Waterloo Recreation area

February 2nd, 2017

I recently came in contact with a gentleman named Bob Daigle through his Bigfoot website .About a week later we had a lunch and discussed the world of Bigfoot. It was refreshing to talk to someone that has the same interest in the Bigfoot world as I do. We had also discussed getting out into the field and checking out some areas that have been reputed to have Bigfoot activities.

Through a series of emails Bob and I discussed getting together and check out the Waterloo-Pickney recreation area on Thursday February 2nd to check this area out. I was all to eager to go to out there because I had heard about Bigfoot activity in the area. My son sent to me an article last October about a couple camping in the W P recreation area. Apparently this couple heard heavy foot steps about 25 feet outside their tent one evening and as they laid there this thing took off running giving off the most inhuman yell/ scream that they ever heard. They spent the rest of the night in their car. My friend, Bob has been to this area as well in the past and has seen and photographed tree bends and foot prints. Tree bends are a tangle of trees bent in such an intricate way that it could not be done by natural causes, such as wind, rain snow. But bent in such way that it would take someone, or something with intelligence, and super strong hands.


Bob and I met up around 10am and drove out to an areas that he has been to before. We were planning to go down this one trail that skirts the local prison and head back to one of the many lakes that dots the area. It was a cold blustery, cold day with fresh snow on the ground, so we were excited about possibly cutting some fresh B F tracks. Along the way we did see some possible tree bends that we did take some pictures of. I’m not saying that for sure this is B F sign, but some of these bends did make you wonder how they got that way. Again some of these bends are patterns of trees, branches and vines woven in such a way that you assume that it could not have been done in a natural manner. On our way out of this area we did try a series of WOOD KNOCKS. Which is a way that B F communicates with each other. Bob knocked first, and we weren’t sure but we thought we got a response. I tried it several times and again we thought we had gotten some sort response. We kept listening but we weren’t sure if it was the trees creaking together from the wind or if it was indeed something answering us. It was kind of a moaning, creaking sound .So after awhile we moved on figuring it was more the wind than anything else. Bob did mention that he spoke to someone from the prison that works in the cafeteria and this person told him about hearing something large in the dumpster shortly after disposing their Mac, and cheese left overs.


We went back to town to grab some quick lunch, then back out to the field. Bob then took me to the W P camping area just off M52. We parked his car just beyond the gate and walked back to the camp grounds. The only thing that we encountered was a cross country skier and his dog. We went back to the camp ground and walked all around that area. Even though we did not have anything strange happen to us that day it was a very nice just getting out and walking in the country side.


The Waterloo- Pinkney recreation area is a huge area with many lakes, swamps, forests with abundant food sources that could sustain quite a diversity of wild life. I plan on going back later this year.