Where is the evidence?

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Bigfoot has left behind plenty of evidence in the form of huge footprints showing dermal ridges, hairs that are from an unknown creature, scat, DNA evidence, and of course, all the sightings. Possible Bigfoot beds and shelters have been found in the woods, along with broken, twisted tree branches that are too high up for humans to reach. Horrible, ear-piercing howls have been heard that cannot be identified.
Source: Wednesday, October 22, 2008 By Sandra Maisel, Alive Magazine
My Note: I love his article.When All the actuaries are in, when the numbers and all data is amassed, clearly for a man who relied on his instincts for years as a true guiding virtue, this is a true observation. I would say the scales of believability and fabrication were tipped in favor of truth under the weight of preponderance of evidence.