Terrifying incident in Monroe, Michigan

I am about to reveal a story told to me by a former police agent, whom I just recently met. The source, who wants their identity kept secret, seemed to be very credible and honest, and quite  shook up by their sighting. This is the third person I have interviewed that has mentioned that their sighting was a life changing event and that that the memory if their sighting has haunted them. Be careful of what you wish for when heading out into the woods, or in your quest to hunt down Bigfoot.

Here is the story as told to me by Federal agent D.

I still have anxiety about the sighting and experience. I still have bad dreams that continue to haunt me, and have only driven down that road once in the daytime since my strange sighting.

The only thing I didn’t include when I spoke to you was that the blazing red eyes struck a very primal fear instinct in me that has been difficult to shake since the sighting. Whatever it was was able to project primal fear upon its prey—me.

The incident occurred on November 1, 2018, at approximately 10:40 PM. I was returning home near Monroe, Michigan from a class in nearby Ypsilanti. I was driving southeast on north Stony Creek Road in Exceter Township and on Tobin Road, a route I had taken numerous times in the past.
It was overcast, dry, and extremely dark outside, where I could see that the night sky was slightly lighter than the woods and occasional house that passed by the car as I drove. It was if there were a power outage, since I did not see any lights on in the houses, nor any driveway lights at the time.
I continued driving on this narrow country road when I looked out the driver’s side window of my car. What I saw was unreal, unmistakable and terrifying; it was unlike anything I had ever seen before, or since. This is the fist time I have shared this incident with others and am hesitant to talk about it.
It was standing off the side of the road less than fifty feet from the car as I drove by, when in the darkness, I saw two blazing red eyes staring back at me. I got a look at it for about 3 or 4 seconds, and it appeared to be 7-8 feet tall, had a bulky outline blacker than its surroundings; where I unmistakably saw it had a head, two arms and two legs. It was standing upright, and boldly stood on the side of the road without movement or apology.
My headlights barely lit the dark road, and the eyes were not reflecting the light from the headlamps at all like any of the other animals I have encountered at night.
What was really strange is that the eyes appeared to be bioluminescent—that is—emitting their own light. The blazing and firey red eyes penetrated the dark night like laser beams, but only projected 2, and less than 3 feet out from the eyes and body of this creature. It was surreal.
As I passed this creature, it was as if it were projecting onto me a very raw, primal fear. This was not my fear, but terror and fear that came directly from this thing. I was stunned and shocked at what I was seeing. I couldn’t believe it—but still, there it was.
It took me several seconds to process seeing this “thing” as I continued driving. I tried to provide myself with some rational explanation as to what I had just witnessed and assessed the area, finding none. I continued driving and decided against turning around to try to photograph it, primarily because of the primal fear and terror I experienced were unlike anything I have experienced in my lifetime.
I have been seriously shaken by the incident, where I avoid the road altogether, and entire area after dark. What I saw was something that was not right, that didn’t fall within any sort of normal experience that people have. To this day, I know what I saw, but I can’t explain it.
I have to add here that I have been hiking Michigan for the past five years, and have encountered bears, coyotes, wolves, bobcats, owls and other large birds; deer, among others.  I know what wildlife looks like and this thing was very different and nothing like anything I have seen before, or since.
I have over twenty plus years in law enforcement as a veteran police officer, and retired federal agent with an above top secret security clearance. I also hold academic degrees and credentials where I have instructed college and university courses.
What I experienced that night was enough to fill this veteran law enforcement officer and federal agent with primal fear and terror, and to shake my belief system to its very foundation.
As a police officer, you sometimes see things you keep your mouth shut about—that is, if you want to keep your job. I would not be speaking of this if I were not retired from service.
I know now that there are things out there we have yet to explain—in the darkness of night—and on long, lonely country roads in Michigan. Once a skeptic, after my experiences, I am a believer.
Federal Agent D, Retired.
What this agent experienced was terrifying. Was this a case where this creature was using Infrasound, and or mind speak to paralyze it’s prey? Is this the way they hunt? And what would have happened to this individual had they been walking down the road and had this encounter? All very good questions and something we need to consider as we are going about our daily lives.
Mark Hearn