How do you know when Bigfoot is present?

How do you know if Bigfoot is in your vicinity? Check out the following traits of Bigfoot behavior presented by my good friend GumShoe. Who is a Bigfoot  researcher and witness. Thank you for your insight.


1. General “feeling” of uneasiness, fear or anxiousness, feeling of being watched while in the area.
2. Foul odor, resembling sewerage, rotting meat, sickening sweet and rancid.
3. Noises, unusual bird, or other unidentifiable noises, vocalizations which sound human but cannot be
understood, whistles, hearing footsteps as if being followed, small sticks breaking, large sticks striking trees, rocks being hit together, tapping, rapid movement in trees, brush, etc., but cannot see what is creating the movement.
4. Actions and reactions of people, if any, in the area. Fear, confusion, relating unexplained occurrences
5. Actions and reactions of animals in the area, fear, flight, agitation, disobedience, distraction, etc.
– (many dogs in the same area will bark without stopping throughout the night) cats, horses, cattle, deer, birds, show signs of distress, insects and frogs at night may become quiet for no apparent reason.
6. Disturbance or changes in foliage or ground, breakage of limbs or tree tops, trees and brush moved to
block trails, pulled down from different directions in what appears to be a “shelter” or “windbreak” woven patterns in sticks and trees, sometimes resembling “fences” gouge marks in the dirt or footprints. Misc. items or moved or missing in area. Missing animals, wild and domestic. These are some of the
most obvious things I would attribute to a Bigfoot creature being in a particular area. These are the things most easily recognized.
Numbers, 1 through 6 above are absent.
There is a STARK contrast between these two situations, although BOTH sets of circumstances occur in the SAME area. A pattern emerges where these things are occurring (not occurring) at differing, specific times of the year. Note: If there have been obvious signs of disturbance of trees or foliage, this stops and the area does not continue to change as a result. The first time I noticed this pattern I was really unsettled. It seemed the forest had become “empty” overnight. I spent hours in the woods each day, trying to figure out what had happened, why it was so quiet. I’d have to say, if you experience all 1 through 6 simultaneously, then suddenly it ALL STOPS, it’s pretty easy to determine that the Bigfoot creatures have left the area. In reverse, when these things begin occurring again, it’s obvious that they have returned. Carene Source: Western Bigfoot Society, March, 2001 Track Record# 105
Source: Carene, Western Bigfoot Society, March, 2001 Track Record# 105