Bigfoot forces Michigan homeowners to leave prpoerty

NCS Case File #71: Bigfoot Force Michigan Homeowners to Leave Property

Location: Holland, Michigan

Date: Multiple sightings from 2014 – 2017

Submitted by Barry

“We moved to the woods in Robinson township Mi. in 2004. In 2010 I began to notice things happening planters moved or broken. Sounds in the night. I passed the sounds off as birds not remembering birds are sleeping then. 

Over the next few years I became aware of HD’s (Hairy Dudes) living around my home. There was an entire group of them multiple young or small ones and very large ones. 

I became very alarmed and fearful. I decided not to tell my wife. I began to sleep in my clothes and with a 45/70 rifle. 

For 3 years all of my chickens ducks geese and turkeys were killed. All of my fruit was eaten right of my front lawn trees. 

Finally when I heard them on my roof I called a realtor and moved out. I witnessed what sounded like tiger growls and whoops knocks every night when they were around. You can feel it when they are around. 

To many things to go into all of it.”

The witness also included videos of the surrounding area and the property, as well as photos of tree scratches and breaks and a photo of a shadowy figure standing in the trees.  However, the witness requested not to show the photos and videos so we will honor this request.

Three separate Bigfoot encounters in Michigan

I have three encounters with what I believe to be Bigfoot or an unknown crpytid. As told to Squatchable news.

In late fall I accompanied my wife, daughter, and my mother to stay in a rental cabin near island lake, situated near the manistee national forest in northern lower michigan. As an avid mountain biker I brought along my bike and had planned several rides. The second day of my stay I set off on a ride about 6pm and entered a thick pine/cedar forest on what appeared to be a game trail. After roughly 1.5 miles of riding (I marked a way point on my GPS before entering the woods so I could easily find my way back) I noticed my front tire was very low on air. Shortly after I came to a very small clearing in the woods, it was clear cut purposefully with exposed stumps and new undergrowth. I set my bike against a pine stump and began to repair my front tire. To my right roughly 50-60 yards was a partially destroyed and burnt old RV. Seconds after glancing at it, a very loud thump came from within the camper. All I can describe it is as a “head” appeared in a broken window, which had to be over six feet from the base of the camper. From my distance all I could see was jet black fur and no noticeable ears, the eyes were not noticeable or black as well. It cocked its head to the right slightly as I mounted my mountain bike. I rode off quickly following my GPS map back to my starting point. Whatever it was I saw I believe followed me back to my cabin, as very foul and pungent odor lingered outside the next morning.

For a short time while finishing my bachelors degree my wife and daughter lived with my dad. His house was at the end of a very long drive which backed up to hundreds of acres of woods and a large state recreation area called Waterloo in southern lower Michigan. After my parents divorced my mom who is a nurse moved in with her mother to provide care who lived right next door. December 3 I arrived home from school about 7pm. Shortly thereafter (I lived in an apartment in the basement) I hear a knock on the sliding glass door. It was my mother who looked very disturbed and frightened, and says she has been hearing howls all evening. I assumed coyotes as they were very abundant there. She was unshakeable in her opinion that it was not a coyote. I stepped outside onto the patio and shut off the exterior light. What I did notice immediately was a very strong odor being whirled around in the wind. I waited nearly 5 minutes and then I heard it, it was very near the tree line. Howling like I never have heard from a coyote, deep penetrating bass notes that sounded ragged and throaty. It was very windy and beginning to snow, and the howls seemed to occur in different locations. Due to the snow falling overnight no tracks or signs were observed.

Thank you for reading my encounters, I appreciate your time.

Bigfoot in Michigan’s thumb area


Cindy Barone isn’t sure she wants to call the creature, “Bigfoot.”

But something big, hairy and red-eyed has frightened her family three times since September.

Something out there roaming the farm fields of Michigan’s Thumb area is emitting high-pitched screams by night.

“It’s the unknown that scares us,” says Mrs. Barone, whose family last encountered the creature Friday night at their farm home near Yale in St. Clair County.

Tina Barone, 13, said she and her sister, Roxanne, 12, went to the barn to do chores.

“Roxanne was scared to go into the barn because she’d heard noises before,” Tina said. “I said I would go in first, so I reached in for the light.

“I felt fur.

“At first I thought it was a goat or something, so I took my glove off and I touched it again.

“It didn’t look like anything. It was tall with red eyes and big and black and furry and stood on two legs. It had a deep growl.”

Tina told Roxanne to run back to the house. “It scared me so bad I just had to run.” Roxanne said. “I just can’t put what it looked like into any kind of form.”

Tina said she turned and began to walk slowly from the barn but “it started walking out behind me and I started running.”

The creature never tried to harm her, Tina said.

“It let me touch him when I took my glove off, ” she said. “The horses were running around, they were spooked. But it was just curious, whatever it is.”

The girl’s cousin David, 18, got his 16-gauge shotgun to scare the creature away.

“When it stood there and looked at me, it didn’t know what to do and I didn’t either,” said Barone. “It’s unbelievable. Its big.

“It was some kind of animal but I can’t describe what. It was about 6 feet; 6 or 7 feet 6. I didn’t shoot to kill, I just shot in the air to scare it away. It ran into the woods, making a funny noise.

“It was standing on two feet and had real long arms-between a bear and an ape, that’s what I think. I’ve never seen a Bigfoot, so I have no idea if it was one of those.”

Mrs. Barone, 33, said their first encounter with the animal came in September, when her neighbors’ barn door was ripped off at the hinges.

“I’ve had fences torn down and grain barrels dumped over and eaten,” she said. She said her dogs have raced off into the dark, barking at an unknown intruder, and their farm animals have been spooked by some unknown predator many times.

Mrs. Barone said the family is frustrated by the unwillingness of many people, including the local sheriff to take her story seriously.

Mrs. Barone did file a report of the Friday incident with the sheriff’s department but the report contains no mention of her daughter actually seeing an animal.

“There was nothing in our report to indicate this,” said a department spokeswoman, who speculated that Tina actually felt a raccoon or other small, friendly creature.

But Tina is sure she did not feel a typical barnyard animal. “From now on, I’m going to take the camera when I’m doing barn chores in case I see him again, because no one believes us,” she said.

A mysterious creature – called a Sasquatch, or Bigfoot – that walks on two legs and roams wooded areas from coast to coast has been reported many times from coast to coast.

While there is no documented proof of the existence of Bigfoot, films have been made that reportedly show the creature fleeing into a forest and footprints and other evidence have been uncovered which has led many people to believe the creatures do exist.

“I don’t know what it is but I do know it is something,” Mrs. Barone said.

Bigfoot seen in Dayton Township , Michigan

Lumbering across the country, another alleged Bigfoot incident also occurred on January 4, 1992, this time in the unlikely setting of Dayton Township, Michigan.

Two anonymous men, ages 60 and 44, were driving down a back country road when two creatures, one 7-8 feet tall and 500-600 pounds and the other 5 feet tall and 300400 pounds stepped into the roadway.

The creatures, instead of making a hasty exit, as is the norm in such harrowing adventures, began to approach the vehicle, causing the witnesses to shift into reverse, turn the car and speed off. This incident was covered in the March 24, 1992, edition of the Bay City [Michigan] Times.

Bigfoot activity from Jackson county Michigan

Jackson County

[COMMENT:  The following series of events reported by R A, out to May 2006. All occurred in SW Jackson county.]

Jackson Co.Nov 2001  –  Eight Foot Tall “Something” Seen from Deer Stand

From: R A  Date Received:  Mar 2, 2002

Two weeks before firearm deer season I was sitting in my tree stand studying what deer were coming through and I noticed something dark and tall standing near a fifteen foot maple tree just barely outside my property. It wasn’t there before and I noticed it had a human like form but with all the brown tall swamp grass and brush I didn’t think it was anything. From four to five pm it was there and I noticed it didn’t move. But I heard a three point buck and a year old doe moving in from the north behind my stand. I turned to watch them. They were skittish and they disappeared in brush and I turned to see where they went and the object [had] disappeared away from the [fifteen foot maple] tree.

I estimated the creature’s height was eight to nine feet tall. The weather was clear and plenty of sun. I went out where the creature was, a day or two later, but didn’t find anything. I guess it was curious about what I was doing up in the stand.

Jackson Co Mar 29 2002  –  “I Heard a BF Yesterday”

I was down back picking up fallen limbs when I heard something very large walking though the dried leaves on my neighbor’s property. It was too big for a deer or dog and my neighbors don’t roam that area during the spring, just the fall during deer season. It stayed in the swamps and brush for fifteen minutes before I couldn’t hear it moving around. I was slightly spooked but I think I surprised it as well as it surprised me.  Also several nights this week, when the temps was in the thirties, I would get home and feel something watching me out in the brush by my bird feeders.

Jackson Co  May 7, 2002  –  Subject:  Footprint Found

Today I found an old footprint in the brush on an old deer trail down back near the back channel. Based
on the weathering on the print it has been out there probably a week or two ago. It didn’t have any form except for the basic outline of a right foot. No toe definition.

Jackson Co May 31, 2002  –  Foot Print Found; Three-Foot Tall  “Monkey” Seen

The foot print was in the mud down in the back channel. No one has been down in the channel for a couple of weeks so it was new. It was partially silted over due to the rain we had a week or two ago. My sister in law Kris saw what she termed as a three foot tall Monkey near Thorn Road a few miles from my house. She saw it at 2 am a week ago and she said it ran like a human on two legs. Since she doesn’t make up things like this I believe her. Maybe a toddler bigfoot?

Jackson Co 26 Jul 2002  –  Watched While Mowing?

Yesterday when I was finishing mowing down back by the creek, I had a very bad feeling that I was being watched from several spots around me. Over the noise of the mowing I kept hearing something thrashing the brush or knocking. I was only down there for forty minutes but it lasted for twenty to twenty-five minutes.

Jackson Co  Jul 28, 2002  –  Something Walked Thru

Something walked through the back last night during the storm. Based on what I could see (an outline) of a right foot, shaped like an overgrown human foot with an arch and from the way it rained, the water flow and debris, it was in no hurry to cross from the grassy area to the deer path closest to the wood shed. IT was going into Green’s swamp and the print was only five to seven feet from the path. Also the dimensions were at least fifteen inches by ten (?) inches and there was a barely outlined one paralleling the fence line ten to fifteen feet from the first one, heading in the same direction to the deer trail. I assume
it’s the juvenile.

Jackson Co  Oct 4, 2002  –   Good Look at a Bigfoot

The Sunday I was mowing down by the apple trees and brush piles, I spotted a large bigfoot out in the shadows and brush next door. It was 3:00 pm and dark clouds overhead, but I did get a good look at one who was standing a good thirty feet inside the neighbors land. I kept mowing and it stayed where it was at, and I got too nervous to finish up, so I went back to the house. Before I left I thought I may have spotted another one in the brush and trees near the bridge on the neighbor’s side. I don’t know why they were there, but they made me a little uncomfortable being there. Nothing since then. _____________________________________

Date: Jan 4, 2003 –  Tried Grunting at Bigfoot

This summer when Junior [R A’s name for a local Bigfoot] was a little aggressive I tried grunting and all I got for my troubles was a brush thrashing and wood knocking. That’s why I don’t really do it. I think it may be the second juvenile that I saw in November who was trailing me.

Jackson Co 17 Nov 2002  –  Juvenile Sighting

I did see a small juvenile BF about 4:30 PM Friday when I was in a blind near the back creek. It was standing on the edge of the woods/swamps and stood there staring at me for a good half an hour before it disappeared. I noticed there was no animal activity in the area all the time I was there. I didn’t see any adults and it was about three hundred feet from me. It was cloudy and visibility was very good. I think it was about five ten to six four. It appeared right after [my neighbor] Mr. Green passed through the area (approx. half an hour).

Jackson Co 8 June 2003  –  Recent Sightings on the Property

A week ago I was mowing down back near the old tree stand when I noticed something very dark brown through the brush looking west towards Green’s fields and it was moving back and forth maybe about thirty feet either way. I know it wasn’t a deer because of the height and width of it.  I warned my sister-in- law when mowing to keep her eyes pealed towards the swamps on the neighbor’s property because that’s where the BFs were seen last year. I also warned her to keep her four and seven year old away from the brush.

I have a suspicion that they are using the back channel [part of a local stream system] for a route now, since I know their routes into the property during the daylight hours. The channel area where its heavily brushy and thick trees.

I also had that feeling that I was watched maybe three weeks ago too.  They are moving ever so slowly right now. I know they’ll be [coming] through [here] when the blueberries are in season. They are loaded this year.

Jackson Co  3 Apr 2004  –  Junior Is all Grown Up

The last time I spotted Junior last summer, he was an eight foot tall adult and behaved like an alpha male. Wood knocking and brush thrashing. I haven’t seen any evidence they came through my back area but I
suspect they have been using the back channel area as an entry point.

Jackson Co 01 July 2004  –  Top of Bigfoot’s Head Seen in Brush

I had a interesting encounter yesterday. While mowing near the top part of the channel next to my wood shed, I noticed a top of a head in the brush about twenty feet into my neighbor’s property. It was very noticeable since the brush was about ten to eleven feet tall and the crown of the head was out in the open with no brush behind it. The creature stood there the entire time I was moving and probably thought I never spotted it. It wasn’t aggressive but passive as if wondering what the heck I was doing. I guess they are checking out the area for blueberries. My bushes are about two weeks from being loaded with ripe berries and I guess it wanted to check it out, but I was there. I checked the spot and it looked like something was there but didn’t break any dead branches or bushes. They say curiosity kills the cat…. But it shocked me to see one about eleven feet tall.

Follow on Message, 3 Jul 2004:

I went to the spot where I saw the creature the other day. Initially when I investigated the spot where I saw the creature. I followed a clear path made by deer and stood where it stood. No hair or scat but it was standing on a mound two feet high so my eleven feet estimate is down to eight to eight and half feet tall now. It had thick brush with no thorns and it was an ideal hiding place to watch me. From what I noticed it was one solitary animal not the normal two or more. I didn’t smell anything but a musty swamp scent.

Jackson Co 27 Aug 2004  –  Top of Bigfoot’s Head Seen at 50 Feet

I had to take some corn down to the bait piles down back at 7 pm when I noticed a BF standing in the brush where the last one did last month. All I saw was the top of its head. I kept on walking trying to ignore what I saw when it followed me and stopped by a deer path twenty feet to the left of where it stood previous. Its fur looked like grayish brown but when I saw it the first time it was dark brown. I think since I always notice they move in pairs maybe there were two not one. I didn’t see them move but they moved away from me deeper into the swamps and stayed away from me. They were about fifty feet from me. I was a little unnerved by the encounter since it’s nearing the time they tend to become a little aggressive. _______________________________________________________________________

Jackson Co 16 Feb 2005  –  Found Two Prints Today

I went down back to see if the BFs came through the area. Two tracks were found in the far back [water] channel. The creature tried climbing up the bank. Its left foot left a partial print of the upper foot and its right slid down leaving a heel slip. My in-laws are tapping maples and I found where one BF stood watching them from an old spot from last summer. They are curious and still using their favorite hiding place to observe us.

Jackson Co 19 June 2005  –  Watched by a Small BF

I was mowing down in the far back part of my property near the southern property line near Green’s and my other neighbor. It was standing in some thick brush but I could make out its eyes, which were hominid like, nose (flat like a chimps), and mouth (which I could see its incisors). It was in an area where I haven’t seen much activity in four to five years. I estimated it stood about six foot tall and I had a bad feeling I was being watched. I caught a glimpse of its whites in its eyes before I noticed most of the face. I didn’t see most of its head but it stood there watching me mowing for a good forty minutes. It didn’t show any brush shaking or tree knocking.  Probably a very curious juvenile.

Jackson Co 30 Jun 2005  –  The Smell of Waste

A week ago in the same area [where] I had the encounter with the juvenile BF, I smelled a scent I can only describe as an outhouse smell. It smelled like a human and it radiated from two places. One near the farthest deer blind, and [the other] the area near where I saw the [juvenile] BF. It struck me kind of odd that [it] smelled like someone took a dump near the blind. It wasn’t anyone I knew who would have done it, so I was wondering if a BF has that smell. I eliminated Green’s fertilizer because he uses cow manure, while this had a definite human smell to it.

Jackson Co 27 Jul 2005  –  Small Footprint and Odd Occurrences

It was 8 by 4 inches located near the cedar tree in the “L” [shaped clearing] by the cabin. It had to be a small [BF] child because of the size and had to step in the only dirt spot in a grassy area behind the tree by the brush.

Last week I went down back to do something other than mowing and I was heading back to the bridge when I heard a five gallon bucket banging on the brush about ten to twenty feet from me in our dump. I called out if it was one of my in-laws and no answer. It continued until I reached the bridge when it abruptly stopped. I know we dumped a few buckets back there and we gathered up most to use in the dam but the sound nearly sent a cold chill down my spine.

The other occurrence has been happening on and off for the last few weeks. From my front room window from the recliner near my bedroom door I see a dark object standing out in the swamp across the [water] channel from the house. It stays there for a few moments and leaves, leaving a light (shaded) area where it stood. It happened again tonight and I noticed it only stood there for maybe ten minutes before it disappeared. And I thought I saw something big walk by the burn barrels and disappear for a brief moment. I looked out and saw only a rabbit. I think something is close to the house since my barn cat and her nearly grown kittens, [which] used to stay down at the barn, now stay close to the house. This hasn’t happened in quite some time and I was wondering if a new creature moved in without the others knowing about it. The others tend to move in and out of the area without being noticed and leaving a few clues but this one has taken a keen interest in the house.

I’m not afraid but it concerns me that today [when] I placed my game tracker at the site of the small left footprint maybe I opened a can of worms with this one. I went down back last night and took a piece of wood and did some wood knocking to see what response I got. I thought better of it after a few minutes because of the bucket incident but I did get some rustling in the brush in the swamp where the bucket incident occurred.. And I do get that being watched feeling every night. I come home from work around 1230 am.

Jackson Co 5 Aug 2005  –  The Small BF is Back Again

I took a photo of a small partial footprint in a turkey dust bath in my deer plot down back. It was maybe twenty-five feet from my father-in-law’s deer blind. It seemed to be walking from the far back [water] channel towards the brush pile. When you wrote me last about the BF I saw out my front room window, (to answer your question) the creature couldn’t see the TV.

Bigfoot activity from Lenawee county Michigan


Lenawee Co 22 Aug 2006  –  Seen One 50 Yards Away at Nite, and Other Encounters

Hi, … me and my … team members were in our camp and we noticed this stinky like smell. We knew then something was in the area, so I had an airsoft gun laser on my rifle and shined it in an area, and one of them moved. I have seen one about 50 yards away in the middle of the night, a size estimation of 7-8 ft. They smell like cow manure, sewage, and muck. We leave them be because they do not bother us, and gives us something to do.

Lenawee Co 24 Aug 2006  –  Seen one laying on the ground; Tracks found
From: A

We have seen one laying on the ground and it shifted side ways while laying on the ground, all we seen was a silhouette, because it was dark but coming up on morning. So that day we went looking for anything like foot prints, trails, anything, and we found a foot print. It was around 10″ to 13″ long and 5″ to 7″ wide, and we looked where one was laying and its legs where 4 ft. long.

The tracks we seen, the toes were straight across, and we seen them a couple of times during the night, and they don’t come into the moon light so they stay in the dark areas. I think that there is two grown ups with a little one, because we seen another track that looks like a kids size foot print and still the toe’s were straight across. Do you know if sasquatch’s make a hard breathing sound or not, cause I’ve heard something breathing hard near me in middle of the day and it sounded bigger than a deer or an animal I know of.

Lenawee Co 25 Aug 2006  –  Re: sasquatch

We seen different looking poop in a swampy area and it had berries in it. None of us knew what done that but it was strange.

Lenawee Co 27 Aug 2006  –  Followed by sasquatch

We are NOT after one to kill one, we actually like them and I think that they are more of our friends than our enemy. They also follow us. I think they like apples, but I could do some experiments on what food they eat.

Lenawee Co 28 Aug 2006  –  Corn and Sasquatch

Also is it possible of them liking corn? I might try it to see for sure because when we where in our camp we seen corn leaves from corn cobs on the ground where they were. And when they run, they run like us like [with] a thumping sound and they’re fast. Well I’m going to do some food experiments and take some photos of the food if there is some left and maybe gather some information about what I experience about them.

Lenawee Co 24 Sep 2006  –  Objects Thrown, Bigfoot Seen

The only thing that has happened unusually is they have thrown lightly a walnut and rock, and we found no signs of them when we went out, but we more or less made our camp for keeping animals out and keep us safe from them like coyotes, cougars, and don’t know about BF yet but they don’t mind us being in our camp. It’s just when they come near it I think it’s their curiosity of what we are and what we do, like us. We see them and watch them to see what they do and their normal every day things.

Bigfoot activity from Monroe Michiagn


Monroe Co Oct 2001  –  Creature Seen in Bed of Pickup Truck Near Monroe

Date Received: 20 May 2002 From:  Bobbie Short

“Here is a MI report – sounds pretty far fetched – but I’ve been surprised before.”   –   Bobbie  Short

—– Original Message —–
From: <xyz…>   To: Bobbie Short Sent:  May 20

state: Michigan      county: Monroe nearest_city: Monroe
month: October      year: 2001           time: 10:00 pm closest water:  Raisin River,   closest road: M 50

detailed description:  We were tent camping in the woods when we heard a noise in the bed of the pickup truck. We grabbed some big sticks and moved slowly towards the truck. We shined a flash light at the truck. Apparently we startled the creature, it threw the cooler at us and howled, standing up to it’s full height(7-8 feet). It tucked the food under it’s arms and ran. We were all in shock for ten minutes, lets just say we didn’t stay to camp that night.
terrain description: Very wooded with dense brush all around. There were a lot of berry bushes.

creature description: It was tall(7-8 feet tall). Shaggy long brown hair, large ape like appearance, large muscles. It had teeth similar to a human, but sharper. Very low bass tone howl. But when my wife threw a rock at it, it screamed like a woman.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Monroe Co 2008  –  Bigfoot Encounter Near Rockwood by 14 Year Old Boy

From: X Y Date Received: 14 May 2008

Location:  Near Rockwood (Wayne Co. / Monroe Co. border)

It was in the woods peeking through a bush. Right by swamp and behind trees. It sometimes throws rocks at people. It might live in the abandoned cabin deep into the woods also. It moves to different hiding spots near swamp.

Re: Bigfoot sighting in Cambridge Meadows

From:  A B Date Received:  30 May 2008

Hi, I’m X Y ’s friend A B, we will try to get some good photos and send them to you. Here are some questions we want to ask: Will bigfoot attack humans? Do they make big muffled steps? Do they make chattering noises with their teeth? What times will they come out (morning, night, etc)?  We will keep in touch by sending you emails and photos of bigfoot tracks. We are not lying that bigfoot is in our area,.
I found a footprint but it’s hard to see where the toes are.

[Comment: There was no further communication on this situation.]

Bigfoot sightings from Washtenaw county Michigan


Washtenaw Co 1957  –  Sightings by 4 People

Date Received:  02 Dec 2003           From: R W

According to my old co-worker Charlie, there were a few sightings of a Bigfoot creature on M-17 [Washtenaw Ave] and Golfside Roads in 1957. [This intersection is about 1 mile east of US 23 in SW Washtenaw Co.]  … apparently a friend of Charlie’s saw the creatures, as did two people who were Native Americans. The latter of the two knew the creature from stories from their ancestors and were not afraid to go hunting in the woods.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Washtenaw Co 1958  –  Bigfoot Walks on Top of Truck in Augusta Township

Date Received: 16 Oct 2004  From: R W

A lady I used to work with named T B, told me about her mother’s experience with a bigfoot creature off Judd Road, near Whittaker Road in 1958, in Augusta Township [SE corner of Washtenaw Co]. This was on her grandmother’s farm. On the farm, there was an area where the land has a short gully and one day Tracy’s mother and grandmother were [there] in a pickup truck having lunch.  They were parked in this rut or culvert area with sort of a brim on either side.

They had finished eating in the early afternoon at around 13:30 hours when out of nowhere something very large and heavy, a large hairy ape that was close to eight feet tall, stepped off the brim [top of the gully] onto the top of their pickup truck and walked down the hood, stepping down onto the ground, and heading off towards the woods on the back part of the property. Apparently the bigfoot was walking very fast and stepped onto their truck and then walked down in front of it and then walked away looking back at the two ladies.

They thought at first this was a large brown bear, but it walked upright like a man down the culvert, away from the truck, turning into the woods 30-45 seconds later and then walked out of sight. As the creature walked off on two legs, it turned its upper torso back towards the truck and then headed into the woods.  This gave them a look at its face, and they both said the creature walked like a man but was slightly hunched over.  They said the face was flat, but looked rather “negroid” in appearance.

Moreover, it let out a loud yell that scared them both, and made them drive like a bat out of hell to get away from the area, in case it came back again. Also, from what I gather, the creature did put a dent in the hood, so this gives you an idea of how heavy it must have been.  After that day, when they would hear screams in the woods, they knew what it was.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Washtenaw Co Summer1974  –  Suspected Bigfoot Encounter Near Ypsilant

From: R W

When I was nine years old I used to live about a mile away [west] from there [1957 Washtenaw Co report] on Packard east of Carpenter. Very often my family and I, including our German Shepherd would take a walk into the large wooded area south of Packard Road. In the middle of the woods there was an entrance into the forest that was hard to find if you walked by it, but inside was an interesting area that had wood set up like an airplane or a marker. The inside had grass in a dome shape much like the photo at The area inside here smelled like a wet dog and had food cans and other items, which lead my father to believe that teenagers were using the area for parties at night.

One day during the late summer of 1974. My mother, father, our German Shepherd, and I, went for a walk down the trail that day, which was cloudy and in the upper 70s. Moreover, as we got closer down the path our dog was not his usual outgoing self, acting like something was bothering him. The closer we got to the area where the fort, as I liked to call it, was located at, the more nervous our dog became. Likewise, I had the feeling I was being watched and my father had sort of an uneasy feeling also, and he was a man who served with General Patton during World War II, who wasn’t afraid of anything.

However, there were sounds of branches snapping every 30 seconds, like something was watching, moving carefully trying to watch us, which made my father feel very uneasy. Moreover, our dog had his tail between his legs and was staying really close to my father. Then came a loud crack, like a limb about 6-8 inches in diameter, was either stepped on or broken. This was followed by a slightly less loud one and all of use thought that it must have been a deer in the woods and my father decided it was best to leave the area. Interestingly, as we walked back the way we came, the snapping of the branches seemed to indicate that whatever it was in the woods was following us.

Then we got out of the wooded area and our dog became less timid and kept looking back at the woods, until we crossed over the old railroad bed. I don’t know if it was a Bigfoot stalking us in the woods, but years later when reading about all the sightings, this had some very similar characteristics.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Washtenaw Co 1981 –  Juvenile and Adult Bigfoot Seen by Children Near Dexter

Date Received: 24 Nov 2003  From: R W

This sighting took place around 1980 through 1982 north of Dexter. My old friend Chad  was telling me that when he was around six years old, he and other friends would go out and play in an undeveloped field with forest around them. Sort of an area with sand dunes, but this area has since been built over with houses. Apparently, there was a juvenile bigfoot that was around 5’6″ tall and would watch the kids playing. One time they would motion for the bigfoot to come and it would motion back with its arm for them to come, but they were too scared to do so. They saw this creature a number of times along with a full grown adult bigfoot. On more than one occasion, the smaller bigfoot would wave back to the kids, standing at the edge of the forest.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Washtenaw Co Late 1980’s  –  White Bigfoot Chases Truck Near Ypsilanti

Date Received:  28 Nov 2001 From: R W

In the late 1980’s, two people I talked with claim that while driving eastbound on Geddes Road, east of Harris Road [east of Ann Arbor], that they were paced by a white humanoid creature, that resembled a large man covered with fur. They were chased by an all white ape-like creature that was running on two legs down Geddes Road, that was keeping pace with their pickup truck at 64-80 km/hr  [39-48 mph]. This location would have been just west of the dark brown bigfoot creature that my Mom and I saw while driving down Geddes west of Ridge Roads last August [of 2000].

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Washtenaw Co. 1995 – 2000  –  Experiences with Suspected Bigfoot Near Willis

Date Received: 12 Oct 2004 From: Scott I

After writing to you, we have been uncomfortably reminded of the situation at XXX Church Street [where Scott and family used to live, near the town of Willis in the SE corner of the county]. My oldest, Scott Jr., who still lives in the area and he has heard of other stories from friends in the area and he says he does not walk around the dirt roads after dark anymore. Before the scream incident, they would walk anywhere at any time all around those unlit dirt roads.

[Writing about] This has been very comforting for us because sometimes we don’t know if we’re letting our imaginations run away with us or if the stuff we experienced really happened. I especially feel badly about my sons being afraid of walking anywhere in the dark or being afraid of leaving a bedroom window open on a cool summer night. I want them to recall their childhoods as a great time. They still feel the negative emotions to this day.

Okay, a list of instances-

The summer of 1995 – one morning I found our large garbage can (the kind supplied by a company to be emptied by a truck with a robot arm-a small dumpster) emptied (not ripped and scattered around) and certain bags opened and contents removed. The can was resting upside down against the fence next to the garage. Our dog, a wonderful Shetland Sheepdog named Sonya, was barking like crazy around midnight or 1:00 AM.

The spring of 1996 – we just moved to Willis the previous fall. There was a crop of something (it wasn’t corn, but was something edible) in the field adjacent to our property. The oldest and youngest apparently saw glowing eyes along the trees in the gully along the property line on the east side of the house. They were about three quarters of the way down towards the back fence. They said they were too far apart and too high off the ground to be a cat or other small animal. Also, they were well behind the fence. (I occasionally saw cats sitting on our fence and their eyes reflected the flashlight.) This happened late at night multiple times for about a week. Again, our dog was freaking out.

Occasionally, during our years there, on many occasions, my ex-wife mentioned that she felt she was being watched while getting out of the car after work. Her schedule was 3:00 PM to 9:00 or 10:00 PM and she would mention this when she had groceries to get out of the trunk. These complaints prompted us to always leave a car space open next to the house. I parked on the gully side of the driveway. This didn’t stop her sensations, but she did have the comfort of my car between her and the woods. This was very important to her. She NEVER parked next to the gully and the woods at the edge of the field on that east side of the house. Her complaints were always in warm weather.

Around June of 1997 – I went out shopping for food around midnight one Wednesday around 12:30 AM at the Belleville Meijer and I got home around 1:45 AM. While removing the bags from the trunk while being parked against the bushes on the edge of the gully and field, I heard the strangest “jabbering” sound probably less than fifty or sixty feet into the corn stalks.  I’d seen lots of raccoons and opossums and other wildlife and I immediately wrote it off to one of those animals. In retrospect, it sounded as if it came from a larger animal than a raccoon.  It sounded like some kind of medium high pitched mumbling. I’ve scoured all the sites that have sounds and there is one sound at the “Sierra Sounds” site that is supposed to be two creatures excitedly reacting to food and it sounded sort of like the part that went “wabba wabble” real fast, but the pitch of the sound I heard was much higher.

During the summer of 1999 or 2000 – The fence around the yard was slowly being blown down by the beginning of spring-end of summer storms. The area most affected was the east fence (I have no idea why-you would think the whole fence would be prone to damage?), along the strip of land that was behind the driveway, right behind the garage. Every so often, I asked the boys to gather up the boards that recently fell down and stack them next to the fence posts and I would spend an occasional Saturday rehanging them. On more than one occasion, I found them thrown in the gully or re-stacked on the other side of the fence. Once, I found them in the gully about two thirds of the way down the yard, close to the park behind the yard. I thought the boys were trying to build a fort out of them and I gave them hell for moving them and snapping a few into pieces, but they swore they never touched them.

The summer of 2000 – The first summer Saturday night my boys had the “burn the schoolbooks” bonfire party which is the night of the screams. Whenever they get together and talk about it, the fear is all over them. They always mention how the tree overhead (the big tree in the middle of the back yard – you can still see the fire pit) shook from the volume of the sounds. The panic on Bob’s face the following Tuesday night when he heard it again in the side field really upset me. I never want my sons to feel like that around their own home.

Our little dog barked at anything all the time. But there were other times, usually after 1:00 AM that Sonya would bark like crazy in the kitchen, looking either towards the back door or the side of the house where the cars were parked. When this happened I would grab my shotgun and cop flashlight (Streamlight Stinger – very bright) and run outside and look around the garage and cars and the edge of the field across the gully, but I never saw anything. I would always praise my little dog because she warned me of trespassers so well, but it really got old running outside to look around.

My oldest son, while hanging around with the kids in the gang, heard stories of the kids sleeping out in the woods behind the house or in the middle of the field east of our driveway in an area that was like a little island of trees and grass just big enough for two or three tents, and apparently climbing up trees and waiting for the Bigfoot family to stroll through the paths in the woods late at night. I don’t know if they ever saw anything. Apparently, at first, it was considered a game, but something happened to put a quick and final end to this. I don’t know what happened though, but I know it was abrupt.

Also, there were stories of a farm family having something scaring ladies right on their own property.

One of the things that has stuck in my mind has to do with my little dog, Sonya. She was a sweetie and when we first got her.  Because of her natural boisterousness, we had to tie her up when she went outside. There were times too numerous to count that she would run to the end of her rope towards the back (pointing towards the woods), bark like hell, then turn around and freak out barking and clawing to come in. Not just her normal, Shetland nervous stuff, but true panic. Many times I grabbed the shotgun and light and went looking around, but I never noticed anything unusual. Towards the end of my years there, because of all of the experiences we had there, I got in the habit of grabbing that powerful light and scanning the yard just to look around, but I never saw anything the least bit unusual.

Another tidbit that struck me at the time – the fear of being outside that the remnants of my family felt while they still lived there after I moved away. All of them, Scotty, the oldest, Russell, the youngest, and even the ex [wife] were uncomfortable without me around acting fearless if the dog freaked out or whatever.

You know, if I take all of this, and I’m sure I’m leaving stuff out, and reexamine it, it doesn’t add up to much of anything except for those screams. I don’t know exactly what went on while we were there, but I’m pretty sure something was coming through our area at certain times of the year when there was food available and a few members of my family, especially my boys and our dog, were very aware of those times..

14 Sep 2006 From: Scott  I

It is interesting to note two things that stick out in my mind: (1) my ex-wife would not go out after dark unless I was with her. She parked her car next to the house, while my car went near the gully side. (2) My little one for some reason, who was really small then, still doesn’t like windows uncovered and we live near houses on both sides of us. He recently made me cover the windows here with paper or curtains or blinds so he can walk in the kitchen. My middle boy, the one we lost, spoke frequently of hearing heavy running footsteps late at night, that shook him awake on the second floor.

I used to walk the property at night armed to the teeth and never saw or felt much of anything. But the garbage was moved around and stacked, the big log was moved, I heard mumbling or what I called at the time”jabbering”. Our dog would freak out occasionally. The boys also told me, one weekend when a bunch of school friends stayed over, that they saw red “lights” that looked like eyes out in the back yard, not far from the big tree out back, which is really close to the glass door to the deck. I told them it had to be fireflies.

I wish I heard those screams so I would be able to convince myself something really happened there. Actually, my whole family was affected. After my wife and I split up and Bob and I moved away, the [other remaining] boys told me things got lots weirder – lots of hair on necks standing up – lots of noises in the bushes along the gully on the east side of the property. And the ex left the boys home a lot while she tried to replace me.  Also, the fence boards on the east side of the property [which] were stacked up by the boys and I, and we always found them rearranged or, a few times, thrown around, some as far away as 50 feet. I just don’t understand. How? Why? And, boy, do they remember the creepy feelings they experienced. Yes, you tell me, are we nuts?

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Washtenaw Co 05 Sep 2001

Sighting, Tracks, and Vocalizations

From: M A

This time we heard whistling and like something was chatting with one another in that animal way. It almost felt like it was happy to see us. We also found foot prints that were 13″ front of big toe to heel and it was 7″ across. We could not get the length of its gait. I think that he is still there. Lot of deer tracks. My friend seen a white BF jump right into the woods. I think there is a family there. We also seen small prints too. I did not have the courage to go see what it was that was making noise. It was mixed with whistle and moans and growls. It almost seemed that it was following us on a ridge above us, smart BF. We did not get a scent.

I think he is waiting for the corn to get ripe. It was great, but I did not want to meet up with a youngster for fear of mom showing up and protecting its kid. Also we did see some eyes with the flashlight. They were like a red-orange color on the outside and a big pupil, black.  I kept on spotting it with the flashlight and it moved away. The sound sounded like chimps or some type of a monkey.

I am going to study up on primates and their behavior. I will be going to the library and get as much info I can on primates. I think we can get him or her to get in close with enticing them with fruit. I just need to be brave if he comes up close. Well this is all I got. Also, did see a tree that was broken over on the trail, the tree was about two to three inches wide, it was cracked over the trail.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Washtenaw Co 2001

Two Bags of Fish Taken from High Above Ground

Date Received:  28 Nov 2001
From: R W
I asked a friend of mine who is a deputy sheriff if he has heard of anything unusual happening and he said no. However, his friend did tell of story where a guy had come back from a three day fishing trip on Lake Eire catching Walleye, and he decided to put them in two large bags. He used a ladder to put them up in back of his barn roughly 4 meters off the ground and went inside to clean up. The man came out 30 minutes later and both bags of fish were gone! He thought that someone might have used the ladder to get them down, but it was locked in the barn. Whatever it was had to reach up and yank them down and carry the bags weighing about 40 pounds each into the woods. Since there were no suspects the police could not do anything about it. He did mention that he felt like he was being watched the whole time. This was someplace out in the Cherry Hill and Stommel roads area.

I think they are more intelligent than we give them credit for. I believe that Bigfoot should not be hunted down like some sort of animal as it’s not dangerous. You would have a lot of people up in arms if they were attacking humans, but they are not. In most cases they exhibit very shy behavior and are quite timid.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Washtenaw Co, 30 May 2002

Broken Branches and Odd Moaning Noises Near Chelsea

From: B M

Wednesday morning I was letting the dogs out about 7am and there was a strange deep moaning coming from the woods behind the house. It honestly sounded like a cow (Uggggghhhhh…….Ugggggghhhhhh) but there are no cows back there and it definitely was not a Moooooing sound. Maybe an elk? [Editor’s note:  Nearest known elk would be at least 150 miles north of this location]  Not sure what they sound like. In any event…it was very loud even though it sounded 100 yards away.

To add to the strangeness….last night around 8-ish I was out in the back again and one of my cherry trees has two freshly broken limbs about 20 feet up. The leaves are still green and growing but the branches are broken back against the trunk of the tree. Most strange. Makes me wonder what was up there to break them off. They re about 1.5 – 2 inch diameter limbs so I can’t blame the coons on this one.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Washtenaw Co, July 2003

Upright Walking Bear Reported

Date Received:  05 Feb 2004
From: R W

Back around early July, 2003, there was a report received into the Sheriff’s Dept, about bear that was seen walking upright across a road through a yard just before sunrise, in the area of Begole and Warner Roads in York Township. The patrol car checked the area 45 minutes later and found no trace of it. I wonder if that might be the same creature?

[This is in the SW corner of the county between Milan and Slaine]

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Washtenaw County,  22 Nov 2003

Odor, Screams, Tree Knocking and “Large Hairy Object” Reported

From: R W

Apparently, bigfoot must be on the loose up in Northfield and Salem Townships here in Washtenaw County. Over the summer there were two reports that lend themselves to possible activity in those locations.

The first was back in late August up on Seven Mile Road between Angle and Tower Roads. [Northeast corner of the county]. Residents reported a very bad odor coming from the woods, with loud screams being heard. Also, some resident reported tree knocking in the area at night.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The second one was on North Territorial Road west of Dixboro Road. At around 11:00 p.m. a motorist reported a “large hairy object” laying in the road that she had to swerve in order to miss hitting. When the police got there 10 minutes later nothing was nothing found. [This is location is about 4 miles SW of the one above, and about 6 miles NW of downtown Ann Arbor.]

Strange but interesting!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Date: 30 Nov 2003

Re: Washtenaw County Bigfoot

Bob Daigle wrote:  ”Did you talk to the person who saw the “large hairy object” in the road?”

R W:  No, this was handled by the police department. They found no animal, but did find some broken headlight glass, like a car did hit the object. The person who reported the incident on the cell phone did describe it as a “large hairy object…had to swerve into the other lane to avoid it.” Since the police did not have a complainant or nobody wanted contact, there was no report made about the incident. Time lapse from the cell phone call to when the officer checked the area was 15 minutes.

Bob Daigle wrote: “It would be interesting to hear all details she could recollect. Possibly someone else had just recently struck a BF with their car, knocking it unconscious, but never reported it.”

R W:  I was thinking the same thing myself, but the police were busy with a domestic assault which takes priority.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Washtenaw Co Late Nov 2003  –  Sheriff Investigate Deer Deaths in Superior Township

From: R W

Speaking of deer, the Sheriff’s Department went out to the area around northern Superior Township [just NW of Ann Arbor] last week to investigate a series of deer deaths. Apparently, a farmer found several deer just inside a wooded area neatly lined up. The apparent cause of death is a mystery, since they were not shot or had arrows in them. All did have their backs legs twisted and they were slit open. However, I have no idea as to why or what caused this to happen, but it must have spooked the farmer into thinking something out of the ordinary was going on. Apparently, the Sheriff’s Dept. turned this over to the DNR for investigation. This is the second such incident in the area, the other being two, maybe three months ago in Salem Township.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Washtenaw Co 13 Sep 2004  –  Midnight Scream

From: D W

Last night (at my house) around midnight (windows open) I heard a scream that sounded much like a BF scream. It was a long high pitched tone that sustained the high pitch with just a slight ramp up and ramp down tone during the beginning and ending of each scream. Also at the end of each scream, there was a ga ga ga ga sound. So it went “<<<<scream>>>> ga ga ga ga <<<<scream>>>> ga ga ga ga <<<<scream>>>> ga ga ga ga <<<<scream>>>> ga ga ga ga. I believe the sound came from the north. It was not real loud, but loud enough for me to get this much detail.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Washtenaw Co 03 Nov 2004  –  Mutilated Deer Found in Ypsilanti Township

From: R W

Several mutilated deer were found off Tuttle Hill Road, in southern Ypsilanti Twp., north of the community of Willis. The deer were found in the woods and apparently were well concealed. Apparently, who or what put them there did not want them to be found. Apparently, the deer were found to have broken legs and their insides were removed.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Washtenaw Co 20 Nov 2004  –  Ape-Like Creature Seen Crossing Trail; Gray Female Observed

From: R W

While listening to the [police band] radio today, the DNR received a report from two people inside the Waterloo State Recreation area of large 7′ tall, ape-like creature with dark brown fur crossing a trail near Cassidy Lake. The creature was carrying a freshly killed deer under it’s arm according to the two eyewitnesses who saw it cross 25 feet in front of them and apparently they wasted NO time in leaving the area in fear.

From what I remember, they were close to or within 1.5 miles of Cassidy Lake, “on a trail that has a bend on it.” I  suspect that they were near or closer to Green Lake in the south side of that area.

Interestingly, one of the DNR officers mentioned that he was wondering if it was the same creature that he spotted last month on the west side of  Welch Lake Rd near Seymour Rd [about 7 miles west of  the above sighting, which is 5 miles west into Jackson Co. from the Washtenaw Co. border]. He [the other officer] said no, that creature was dark gray in color and clearly a female with breasts from what he could see through his binoculars, but he was only able to observe it for 45 seconds before it moved back into the woods out of sight. Apparently, they must have had an anti-poaching sting going on, or looking for hunters in an area that is off limits to hunting and the creature was observed very nicely from a distance with high-powered binoculars by the DNR officer.

Moreover, he mentioned that the Sheriff’s Dept., had a report nearby north of Chelsea, where a hunter found a large buck with its head tore (twisted?) off, and it’s insides torn out. The hunter had a very weird feeling that he was being watched and heard some large branches snap, he left the area and called the police.

Both of the DNR officers concluded that it was probably the Sasquatch in the area that was responsible. However, if anyone asks him what is he is doing out in the woods with a camera or collecting any evidence, [one of the DNR officers said he would]  just tell them that he is looking for signs of poachers. One thing the DNR mentioned, was that no hunter in their right mind would have turned down such a prize buck like the one found north of Chelsea, which was easily a 12 pointer. Apparently, the head was ripped off the body and thrown several yards away, and the poor thing looked like it was beat to death, then had it’s insides cut open and emptied out. However, they did not mention anything about the liver being missing.

I really think that the DNR investigates Sasquatch sightings, but they don’t divulge this to the general public. I mean how would it look if the DNR was out in the woods and they were asking the public if they saw Bigfoot walk through the area lately? However, I have heard three DNR officers say they have actually seen one of these creatures while out in the field, and they have no doubt about it being a reality.

After hearing this today, and all the other reports of dead deer found in the woods across northern Washtenaw County, especially from Whitmore Lake west possibly into Jackson County, leads me to believe that there is a family of Bigfoot creatures in that area. Moreover, I think as the deer herds move this time of the year, so do the Bigfoot creatures following them.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Washtenaw Co 08 May 2005  –  Variety of Strange Noises Reported Near Dexter

From: R W

FYI: The Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Dept., received a call in the area to the northwest of Dexter around the north side Island Lake just before 1:00 a.m., reporting strange noises coming from the woods. Upon arrival, deputies are currently hearing a loud screeching, howling sound from two different locations, with one being closer than the other. Moreover, they are hearing an occasional “knocking” sound but can’t pinpoint the source. Likewise, they are convinced that it’s a large animal with a wide vocal range. However, the officers are unable to locate them at this time.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =  = = = = = =  = = =  = = = =  = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Washtenaw Co 07 July 2005  –  Sheriff’s Officer Reports Screams Near Huron River Drive

From: B M

I chatted with a Washtenaw county sheriff’s officer near me and he passed this along:

”I did take a run on Huron River Drive near the church in the woods.  A church employee was leaving the church after midnight and heard what she thought was a woman screaming somewhere in the woods. I responded to the area and as I pulled into a gravel two track type road east of the church near the woods I did hear a loud screaming type noise coming from somewhere deep in the woods. I exited the scout car and walked near the woods in order to hear it better and to try to better locate the area of the woods the noise came from. The loud noise.(a screaming type screeching type noise which could be mistaken for a human was heard every minute or so.) After listening to the noise for a minute or so I was under the impression that it was an animal making the noise, what kind I could not begin to guess (possibly big foot I don’t know)

However to make sure I drove my scout car further east and pulled in a driveway and went into the backyards closer to the woods and to the noise. I could still hear the noise and was sure it was some kind of animal. It continued to make the same loud screaming type noise over and over. I went over to four persons in their back yard who was gathered around a campfire and asked them if they knew what the noise was. They stated they did not know but also thought it was an animal of some type, they further stated they heard the same animal making the same type of noise the last year. I called clear of the incident and told dispatch that it was some kind of animal making the noise.”

Bigfoot sightings in Macomb county Michigan


Macomb Co Jan 1981  –  Bigfoot Seen Leaning into Dumpster, Then Chases Vehicle

Received: 27 May 2009 From: J R

Location: 34 Mile Road and Townsend Road, 2 Miles north of downtown Romeo

My girlfriend and I were out driving to a friend’s house after work.  It was approximately 10:30/11:00 pm in late January and we were traveling north on Townsend Road, we reached the corner of Townsend and 34 Mile Road and on the right was a house set back off the road with an industrial size dumpster in the driveway towards the back, by the garage. Leaning into the dumpster was a creature on two legs going through the contents.  It was totally covered in fur from head to toe. There was about a foot of snow on the ground and the moon was shining so we had a pretty good view.

We stopped at the corner and I backed up to get a better view.  It looked at us – the face seemed to be clear – like a bearded human.  It turned towards us as we turned the corner.  It began to run at us across the lawn.  Of coursed we were scared and I floored it.  It came running across the lawn quite quickly and, since I was driving, once it was behind us I never looked back – my girlfriend said it quit running once we
got past the house and stopped and just stood there.

I was always scared to go back to that area.  The houses were few and far between at the time in that area and there were lots of wooded areas around there, also some farm areas.  It was quite tall and totally covered in fur – it was not a fur coat, it was total body coverage of hair – like I said previously – he stood tall enough that he had to bend over into the dumpster easily – he was not reaching over but looking into the dumpster.  I guess we figured he was just looking for food and we interrupted – there was not much traffic out in that area.  This was not a bear or a human, I am positive this was a Bigfoot and my friend will definitely corroborate the sighting.
He stood tall enough that his chest was at or above the top of the dumpster – totally  covered in brownish fur – looked the length of a retriever’s fur  –  it was full moonlight with about a foot of snow on the ground.  It was not snowing at the time and the roads were relatively clear.  It ran after us  on two legs – I am positive this was a bigfoot and so is my girlfriend.  We were not drinking or anything else at the time. It was scary – we slowed because we couldn’t figure out what it was.  There were a lot of woods in the area at that time, and a lot  of farmland.

Additional Comments by Witness:

–one of the scariest things I have ever seen – that thing was across a piece of two acre property in very few steps. It happened in winter of 1981, late January or early February – I know there was a lot of snow on the ground – probably a foot and it was fairly fresh .  People make fun of me when they hear the story – but the two of us that saw it did not find it funny at all.  I know it was quite a while ago but I can still picture where and what it looked like very clearly.

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Macomb Co July 2000  –  Large Ape-Like Creature Seen Carrying Dead Chickens

From: Mrs X thru Bobbie Short

The nearest city is Richmond and Lindsey is the closest road. I told my parents but they laughed at me and think some person stole the chickens, but they have no excuse for the blood left behind although there wasn’t too much. What happened was a large ape like creature ran through my front yard with dead chickens in his arms. He had killed some of our hens and was running off with them. I had just gotten home from work around 2 pm and my family wasn’t home yet. I was pulling up the driveway. I didn’t even get out of my car I left immediately. This thing was tall, about 7 or 8 feet, with darkish hair very shaggy looking; it looked sort of like a very large chimpanzee with much more muscle.

Please contact me about this incident. Should I be worried please, I am very worried.

[Unable to contact the witness. The general location is in northern Macomb Co.]

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Macomb Co Fall 2008 –  Hunter Followed by Suspected Bigfoot

Date Received:  28 Jan 2009 From: Max

Man a lot of people have seen it [bighfoot], even friends of my chiropractor. A guy at work was run off of property behind his house he had rented to hunt deer. North east of Romeo Michigan west side of McKay Rd. Found a deer in a tree with a mangled rear leg during the deer bow season. Was scared off by a “Big thing that growled very loud” not a cat, bear, dog, this thing was “something else”.  Followed him all the way back home growling all the way, just staying out of sight. He said it was no great cat, dog or bear, kept just out of sight, growled like something he never heard before (LOUD). Eventually something came back and ate it all.  I have worked with him for over 20 years, I find him very credible and he does not like story telling. He is still scared and is concerned if his dogs will be safe. I told him to keep his dogs out of the woods and told him he was dealing with [what] I think is a rogue male.

Bigfoot sightings in Oakland county Michigan


Oakland Co 23 Oct 2005  –  Suspected Bigfoot Noises in Highland Rec Area Near Milford

From: A W       Date Received: 1 Nov 2005

I am a bow hunter, and 10-23-05 was in my blind at 5:30AM in the Highland recreation area.  1 hour before sunrise. I heard stomping unlike any deer, almost a teasing stomping behind me, the sticks I heard breaking were larger than any deer had ever broken that I have heard. This went on until 1 hour before sunrise when I heard something ‘howl’ at me from my left a hundred yards away. It wasn’t like a coyote howl, it was more like the scream of the howler monkeys that have been on survivor this season. I rationalized it as a possum being attacked by something at the time, since I have heard them scream many times in different ways. But I was wondering if you have had any sightings in the Highland Rec area north of Milford.

Referencing bigfoot noises  –  From A W   –  Date received:  7 Nov 2005

First of all, I am not afraid to go back to the spot, I will be hunting it this week and weekend. This Bigfoot could have came right up behind me and twisted my neck off, he didn’t, he wanted me out of there. Especially since at first I thought it was a big deer wandering up on me and I was afraid to turn and spook it. I am still skeptical, I have spent countless thousands of hours in the woods from The Upper Peninsula down to Oakland county, and have never seen sign, or heard any Bigfoot. The sound was loud. And it seemed to be directed at me.

I didn’t look for tracks, because at the time I had to rationalize it as normal incident with wildlife. I have heard rabbits get attacked by a coyote and their screams are louder and more disturbing than this. It wasn’t a dying rabbit, so I imagined the sound as a possum getting attacked  by a bobcat or a owl or something. Now that I think about it, the sound could be described as a woman trying to imitate a howler monkey from the “Survivor” TV show.

I’ve heard deer break 1/2″ sticks and it sounds like a person slowly breaking a 2″ stick over their knee in the dark quiet of morning. What these noises sounded like were when we would look for kindling we would break the lower branches off of the reachable bottoms of pine trees and they are dead so you can snap a pretty good size branch with an open fist or a boot. I’d guess these were 1-2″ branches or sticks being broken quickly like that. When a deer breaks a fairly big branch, he doesn’t stomp on it, he kind of steps on it and you can tell it is a non-violent break, the noises I heard were more violent.

After thinking about the howling, I think it was more of a defiant howl, not an attempt to scare me. The sticks were trying to scare me but not the howl. It was almost as if it decided to leave as dawn broke and as it was leaving off to my left up on a hillock it was sort of a howl.  I was much more scared of the stomping, when I heard the howl, it was relief that it was not unseen behind me, but off to my left up on a clear hill.

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Oakland Co 13 July 2006  –  Sighting Near White Lake, MI

Hey my name is Curtis and I think I saw big foot. I’ll tell you the story… me and my friends built a fort deep in the woods and anyway we got out of the woods and one of my friends forgot something, so I was riding my bike back through the woods to get it and I was riding for about 5 minutes. Then I was riding down a hill and that’s when bigfoot saw me. I heard bushes crack and then I heard a big splash like he jumped into the swamp. All I saw was the back of its head. His head was bigger than the average head and his head was white.

I also found a couple broken branches that had a radius of 2 and a half inches. There were 4 of them. And I found all this and meadow lake park. It was like 5 minutes of bike riding downhill into the woods but I’ll try to put pictures of the footprints and broken branches I found on my computer and send them to you, and I have one question: how big is the average bigfoot?

I know what I saw was no white tail deer because it was standing about 6 and a half feet tall and had a head that was bigger that mine. If our fort was in BF territory then it seems scary to go back there now. I saw the footprint but I never got a picture of it.

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Oakland Co. 2009  –  Bigfoot Sightings on Farm, Objects Thrown at House

Received 22 July 2009 From: E A

Oxford Michigan, at on of my buddy’s house we have seen these creatures several times. Experienced them throwing rocks and sticks at his house. I have also experienced one chasing my truck down a dirt road. We have also seen them emerge from the tree line and then return to the trees like we weren’t even there. His house is a farm house on 80 acres.