Justifying the existence of Bigfoot

Attention scientists! How do you justify NOT seriously investigating the ridiculously obvious and totally inexplicable phenomenon of tree structures in our forests and wilderness areas? Look at the attached picture (one among tens of thousands), and ask yourselves if it may be indicative of something very significant.
Not only can I and others easily provide logical proof that these forest structures are not the work of boy scouts, homeless people, hunters, campers, or hoaxers, but you can easily provide the same for yourself simply by taking a walk through any forest near you with the right habitat.
To your astonishment, you’ll find that a great majority of them could not have been caused by natural deadfall, weather, known megafauna, or humans. Furthermore, you will be dumbfounded by the fact that these structures often change, move, disassemble and reassemble, or simply appear overnight – omitting the possibility of human causation. You will discover that many of them are simply too large, too numerous, too immaculate, and too useless (to humans) to be attributed to any known phenomenon. You will also realize, eventually, that theses structures are extremely well coordinated – traveling in specific swaths/paths through the forest, and reoccurring like letters of the alphabet. Perhaps you’ll eventually think to yourself, “why in the hell did I ever say there was ‘no physical evidence’ of Sasquatch?”
And though I myself am in no particular rush to convince scientists of the existence of these creatures – nor am I seeking to ‘prove’ anything to science – I DO feel the need to highlight the ridiculousness of the pervailing “scientific” stance on this subject. I feel obligated to express how utterly baffled I am at the blatant neglect of such an obvious phenomenon. The fact is that modern science, and mankind in general, has absolutely no way to account for tree structures like those seen in the attached photo.
Only an inexperienced blithering idiot would be ignorant enough to attribute these structures to humans after observing them firsthand. As of right now, each and every tree structure stands as a monument to the bewildering willful ignorance and blind prejudice that occasionally rears its head in the scientific community. They are monuments to how unscientific scientists can often be.