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    Gumsho Guy

    I am not a Bigfoot Researcher although I accompany one very well-known and respected researcher into the field and have also been known to attend conference or two. I’m basically a data miner, of sorts. I read obsessively about any interest, and Bigfoot /Sasquatch are no different for me. So I find much value in historic reports, even old ones providing they contain enough detail. When I find interesting ones, I check them and classify them in groups of similar types, taking note of all the repeatable features and behavioral traits. To date there are hundreds of thousands reports and encounters all across North America and at least 1,300 here in Michigan going as far as back the time of the first French missionaries to navigate the Detroit river to present time. My objective here is to encourage others to report their sightings and encounters without ridicule or judgement.

    Report writing doesn’t have to be complicated. For our purposes here writing a Bigfoot Sasquatch report doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating. In fact, we are less apt to bring out a red pencil correct them for grammar or punctuation and are more interested in substance. If you wish to remain anonymous we will honor that too.

    Please include: The Who, When, Where, What of the report.

    Date of Occurrence


    Illustration Example #1

    2019 March 15, 4:00P Someplace, Some County, Michigan

    2019 Fall 4:00P Someplace, Some County, Michigan
    We know this was fall because it was opening day of deer hunting season.

    2019 Summer 4:00P Someplace, Some County, Michigan
    I know this was summer because I just graduated from High School.

    If one can recall some personal significant event close to the date of the report such as a birth, death, marriage, a graduation, opening day hunting season that associate with your encounter it will help you jog your memory.

    Gumsho Guy

    People overcome their fear of ridicule and report what they see, or sightings won’t be taken seriously – Dr. John Bindernagel

    Gumsho Guy

    “I’ll spark the thought; what you do with it is up to you.”

    Gumsho Guy

    “I want to believe your story, but you must give me enough to believe in.” “I want to believe your story, but you must give me enough to believe in.” Dates, times, locations — Nancy Marietta

    Gumsho Guy

    “Hundreds of thousands reported sightings, backed in many cases by secondary evidence as huge, human-like footprints, massive droppings, strange screams and other details mesh to some extent with world-wide reports of giants.”.

    Source: ” Growing Mystery – “Animal-Men Of The Northwest” By George Draper, San Francisco Chronicle, Monday, December 6, 1965

    Bob Daigle

    Thanks for making these entries to the Forum – Bob D

    Mark Hearn

    If you have sighting and you would like us to follow up with you please contact Mark, or Bob through this website. Thank you!

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