot. He had many good stories and approached the topic of Bigfoot in  a very scientific manner. So if you ever have a chance to speak to Dr. Meldrum, one on one it is time well spent.

In addition there were local speakers there  discussing their   encounters and observations, as well as a good ole town hall meeting that was riveting with personal encounters from people around Michigan.

And to top all of this off we ,( Chuck, Ernie, Jagr, and myself ) part of Michigan Sasquatch Project met a lot of real nice people at the conference that we will stay in touch with and share stories and knowledge.