Infra sound and its effects

I was talking to my friend Chuck recently on the topic of infra sound and how Bigfoot uses it to confuse, and disorient people, and possibly prey. This is a story that Chuck told me of his personal experience.


About 2 years ago, my wife and I were at the botanical gardens and conservatory

near “Irish Hills” in the warm fall.  We knew of a nearby “Tee-Pee” structure

and decided to visit it on the way out to our favorite specialty restaurant, the “English Tea

Garden” in Tecumseh.  The well hidden structure is only about 50 feet off the

road and at an elevation of about 20 feet up a hillside.  I was really looking forward to

the restaurant and anticipating a great meal.

We photographed the structure from all sides and also smaller auxiliary

“blinds” so that the “Forest Folk” could view the nearby human activity.

Lue went back to the car and I intended to follow in about 5 minutes

after taking a few more photos.  I normally leave a gift such as chocolate covered

Reese’s peanut butter cups, but forgot them in the nearby car.

I had been anticipating a great lunch for quite a while.  However, as I started down the

short hillside to the car, I was suddenly seized with a strange feeling of nausea

deep within my body, starting at about the region of my bladder and pushing upwards.  I then had a mild wave of dizziness and stumbled on one footstep.

Quite independently of this, when I reached the car, after telling my wife about

the discomfort, I suddenly remembered the Reese’s treats in the car.  So, I made another

trip up the hillside to insert about a half-dozen chocolate peanut butter cups into

various splits and cracks in the sapling trunks making up the Tee-Pee.  I then turned around

and started to walk back to the car without thinking anything of it.  However, within

3 steps, I was suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling of relief and well being

and not only did the nausea disappear, but my appetite was even enhanced!

It took me a while to connect the nausea and its “more than reversal” with a likely

infrasound experience!

Infrasound can cause vibrations in the eyes, aural canals and effect the nervous system. These can cause hallucinations, feelings of being watched, hearing things, or generally a creeped out feeling. This affects people differently.

So in some of these cases where the Sasquatch told them something, or they may have hallucinated something such as a disappearance or “cloaking” it would seem extremely plausible that infrasound could be the root cause.