Diseases and Bigfoot

Disease and Bigfoots
A blessing or curse? Consider this Bigfoots live difficult lives. It has been said that Bigfoots posses this superhuman healing ability. So, somebody aptly suggest that Sasquatches may have a host of diseases and parasites that we probably do not want to share or play host to if we were to know the truth. In the interest of disclosure as far as that goes I know little about their medicine, remedies or healing goes. I never seen any evidence to support that tp know differently. If I had it doesn’t stand out with me right now. On the other hand, scabies, eczema, dermatitis and other skin conditions have been observed as well as parasites and even mange. What I do recall are few reports of authorities responding to Bigfoot Sasquatch sense dressed fully suited in Hazmat regalia. We can only surmise Bigfoots are intelligent to understand that humans are carrier of viruses and diseases for which they have no inoculation against or antibodies to protect them. As far as anyone knows the reason that they avoid such close contact with us is because our diseases could kill them. Ever watch a documentary on gorillas in the wild? Even the native guides wear a mask, so The gorillas don’t potentially get sick. Another thing to consider is they could potentially suffer from Simian Herpes Simplex, which is far as I know has 100% mortality if contracted by a human. In the warm months, they are quite miserable, there are places here where they will spend quite a bit of time submerged up to their necks in the water in order to combat parasites, heat and mosquitoes. They will lather themselves in mud and Spanish moss in order to keep cool and to keep insects away, 
and abate mosquitos as well. It has also been noted by us that they typically will not wade in water that they cannot see through In order to avoid damaging the feet as best as we can surmise. They know that we are dangerous, they are very well aware of what firearms are, especially rifles or shotguns. It could also be argued that possibly in some cases Sasquatch violent, homicidal attacks on humans could actually be considered a preemptive strike, because of the level of danger that we carry with us, especially when we are present in numbers.
As to whether or not they occasionally kill humans out of a hunger drive or predatory behavior I personally believe that it’s foolish to think that they would not do such a thing if pressed, if driven, or if extremely convenient or in instances of territoriality. It is pretty apparent that they share many of the same food resources as bear. A predatory male (boar) black bear is the most dangerous animal in the woods statistically, And there are studies that support this, Even in regions where brown bear, grizzly, or black bear share habitat. If Sasquatch is in direct competition against different species of bear, it would be extremely inefficient for them to turn their nose up at an easy meal depending on the circumstances. Having said that, I would add that if and when Sasquatch do kill humans, which I believe that they do at least occasionally, I believe the behavior is driven by something more than hunger. In many cases, if we had an owls I view of what transpired, I believe we would see that a human made a fatal error, ignore a series of escalating warnings or did something else stupid, at least some of the time at best. We should always be afraid of any predator more powerful than ourselves. Regardless of species.
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