Foley swamp Bigfoot, Oscoda county

Foley Swamp, Oscoda County, Michigan

1990 – © Chicago Tribune wires.
Dateline: Bay City Michigan


The legendary Bigfoot is back, say deer hunters emerging from Foley Swamp in Oscoda County. Reported sightings of an 8-foot hairy creature trickled in to authorities and nearby business owners before the Oct. 1 season began.

But the hikers and hunters offer little proof other than their eyewitness accounts.

“I’ve never had any experiences with it, but it’s obvious that something is going on up here,” said Jane Stone, who with her husband owns the Bear Paw Cabins and The Little Sport Shop in Lucerne near the swamp.

“I just don’t know what it is,” she said.
“I have an open mind to it.”

On Sept. 28, two hikers told the Oscoda County Sheriff’s Department they spotted a tall, hairy creature in Foley Swamp in Huron National Forest. Art Kapa of Mayville, a Bigfoot investigator for 21 years, said he gets annual reports of sightings in Lucerne, Mio and Lewiston.

“The area is full of swamp, valleys and excellent hiding places,” Kapa said by telephone from his home Monday. Kapa insists that there are several such creatures. “There has to be more than one,” Kapa said. “But we’re not talking about a tremendous population where you see one whenever you turn a corner.”

Source: Kyle Mizokami, Tuesday, October 30, 1990