The relationship between dogs and Bigfoot


The following observation comes from a gentleman that I will refer to as ” Gum shoe”. I know him personally, he is a former police officer and a credible person in the Bigfoot world. He has gathered hundreds of reports, and sightings from all over our state, and he has even had his own  Bigfoot sighting  first hand here in southeastern part of Michigan. He told me that it was a ” Life changing event”. The following article is on the relationship between Bigfoot and dogs, whether domesticated, or wild dogs. I appreciate his knowledge, and insight on the topic. Thanks!!

Gum shoe,

Either adversarial or companion, the two sides of Sasquatch and dogs do seem symbiotic if not complex but that’s our interpretation and I’ll admit that is far as we know or understand about them manly because there is still little known about them. Of about 1,400 reports from a North American perspective the U. S. and Canada cases specific to carcasses that I’ve looked at easily show a vast majority of man’s best friend take the brunt of Bigfoot’s often fickle behavior.

Dogs are territorial and ferociously loyal to a fault and they will defend, or attempt to defend their (family) meaning, man, woman or child with their life and many have died demonstrating their unbridled willingness to defend their family or companion. In my opinion Sasquatches view dogs as an annoyance and a direct threat to their infant babies second only to bears and they will destroy them if needed. Black bears are a favorite staple of Sasquatches and dogs are eaten but, Sasquatches show no tolerance for bears and kill them and eat as opposed to dogs who they can tolerate them but do not kill them to eat as often as other animals. There have been a few instances where Sasquatches have been observed in the company of dogs or wolves too either as pets or for companionship.

Like dogs, Sasquatch will easily dispatch wolves if they threaten or harm their offspring.


Below are example illustrations of Dog and Sasquatch interactions:

Dogs left outside barking and carrying on all night, owners found their dog had bottom jaw ripped off and ribs crushed

My dog was found dead and it looked like some nasty creature killed her

Witnesses see BF and dog grappling before it flees up a ridge in pitch darkness

Dogs shake in fear as whatever made the noises walked by their tent with heavy footfalls

Aggressive Bigfoot run off by village dogs

Family dog found in driveway apparently beaten with bloodied nose and chest

Nervous excited dog fell asleep only after night time screams end

Bigfoot attacks chained dogs

BF tracks found by front door and hide of dog pulled off

Dog hides under porch in fright upon approach of Bigfoot

Dog dragged a deerskin out from the woods turned inside out as one would skin a rabbit

Dog sledder sees a tall shadow figure move very quickly and smoothly between trees while watching the dogs

Dog sniffs around abandoned barn refusing to enter

Sasquatch was enough to scare and ruin his coon dogs out of the woods

Dog found dead in his wire enclosure, had impression of a large animal having “caved” in the wire

Dog not acting typical when suddenly a tree falls across trail

Dogs so frightened they wanted to return to their kennel and hide

Dog found pulled apart

Dog suddenly flew through the air as if kicked right back the way he had come

Dogs found with crushed skulls

Found all three dogs cowering on the back porch as close to the door as they could get when BF approached

A dozen dogs had been beaten, bitten and scratched by Sasquatch(es)

Frightened dog hiding under porch

Family dog was ripped from chain and missing

Dog was torn apart by “something” and a good number of dogs have gone missing from town

Bigfoot attacked dog tossing it 20 feet in the air

Bigfoot charged screaming at my coon dogs while flailing its arms

Sasquatch creature observed fighting with some dogs in the woods

Dog going crazy by strange happenings around the property and woods

Sasquatch picked up dog in fight

Dog prints with blood all around with dog missing

Dog refused to come out of its house and had its paws over its eyes and whined upon approach of Bigfoot

Outside dogs barked loudly, growled madly, then within a few minutes they were whining and trying to hide

Sasquatch seen pulling apart dog kennel

Dog chases Bigfoot into woods never seen or head from again

Dogs strangled to death by Sasquatch

Dog found in a tree impaled on a tree branch

Dog was beaten, not pawed, not clawed, but beaten

Dog teams outside begin barking as something tries to enter the house

Dog cowered and shook

Dog so frightened they would not leave their kennel

“Dog tracks” were found in association with Sasquatch tracks

My dog and step Dad’s dog and neighbors’s dogs came up missing all within a period of a month

Dog hiding under the porch refusing to come out for a month after Bigfoot attack

Coon dogs refused to hunt in the woods since Bigfoot encounter

Dog leaped through glass picture window from fright during approach of Bigfoot

Evidence appears to show the pair —Sasquatch and dog—were traveling together

Native lore, the Sasquatch and coyote are closely connected

Homeowner heard Bigfoot smack his German Shepard dog fright and passivity

Police said 40- to 50-pound bulldog was attacked inside of its own backyard

Saw a big ape-like creature standing and it was extremely big, and it tried to grab my dog

Police say a dog was killed by what seems to be a large predator

Bigfoot was flecked with blood from the dead dog it carried under its arm

Heard sounds of a baby Bigfoot, and a large noise like a protective mother Bigfoot “hitting” my dog

Heard sounds of dogs yipping in pain like they were being attacked

Missing watch dog found with his neck was broken and severely torn up

Heard dogs chasing a bipedal creature through woods and discovers dogs disemboweled

Sees a 6 foot Bigfoot fighting with dogs

Several occasions his dogs would refuse to go in certain areas of woods

Something or someone was unsuccessfully trying to remove the metal screw clamp which secured the Malamute to his leash

Something their coon hounds had treed was tearing the dogs into like tissue paper

Dog found 14 feet up in the crotch of a pinion pine tree with a neck snapped, no teeth marks found

Sheepherder sees her two dogs biting at the heels of a big “hairy man

Bigfoot seen fighting with dog

My dog has been kicked by something and knocked out for a few seconds

Dogs immediately charge Bigfoot at doorway and sees Bigfoot fleeing the yard

Bigfoot hunters have two of their dogs disappear never seen again

In a village near La Peer, nearly all the dogs died in one night

Hunter’s dog laid down on its belly blocking his way from walking toward BF

Cleveland County 911 was called about BF trying to take his dogs, and man wanted permission to kill the animal if it approached

Dog sled dogs attacked

Dog sled dogs attacked

Dog took about three steps out the door and then backed into the house

Pet dog found stomped on and crushed in flower bed by tracks 16 inches

Woman screamed at Sasquatch when it was seen reaching down to take her dog

Bigfoot picked up garbage cans and was throwing them at the dogs

Bigfoot throws lawn chairs at dog cages

Heard a loud yell that sounded like someone yelling HEY!! HEEEEEEEEY!!!! at our dogs

Bigfoot was jumping from tree to tree to avoid dogs

Two small house dogs give chase to BF then come back yelping and scratching door to be let it

Dogs react aggressively at first, then run and hide a few moments later upon approach of Bigfoot

Horseback rider was thrown to the ground, dog ran away for home, and one horse fainted at sight of Bigfoot

6-foot ape attacked and mauled my two dogs

Hunters sent a dog after Sasquatch and later found the dog torn almost in two

Hunters found their dead hounds shortly after they followed and chasing something

Hunter observed a Sasquatch eating a coyote

Sasquatch seen carrying dead hound dog by the tail

Police reported the mysterious monster has a particular aversion to dogs

Coon hunters say a Sasquatch beat their coon dogs

Dog had been torn up in the road and had its leg off and neck bitten open

Our long time family dogs, were found dead with their backs broken

Pitbull on a chain outside had her leg broken and was strangled

Coon hunter seen his coon dog flying over the corn and running away with the others right behind

A dead dog was thrown at hunters from a woodline standing a field