A Bigfoot story

Jake and the Bigfoot
In the big darkened woods on a warm moonlit night
He ran behind trees and dodged all the light
The sounds of the night sent chills up his spine
What could he be hearing? What would he find?
The silence was broken by twigs under foot
He hid in the darkness. Should he dare look?
Something approached as he lifted his head
Wide eyed and mouth open, Jake’s heart filled with dread
He fought six year old fear and six year old pride
As he stood toe to toe and swore not to cry
Feet bigger than dad’s and wearing no clothes
Hairy all over, he looked down his nose
At a six year old boy with widened blue eyes
Looking up at this creature. Jake soon realized
This was a Big Foot! It wasn’t a man!
He wasn’t afraid, He took his big hand
He stared in his eyes for what seemed like days
Although never speaking, he shared Big Foot ways.
He could hear in his mind, all the things Big Foot thought
Revealing what he was…….and what he was NOT!
This gentle creation that held Jake’s small hand
Told of his family and how they lived off the land
The experiences, work and games that they played
His home and the forest and friends he had made
Appearing before certain people at times
That understand Mother Nature and God’s awesome signs
The chosen humanity are different than most
The others never see us. Never allowed too close
You’re soft hearted, caring, considerate boy
Brimming with love with a heart full of joy
Jake felt his six year old heart swell with love
For his big footed friend who towered above
He led him past trees where the others awaited
Jake couldn’t believe what God had created
Now running and playing and laughing so free
Experiencing wondrous infinite beauty
But as time passed, they wandered away
Having so much to do, they were done with their play
His big footed friend led him back the spot
Where thanked him for sharing all he was taught
Jake let go of his hand and hugged him so tight
Squeezing his neck with all of his might
He felt love and kindness in the embrace of his friend
As tears filled his eyes he knew it was the end
The beautiful Big Foot cupped his six year old face
And in the silence he felt his heart start to race
He saw beauty and colors and love and lots more
Magnificent things he’d never noticed before
He knew he’d see him again as he walked slowly away
Knowing tomorrow would be a wonderful new day



Bigfoot encounter in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Bigfoot Encounter in Michigan Upper Peninsula

“First time I saw one was in (outside) Toledo, Ohio in 1964. One walked right in front of the bay window that was 5-6 feet off the ground (it was a tall monster). I saw another one in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, that was a close one. I was fishing in a small boat close to the shore when one came close and freaked me out for a long time. I still don’t camp anymore in the woods.

I was about 15, I think, when I went on a camping trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I’m from Toledo, Ohio and have lived close to trees and the woods all my life. Well, I went with an aunt and uncle with the pop up camper (not too safe). It was an okay trip to the campgrounds on some lake in the middle of BFE. The night we got there something took the bag of food my uncle put on a super high tree branch. It was gone in the morning, I knew something was out there. The light brought us out of the camper and we saw the bag was gone (spooky already). Later on in the morning, I wanted to go fishing (in a row boat) of all things. I was probably rowing for a half an hour to get to the other side of the lake and found a cove. So I went in the cove and tossed a line in the water (fishing) it wasn’t but a short time and I heard thunder. That was enough to get me ready to leave as storms are not fun when its cold. As soon as I reeled in the line, I noticed a doe that was standing near the water and getting a drink. She turned to run and froze in her tracks. I looked at the top of the little hill that had a path on it and saw a real live Bigfoot. It was standing up and moving back and forth. I was already in third gear when I saw that. I’ve heard that some of them like human food (me). I don’t know what happened to that baby doe but I’m sure it was caught.” WE


Bigfoot sighting in Caseville Michigan

This encounter comes from a Michigan researcher, Bob Dagle. I have permission from him to republish this tory from his book, ” Reports of Bigfoot/ Sasquatch in Michigan”.

Anyone that is familiar with the state of Michigan, and more specifically Caseville, would know this is a small, quaint, town in Michigan’s thumb area. And each summer it has a ” Cheeseburger festival” that people from all over the state comes to for fun, food, and a great party. But there is more to Caseville than just that. This story comes to us from a witness, name not disclosed, occurred in the summer of 1968 around 10PM with the weather condition clear, calm, with a full moon.

Here is her story: When I was a young girl we  would go to Caseville every summer fro two weeks. I was about 12 years old when this sighting occurred. One night there was a ” weenie roast” on the beach and several families who were renting cabins were invited. Usually the beach was deserted at night. The moon was very full, and it was late as the sun was completely set.

I was on the beach standing by the campfire with a group of kids when a boy, and girl came running down from the sand dunes. The boy was excited, and yelling “we saw a witch”! A witch tried to grab us! There’s a witch up there. He was shaking, wild eyed and seemed very scared. He explained that he and the girl with him had been walking on a path in the sand dunes when they (quote) ” fell into a hole”. The witch had set a trap , there was a hole covered with branches and we did not see it. When we stepped on it, we fell in, then the witch came up to grab us just as we climbed out to run away. ( I realize now they probably fell into the creature’s den, and it returned to it to see what was up).


Bigfoot through history in Michigan

by Scott Harper
Michigan. The Great Lakes State. The Wolverine State. Michigan is the only US state to be made up of two peninsulas. Fifty percent of Michigan is covered by forest. Many lakes, ponds, and streams dot the peninsulas that make up Michigan, as well. Deer, and other wildlife are populous. In short, the state of Michigan is perfect country for Sasquatch—despite the heavy lake effect snow the region receives during the winter. And Sasquatch have been there for quite some time.

In 1878, a woman was hanging laundry in her backyard. A noise captured her attention. Upon looking up, she saw a 12-foot-tall, white Sasquatch in the cow pasture. The creature ran on all fours, leapt over a cow, stood up to its full height, then charged the woman, now running on two feet. She screamed, and ran into the house. The creature, chasing her, got tangled up in the clothesline. The woman ran from the house, to the lumber mill where her husband worked, refusing to return home for hours. When she did return home, with her husband, her husband found footprints, but no other sign of the creature.
A report filed in 1891 told of a Wildman of “gigantic proportions” with arms to below its knees, and “hands twice the usual size”. The “Wildman” was said to have killed a bulldog with “one swipe”. This took place in Gladwin County.
During the winter of 1917, in Ironwood, Michigan, two hunters saw a “man in a fur suit” steal a deer they had killed. The “man” made off with the deer carcass tucked under his arm.
News of a 12′ 7″ skeleton being unearthed in Jackson, Michigan made front page news on September 6, 1919.
Somewhere along the Saginaw River, in 1937, a Sasquatch was seen to climb from the river, rest leaning against a tree for a time, and then return to the river.
An area in Charlotte County Michigan bears the name Gorilla Swamp due to a string of sightings of a bipedal, hairy creature seen there multiple times in 1951.
A report filed in 1891 told of a Wildman of “gigantic proportions” with arms to below its knees, and “hands twice the usual size”. The “Wildman” was said to have killed a bulldog with “one swipe”. This took place in Gladwin County.
During the winter of 1917, in Ironwood, Michigan, two hunters saw a “man in a fur suit” steal a deer they had killed. The “man” made off with the deer carcass tucked under his arm.
News of a 12′ 7″ skeleton being unearthed in Jackson, Michigan made front page news on September 6, 1919.
Somewhere along the Saginaw River, in 1937, a Sasquatch was seen to climb from the river, rest leaning against a tree for a time, and then return to the river.
An area in Charlotte County Michigan bears the name Gorilla Swamp due to a string of sightings of a bipedal, hairy creature seen there multiple times in 1951.

From 1962 until 1964 sightings of a creature dubbed the Monster of Sister Lakes was sighted off and on a number of times in Cass County. In 1964, a woman was chased into her house by a creature with long black hair, and glowing eyes. The woman estimated that the being weighed 500 pounds. It left footprints that were 6-inches-wide. It was thought that the creature that chased the woman had been the Monster of Sister Lakes.

August 13, 1965 brought a frightening account of an encounter with a 7-foot-tall, black- haired, growling Sasquatch. 17-year-old Christina Van Acker, and her mother, Ruth, were in a car, heading home. Christina was driving. Though they saw nothing in the road ahead of time, the car ran over something. After the bump, Christina stopped the car. Instantly, the Sasquatch reached through Christina’s window, grabbed her by the hair, and slammed her head into the car door. Christina passed out. Ruth, later claiming that there was nothing she could do, fled to get help. Apparently, and luckily, Christina survived the ordeal with nothing but some bruises.

Sasquatch have been in the area we call “Michigan” for a very long time—long before the Patterson/Gimlin film, which was recorded in 1967. They’re still there, too. Reports still come steadily from the Wolverine State. Years ago, I may have even had my own experience with a Sasquatch on Mackinac Island.

It was the late 1980s, or very early 1990s. I was on a vacation trip with my parents and best friend at that time. We were walking a trail in woodlands on Mackinac Island. Something off in the woods screamed. At the time, we chalked it up to a bobcat. Still, all four of us were unnerved, and turned around, and left the area quickly. To this day, I don’t know what screamed in those woods. If it was a bobcat, though, it was a very large one!

About the Author

Scott Harper is the bestselling, award-winning author of more than 30 published short stories, and several novels. Harper grew up in Ohio, and graduated from Marysville High School in 1993, and began screenwriting in 2007, after the publication of several short stories and novels. He has worked on projects for James Tucker Productions, and 11th Dimension Films. He is currently involved with several projects, covering literature, film, and comic books. He was also a contributing writer for “Nuclear Winter Entertainment” for

Possible Bigfoot activity in a Detroit suburb

I will  set the stage of what we found this past May 18th. And possible Bigfoot activity in a suburb of Detroit, Ypsilanti, Michigan. It all started where one of the guys that was with us that day is a native of Ypsilanti. He had mentioned on a previous trip he was driving off of I 94  through this town when he saw what he thought was a tree structure on the side of the highway, and from his vantage point he was pretty sure it was a Bigfoot structure.  He then proceeded to get off at the next exit and back tracked to the area of woods he saw this structure from. He was able to locate this structure, which happened to be within  an industrial park. But this stretch of woods was rather a long stretch that went on for many miles.

The day we went out there, and there were four of us, we trekked back and we were able to find the stick structure he had originally found. After taking several pictures of the structure we were heading back to our cars when I found what potentially might have been a ” Bare” foot print. I am including a picture of the structure, and the foot print for examination.


I am not saying for a minute that what I am showing is anything conclusive, but many researchers feel  that  Bigfoot has been able to co-exist with mankind, living  in our suburbs. My theory is that Bigfoot is able to follow the growing deer herds throughout the country, much like other wild life has been able to grow, and thrive living in our suburbs. Enjoy the pictures and please let me know your thoughts


I attended the third annual Bigfoot conference in Munising , Michigan this past weekend 8/11/2018, held at the local Moose lodge. There were two very good speakers there, as well as a local town hall meeting with some very good stories told. All in all it was a good event.

But I had the pleasure of getting reacquainted with an old friend that lives in the area. She personally has had three different Bigfoot encounters over the years. One of her encounters ended up on a ” Finding Bigfoot” episode.As I was talking to her and catching up on old times, she asked me if I would be interested in going out that night. I said I sure would, and where would you like to take me? She mentioned some activity pretty much in the city limits. She proceeded to tell me that her son, and his girl friend were camped out in this particular area this past July. The first few evenings out there they had heard some grunts, and growls nearby, but they did not think much of it. After another week or so they were in their tent when all of a sudden SOMETHING, was uprooting trees and hurling them around their general area. Her son proceeded to call his mom, my friend, and tell her about this, at which time the girl friend gets on the phone screaming from fright. My friend proceeded to walk the few blocks from her apartment to meet these two kids. Just as she was getting there she could hear the trees being strewn about the area. My friend was surprised that none of the people living in that area was not shocked by all the commotion. But my friend did hear the trees being uprooted and thrown about.

SO that was where we were headed that night. There was four of us all together, and my one friend had his FLIR out ready to pick up any heat signatures, and we all had low level flash lights. We got onto this area around 10:15Pm, and we were planning to sit until only about 12:30Am.This area has a lot of forest are, with high hills to the west of us even though we were technically within the city limits.  So as we sat silently in the dark with nothing but the FLIR scanning the area for anything to move. I want to say it was around 11:30Pm when we heard a very loud crash directly in front of us. We were all on instant alert. My friend had his FLIR pointed in that direction but he did not pick up anything. My friend from Munising just said for all of to remain calm. I know that she was trying to communicate with whatever was out there that we were not there to do any harm. But after that moment we did not hear anything else of significance.

So about 12:30am we packed our stuff up and headed out, but to say the lease it was a cool experience, and some what scary. I am not saying it was a Bigfoot for sure, but on the heels of what my friends son, and girlfriend experienced it was very interesting.

Bigfoot: Friend or Fiend

There has been a lot of stories over the centuries regarding whether Bigfoot is friendly towards humans or is a true monster. Is he Passive, or aggressive? I think for the most part that Bigfoot is more of just leave  me alone by nature. Which means that if you have a chance encounter he will probably move off into the woods and let you alone.

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Sasquatch behavoiors

Sasquatch Behavior By SRA Andy
Most people think that we do not know much about the behavior of sasquatches; however, that simply is not the case. Through years of study and eye witness testimony, we have seen the same behavior patterns over and over, giving us a fairly good understanding of at least many aspects of their behavior and lifestyles, even if we do not usually know why they do what they do. This page contains a discussion on the various aspects of sasquatch behavior that we has seen and studied. Read more