Is Bigfoot flesh, and blood or Psychic

Bigfoot: Flesh and Blood, or Phantom and Psychic?
I have been following the legend of Bigfoot for over forty five years and have read, and listened to
basically anything that I could get my hands on pertaining to Bigfoot. Even though I am a believer in most
of these stories and keep an open mind I try to decipher which are credible stories and which ones are
hoaxes with someone just looking for attention.
There are stories going back for centuries among Native Americans and their accounts of Bigfoot. Bigfoot
is common to the folklore among most Native American tribes and they view him as another human
being .Their forest brother.It is believed they are even another tribe of large Native Americans.
Depending on the tribe they are known by many different names. In the American northwest they are
known as Sasquatch, the Hupa’s call him Omah, the Choctaw call him Shampe, the Chinook call him
Skookum, and so on and so on. But regardless of what he is called he is honored, revered, and
sometimes feared. They tell their people DO NOT VENTURE INTO THE FOREST AT NIGHT. That is their
time to wander. They will try to keep their children in line by telling them that if they do not behave that
the forest giant will come and take them away .The images and likeness of Bigfoot appear on Pictographs
and Native totem poles. Many Native Americans feel that Bigfoot has a hypnotize effect on people. In
fact the Seminoles feel that BF that they can hypnotize them so that even if you are standing there
looking at one of these creatures he can convince you that you are not seeing him. That they have mind
control over people. Which could be a reason we don’t get as many claims of seeing BG.
The Bigfoot Field Research organization, or the BFRO has a collection of witness reports of hairy
humanoid encounters since the mid 90’s. Up until today over 2000 class A reports, (which means a clear
visual contact] have been added to their data base. Keeping in mind that most encounters go unrecorded
if even one fifth of all visual encounters made it to the BFRO data base quite possibly there could be over
10,000 encounters in North America over the last 100 years.
The legend of Bigfoot usually describes the creature being between 6-9 feet tall extremely strong, with
3-4 inch flowing hair covering its body and often times very foul smelling living in our forests and
foraging at night. Native Americans even think that these animals are very intelligent and even speak
their own languages. They can converse with one another through an array of sounds like grunts, growls,
howls, screeches Etc. They have even been heard to scream like a female in distress. They also
communicate with each other through a series of wood knocks. If someone or something is entering
their territory they will let their companion down the trail know that their territory has been breached.
At that point they may try to get that person to leave the area by throwing rocks towards them to
persuade them to leave. This practice is common among the great apes.
I will tell a story related to me by a friend of mine in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where she and a
friend are out to a secluded lake camp spot up there. They had made a fire, and had laid out some
snacks and gear and they were planning to spend the evening doing some wood knocks to see if they
could get a Bigfoot to respond. As the evening went on they heard a wood knock off to their left along
the lake, shortly after that they heard one to their right along the lake. At this time the hair on the back
of their necks were standing on end. Lo and behold if not shortly after that there came a wood knock
directly behind them near the two-track they came in on. At this point my friend suggested to her friend
that it was probably time to leave the area. So as they were dousing their fire and getting everything
together getting ready to leave she said that something was shaking the bushes not too far away fromtheir truck. So they pretty much just dumped everything into the back of the truck and got out of there.
But she it felt that they were intruding on THEIR territory and they were telling them that they were not
According to some beliefs among Native Americans is that Bigfoot is more than a flesh and blood animal
but it may also be a shape shifter. One that can turn itself into other animals at will. Maybe to deceive or
evade their enemies. There is also belief that they can control people’s minds. According to the
Seminoles a Bigfoot can be standing in front someone looking directly at the person and through mind
control make that person believe that the Bigfoot is not there cannot be seen. If that is true, if Bigfoot
does have that kind of mind control could it be that someone observes one of these creatures but then
through mind control the person is made to forget that he saw one or that memory is erased?
And it is also said that Bigfoot can materialize itself whenever it needs to. Again possibly to protect itself
and for evasive measures.
There is a story I read going dating back to 2000. There were two people camping in the wilds of Oregon
suddenly and observe a dark Bigfoot walk out of the brush. When it reached a clearing it starts to
shimmer and then all of a sudden it just vanishes. In the campers own words It was like seeing the heat
rising off the desert And as the heat rises from the ground, you see those blurry wavy lines. That’s what
the creature did it started to shimmer and then became transparent, then it totally disappeared.
If there is something to this I would have to ask the question about to where would they go? Are they
becoming invisible or do they actually go to another realm? After listening to many reports I feel they are
capable of both.
I received a photo that I am submitting from a guy in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula that he took from one
of his trail cameras. It shows a translucent eerie figure with spooky eyes. This photo was given to me by a
friend and she said the person she received this from was a reputable person who is living amongst a
family of Bigfoot on his property. But it shows the figure either appearing, or on its way to disappearing
turned sideways. Maybe it heard, saw or sensed the camera and turned to look at it. But as you look at
this photo you will see how this ties in to the above story that the campers witnessed.
This may seem very (out there) and difficult to grasp for most people and again I do not believe
everything that I see, and read, but I want to keep an opened mind. There is more to this world that we
do not know about. Every day there are new discoveries that boggle the mind. Just think how difficult it
would be for someone to understand 200 years ago that mankind would be traveling in flying machines,
talking to each other through little devices, and driving around in motor carriages