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    Gumsho Guy

    This site needs an index listing in numerical sequential order beginning with the most recent to the oldest, on front page titled: SIGHTINGS

    Example Illustration:

    Year Month County
    2019 June Monroe
    2019 May Barry
    2018 November Delta
    2018 November Delta
    2018 November Monroe
    2018 September Livingston

    Posted alongside each county you should consider posting a brief synopsis or summary of each report.

    Summary Example Illustration:

    Nighttime security guard sees BF in field near Fowlerville
    BF Researcher found fifteen to twenty foot tipi type stick formation
    Group of paranormal investigators hiking around heard vocals in form of howls and wood knocks
    Hunter encounters a black 9 foot BF with yellow eyes that smelled odor of rotten sweet meat
    Hiker walking in park sees four foot tall creature, covered in dark brown/ black fur/hair with big reddish eyes
    Young boy hears splashing in swamp sees 7 foot tall White Bigfoot creature running through trees and swamp near White Lake

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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