Bigfoot sightings in Ingham county

Southeast Michigan
Ingham Co 1978 – Moaning/Howling in Middle of Nite, Bigfoot Chased Thru Orchard Near Dansville

Date Received  13 Apr 2006 From: L B

I remember the event clearly (It was Sept of 1978, or perhaps early Oct.) because  I was 9 months pregnant and not sleeping  well due to the discomfort of carrying a 10 lb son.

I heard a very weird moaning/howling in the woods across the road from us in the middle of the night. During the middle of the night I heard a very strange, moaning howl.  It started out low and wound up to a higher pitch – it was a LONG howl – perhaps lasting over 1 minute.  I have heard owls, coyotes, dogs, etc – this was completely different and sounded like it was coming from a rain barrel. For some odd reason I thought a horse was caught in the fence – altho this howl sounded NOTHING like a horse!  Anyway, I went out the door and headed to the coral – I don’t know how I expected to untangle a thrashing horse from a fence when I was over 9 months pregnant! I actually went into the yard to investigate, thinking one of our horses had gotten caught in a fence.

There was a full moon that night, and halfway to the coral I could see that the horses were fine.  They were standing in the middle of the coral, shoulder to shoulder, with their heads towards the woods across the road, and their ears all pointed in that direction also. They didn’t seem upset, just very vigilant. That’s when I got a little scared!  I didn’t stick around to watch very long! Got scared when I saw the horses were fine, and ran for the house. I hustled right back in the house, scared.  I went back in the house and closed and locked all the doors and windows. It was a warm enough night to have windows open, and in 1978 we almost never locked our doors.  I woke my husband and told him about the howl, but he just turned over and went back to sleep.

Just a few days later, the Ingham County News came out, and the headline was “BIGFOOT SIGHTED IN DANSVILLE”.  The newspaper ran an article about a bigfoot sighting near Dansville, just a few days earlier (the night I heard the moaning). The story I remember in the News said  the creature was sighted in an orchard at M36 and Walker Rd by a deputy sheriff and two other men, who chased it thru an orchard near Walker road, which is 3 miles from my house They mentioned the howling and also the horrible smell associated with the sighting. I did not smell anything.  As I recall, a couple of days later, the creature was again sighted again near Williamston, where it was said to have destroyed  someone’s chicken coop and killed several chickens.  Then – never sighted again that I know of.  I did find another article about continued hunts for bigfoot taking place by local citizens.

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Ingham Co Late 1970’s – “Thing” Seen Crossing M36 Near Dansville

Date: 19 Aug 2008     From: Anonymous

It was in the late 70s I think or maybe the early 80s when a couple of locals of Dansville saw the thing crossing M36 not far out of town. The first place they went to tell of this was the Wooden Nickle. Then the following spring we had a Bigfoot race on May 25, and have had one race that is every year after that. I know the dog I had then would not go into one part of the Dansville state game area for a couple of years.

Sightings in Jackson county

It was old probably at least a week. It measured 41/2 by 2 inches. A small BF child stepped in some semi frozen mud by my father-in-law’s [deer] stand. It was faint due to the weather but I noticed the outlines of the three toes and the heel.

Jackson Co 17 Feb 2006  –  Found Two More BF Footprints

They were just two footprints of two different individuals. One the same size as the one down by the one deer stand (4″) [as reported 27 Jan 2006] and another one about a size nine or ten men’s about six feet from it.  They were faint next to the dammed up area next to the cabin almost in front of the “L” cut.  I estimated they walked through there about the time when the temps dropped since the footprints were barely made in the soft soil. I am hazarding a guest that the bigger of the two may be a juvenile, the height of 5’ 8” to 6 foot tall, and the other maybe about three foot tall. It’s unusual that BFs even step in that area near the dam but the wildlife have discovered this new watering hole.

Jackson Co 21 Apr 2006  –  Two faint footprints

Tuesday I went out to spread some corn for the turkeys and on the way back along Green’s property line, I found two faint outlines of BF footprints. The discoloration of something standing while it rained the last time left an outline of both feet about six to seven feet spread. The size was about 16″ (?) a guess. At least I know they are around, probably Junior. They sure love being in and around the dammed up part of the channel near the cabin.

Jackson Co 22 May 2006  –  22-Inch Footprint

I was mowing down back beyond the back channel when I found a left footprint measuring 22 inches. It was there for over a week and the rain washed the two impressions away but left the outline. It was the left foot heading southwest into Green’s fields. At the same time I spotted a flash of movement near one of Green’s brush piles and it was about my height (five ten to five eleven). It scared the crap out of me since I wasn’t prepared to see anything. Then I got a feeling I was being watched from three different places.

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Jackson Co 04 Nov 2002  –  Sightings on Farm of Two BFs Near Michigan Center

Frpm:  R A

My sister-in-law Kris has some friends who live in Michigan Center [a town east of Jackson off 1-27 south] who have been terrorized by two large BFs at night for the past week. This is what I know so far: It started last week when the people living in a farm house saw two pair of green glowing eyes just outside their porch light area.  Screams coming from the creatures sound like a banshee and [they] have killed and ripped apart a deer near the house. I don’t know whether they witnessed this or not but they did see the deer carcass in their yard. There have been eight witnesses and one man (owner?) had to flee back inside because of them. The house is about one hundred years old and familiar to the landscape of the area.

The descriptions of the BFs are sketchy. Six feet plus tall and one is taller than the other (whether its a male/female pair or juvenile and adult is in question). They have approached the house under the cover of darkness and may have walked on the porch. (I’m not too clear on that at the moment. These people are terrified.

04 Nov 2002  –  More Information About the Multiple BF Sightings

I talked with Kris, and the new information is as follows: The creatures have been around for a long time (i.e. the woman lived there most of her life). They have a definite pattern. They appear for three nights and don’t on two nights. If this is the pattern, then they are on a two night cycle last night and tonight. Then tomorrow through Friday they should appear. The woman claims when she was a little girl that her father talked about something being there.

They have found a number of footprints measuring maybe eighteen inches long. One BF has pushed on a car at night and the resident took off.

07 Nov  2002 – New Information

Josh, the person who I will be talking to this Saturday, said that the creatures are back last night and the same banshee screams could be heard. Apparently, his mother who lives there, doesn’t think the creatures exists based on my two recent calls to their house. To let you know, the property is about seventy acres, with a barn and an old cabin, so there is a lot of cover where the creatures are coming in and hiding. Their appearances always come at night around midnight.

Bigfoot encounter in Kent county

I am relaying an encounter in Kent county Michigan. I did speak to the witness and she sounded credible, not someone just looking for attention. The one remarkable thing that she included is that it sounds like she may have been zapped by this creature. When I spoke to her about it she thinks that she was observing a juvenile Bigfoot bit was being zapped by an adult nearby. She then went to say that someone had told her it was fortunate that she did not make any advances towards this juvenile creature because the adult , if it was nearby, might have taken this as a threat to it’s youngster.

Here is her story.



It was a cool sunny Spring/Summer morning, I know it was that time of year because if it was full blown summer i wouldn’t have been sitting outside due to the heat.

I was talking on the phone W/my friend Gail, she was talking so I wasn’t making a sound. There was a slab of concrete down in front of me, where we’d put scraps of food, popcorn, bread, produce, all kinds of left overs for the Wildlife to eat.

We had a lot of different Wildlife that came to R slab to eat, we had ~ Wild Turkeys, Muskrats, Turtles, Ducks, Squirrls, Geese, Raccoons, Opossums, Ground Hogs, all different kinds of wild birds. & now We know we had Sasquatches as well.

Anyway as I was sitting there talking to my friend, I was watching all the critter’s that had come to eat,. out of the cornor of my eye of my eye I saw this flash of beautiful Blonde hair bounding to the slab, @ first I thought it was an Afghan dog, because it’s hair was smooth as silk & 6/7 inches long, it looked like someone had just brushed it’s hair there was a gentle breeze blowing, so it’s hair blew gracefully in the breeze.

Once it got down to the feeding station, it was on all 4’s I could hear this grunting sound like a pig eatting, By now I was talking to Gail & I said Ur not going to believe what I’m seeing, I wasn’t sure what it was but I started explaining this creature to her. He had black or very dark brown face, hands & feet, they looked like wrinkled leather. his nose was turned up a little but yet it was kind of smashed into his face like a monkey. his eyes were black. I say He because I didn’t see any female parts, nor did I see any male parts either, so I just figured it was a male.

As I looked @ it I felt like I was seeing a Disney Character, I felt utopia, mesmerized, almost like I was floating, I felt kind of sick inside because I couldn’t wrap my mind around what I was seeing. {By now I had told Gail that I’d call her back later} I was still in my chair trying to comprehend all that was happening, the next thing I knew this thing stood up on its back legs, it was 3/4 ft tall, @ the time I was 5 ft. so it was almost as tall as I was, or maybe he was, it was hard to judge everything as things were now moving fast & out of sorts, he walked up this small hill we had in R back yard on 2 feet like a Human..

By now I was shaking but I wanted to get a better look @ this thing, so I stood up but stayed by my chair. I felt kind of dizzy & wobbly rellay out of sorts.

When I stood up this creature dropped down on all 4’s & took off like a road runner, he moved faster then any animal I’d ever seen move before. {It never occured to me that where a young 1 is there it’s Mother or a watcher is also, until my Friend Dave Groves was talking to me about it years later & he said its a good thing U didn’t make a move towards him. You see I didn’t even think about it being a Sasquatch until we had moved away.} 7 1/2 years later & I started putting it all together.

I ran towards the house out of fear & I wanted to get my Camera in case this thing came back. I went out there long enough to take Photo’s of the yard, & then I ran as fast as I could to get back into the house. I locked the doors  scared that this thing what ever it was would come after me it could have come from a UFO for all I knew.. I sat & shook & cried until Tim {My Husband} came home about 45mins/1 hr later. I was still shook up when he came in & asked me what had happened.

Seeing this creature changed my life totally, I used to go out & work in the yard from the rising of the sun until it was dark out & Tim would have to come & ask me if I wasn’t going to come in. After this encounter happened I wouldn’t go out in the yard unless Tim came out W/me. He found this to be very odd behavior from what I was like before. He said don’t be silly, I said I’m not being silly, U’d be afraid if U saw this thing just like I did and am, he’d just shake his head, he believe that I saw something, but he didn’t understand the impact that it made on my life.

I tried to explain what it was I saw & he said it was just a Ground Hog,  I said does a Ground Hog walk erect on it hind feet & stand almost as tall as I am, he said Nope. I said I rest my case. I named this thing the Nebster, where I came up W/the name I’ll never know but I had to name it something so Tim would know what I was talking about.

I tried to go back where I saw him run to, it was in a grove of tall trees & low bushes, but there was to much Poison Ivy back there so I stopped going back any further.

We didn’t live in that trailer much longer after that because it had Black Mold in it, the owner before us vented the dryer under the house instead of outside.

If U Google Earth that address, U’ll see where R house used to sit, there’s a new Trailer there now, But You’ll see to the left of that trailer the Grove of trees I’m talking about & to the right there is the pond & a creek that is lined on both sides W/tall trees. as You head South You’ll run into the Hwy & You’ll see that the creek branches off & goes to the East & to the West & there R trees that line the creek both ways. I have Photo’s of the back yard & You can see how very close I was to the Nebster. maybe 10/15 ft. from it.

I wrote a report before this 1 but as I’ve read it, I see where I had left a few things out & had some mispelled words, so I’ve re-written my report. I also have Multiple Sclerosis & sometime I don’t remember to add some vital parts.

We’ve since moved out to Zeeland Mi. we’ve had encounters here as well & now I know what it is that is leaving foot prints in the snow.

Although the sun had melted the tracks somewhat, U can still see the 5 toes.

We also found a strange foot print under R carport  about 1 year ago {2017} & had an expert look @ the print & he say’s it’s a Dogman’s print, much to my dismay. I’d rather face  SASQUATCH then a DOGMAN any day of the week.

I’m willing to talk to anyone that wants to know anything else, U have my Email @ the top of the page, so feel free to contact me.

Thank You~
Adele Hayes


Bigfoot dispalces Michigan resident

Submitted by Barry

“We moved to the woods in Robinson township Mi. in 2004. In 2010 I began to notice things happening planters moved or broken. Sounds in the night. I passed the sounds off as birds not remembering birds are sleeping then.

Over the next few years I became aware of HD’s (Hairy Dudes) living around my home. There was an entire group of them multiple young or small ones and very large ones.

I became very alarmed and fearful. I decided not to tell my wife. I began to sleep in my clothes and with a 45/70 rifle.

For 3 years all of my chickens ducks geese and turkeys were killed. All of my fruit was eaten right of my front lawn trees.

Finally when I heard them on my roof I called a realtor and moved out. I witnessed what sounded like tiger growls and whoops knocks every night when they were around. You can feel it when they are around.

Big foot observed in Allegan county

This encounter took place around 2011 by a bow hunter, as told to me via a town hall meeting. This bow hunter , ( I do not have permission to reveal his name) was out hunting one fall day in the Allegan state game area near Swan creek. He parked his car at a DNR parking area around 2:30 in the afternoon near Swan creek. The day was  over cast, and he is wearing his full camouflage outfit when he notices  at the end of the road, maybe 1000 feet or so, he saw  what looked like to him a bear at the end of this two track. This figure, bear, was kind of hidden within the shadows of the woods. He presumed  this figure felt like  it was well hidden among the trees, and shadows. So not thinking much of this he continues his walk and checks out a potential place to hunt from in the meadows and creek area.

After awhile he notices that the bear is gone, and does not think much more about it until he hears twigs, and branches breaking behind him.  Then at one point  this animal starts talking, or mimicking talking,  in a language that he does not recognize or understands. And this creature goes through this procedure at least two more times that afternoon with the last time around 5:30 pm.He thought this was very odd. Are there other hunters in the area talking to each other? Who, or what is talking to him?  This thing is making a gurgling sound as well as dog barks, then eventually a loud howl. So he tries to process what is going on around him, and thinking this is very weird!. Around  5:55 Pm, he knocks an arrow to ready himself for his hunt in case a deer shows up when he hears a long drawn out howl, going from a low to high pitch, which as he said was very unnerving. When he gets home he googles Bigfoot sightings in Michigan. He then finds out that another  hunter in the Allegan state game area, and Swan creek , back in 2000  previously was howled and barked at  then eventually this thing chased this other hunter out of this area. Much like what had happened to this bow hunter.

The description this bow hunter gave was that this creature  had pure black hair, and well muscled and defined. He said it looked like a football player only much bigger. He measured the tree he saw it next to and it is estimated that this creature stood  around 7 and one half feet tall.

This bow hunter feels that this creature, or creatures was protecting it’s area and did not like humans encroaching on it’s land.




Michigan Bigfoot photo

Here is a photo from Bob Daigle taken around 2013 taken at Robin’s first house in Newaygo Co.

The man on the right is Igor Burtsev from Moscow. The original photo was taken by two cam McLaren of Van Buren County Michigan, and he also provided the 2 zoomed-in photos with the red arrows.
His son Jeremy and grandson Jacob are also shown in the photo.  The location is the place where Robin Haynes was living at that time,
about 1 mile from White Cloud in Newaygo Co. Mich.  There was about 1 acre of cleared land around the house. I am sure that at the time when
the photo was taken, no one realized they were being watched by 1 or more BF’s. I visited that location probably 5 or 6 times over a 2 year period,
and discovered at least one BF track about 200 yards from the house, and saw many possible signs of BF activity, and one occasion had a close
nite time counter, along with Igor and Joe Stewart, while standing right next to the house.



Bigfoot encounter in the Waterloo-Pinckney Preserve

Two men camping out in the Waterloo-Pinckney game preserve had a possible encounter with a Bigfoot. This area encompasses some 18.6 miles of rugged hiking trails with many lakes and creeks,  a scenic overlook and a horse camp. These two individuals decided to set up camp in the southwest corner of Waterloo-Pinckney preserve on September 16th of 2016. Tyler Kroetsch, and Will Neill are both Marine reservists who decided to get away and spend some time camping and back packing.

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