Leading Bigfoot researcher Igor Burtsev

Igor Burtsev, PhD  –   born in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, USSR, in 1940.  Currently lives in Moscow, Russia
Graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute in 1963, continued his studies at the  Academy of Social Sciences
In 1977 achieved the degree of Candidate of History Sciences, which is the equivalent to a PhD
Became Deputy Chief Editor of “Asia and Africa Today” – a journal published by the USSR Academy of Sciences.
Worked for 4 years in Southern Yemen (1972-74) and in Afghanistan (1986-8) as an
 adviser in social and publishing fields.
Has been a member and a leader of several expeditions to search for the Russian snowman and other unrecognized hominids since 1965.
Locations investigated included a dozen of Russian regions and neighboring countries Azerbaijan, Abkhazia, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Kazakhstan
In 1971 arranged and took part in the Russian multi-year study of the PG film and authored a book on the results
In the Autumn of 2004 spent 5 weeks in TN, USA at the property of Janice Carter, studying her story of encounters
In the Spring of 2011 till Summer of 2012 had several expeditions in BC, Canada, and in 11 states of the USA.
In 2015 spent 2 months studying encounters in MI and OH
Has been a speaker at Conferences in BC, Canada, and Ohio, USA.
Organized the 2011 International Conference on Hominology held in Moscow and Siberian Kuzbass.
Arranged and took  part in expeditions sponsored by television crews from Japan (2011, 2014), Italy (2012), and Great Britain twice in 2013, (in Russian Regions and Kazakhstan.)
In January-February, 2015 spent almost two months in MI and OH, USA, to study some encounters there, had several finds on the subject.
In 2015-16 investigated locations within 70 miles of Moscow where evidence of Snowmen activities was reported
Has cooperated with American and British geneticists in researching DNA of hominoids.
Author and co-author of many articles in scientific and popular magazines and newspapers, including Current Anthropology
Led early expeditions to recover the remains of an alleged female hominoid called Zana.


The skull of her son was recovered and another which could be Zana.


Intense DNA research on these relics is currently underway in the USA, Denmark and Russia.
During the last 18 years conducted research in North America, visiting British Columbia and eleven US states.
Has authored several books on hominology, published an article in the scientific journal
Current Anthropology, and written many articles for magazines
Has appeared in television documentaries, and given presentations at many conferences.