Bigfoot sightings in Oakland county Michigan


Oakland Co 23 Oct 2005  –  Suspected Bigfoot Noises in Highland Rec Area Near Milford

From: A W       Date Received: 1 Nov 2005

I am a bow hunter, and 10-23-05 was in my blind at 5:30AM in the Highland recreation area.  1 hour before sunrise. I heard stomping unlike any deer, almost a teasing stomping behind me, the sticks I heard breaking were larger than any deer had ever broken that I have heard. This went on until 1 hour before sunrise when I heard something ‘howl’ at me from my left a hundred yards away. It wasn’t like a coyote howl, it was more like the scream of the howler monkeys that have been on survivor this season. I rationalized it as a possum being attacked by something at the time, since I have heard them scream many times in different ways. But I was wondering if you have had any sightings in the Highland Rec area north of Milford.

Referencing bigfoot noises  –  From A W   –  Date received:  7 Nov 2005

First of all, I am not afraid to go back to the spot, I will be hunting it this week and weekend. This Bigfoot could have came right up behind me and twisted my neck off, he didn’t, he wanted me out of there. Especially since at first I thought it was a big deer wandering up on me and I was afraid to turn and spook it. I am still skeptical, I have spent countless thousands of hours in the woods from The Upper Peninsula down to Oakland county, and have never seen sign, or heard any Bigfoot. The sound was loud. And it seemed to be directed at me.

I didn’t look for tracks, because at the time I had to rationalize it as normal incident with wildlife. I have heard rabbits get attacked by a coyote and their screams are louder and more disturbing than this. It wasn’t a dying rabbit, so I imagined the sound as a possum getting attacked  by a bobcat or a owl or something. Now that I think about it, the sound could be described as a woman trying to imitate a howler monkey from the “Survivor” TV show.

I’ve heard deer break 1/2″ sticks and it sounds like a person slowly breaking a 2″ stick over their knee in the dark quiet of morning. What these noises sounded like were when we would look for kindling we would break the lower branches off of the reachable bottoms of pine trees and they are dead so you can snap a pretty good size branch with an open fist or a boot. I’d guess these were 1-2″ branches or sticks being broken quickly like that. When a deer breaks a fairly big branch, he doesn’t stomp on it, he kind of steps on it and you can tell it is a non-violent break, the noises I heard were more violent.

After thinking about the howling, I think it was more of a defiant howl, not an attempt to scare me. The sticks were trying to scare me but not the howl. It was almost as if it decided to leave as dawn broke and as it was leaving off to my left up on a hillock it was sort of a howl.  I was much more scared of the stomping, when I heard the howl, it was relief that it was not unseen behind me, but off to my left up on a clear hill.

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Oakland Co 13 July 2006  –  Sighting Near White Lake, MI

Hey my name is Curtis and I think I saw big foot. I’ll tell you the story… me and my friends built a fort deep in the woods and anyway we got out of the woods and one of my friends forgot something, so I was riding my bike back through the woods to get it and I was riding for about 5 minutes. Then I was riding down a hill and that’s when bigfoot saw me. I heard bushes crack and then I heard a big splash like he jumped into the swamp. All I saw was the back of its head. His head was bigger than the average head and his head was white.

I also found a couple broken branches that had a radius of 2 and a half inches. There were 4 of them. And I found all this and meadow lake park. It was like 5 minutes of bike riding downhill into the woods but I’ll try to put pictures of the footprints and broken branches I found on my computer and send them to you, and I have one question: how big is the average bigfoot?

I know what I saw was no white tail deer because it was standing about 6 and a half feet tall and had a head that was bigger that mine. If our fort was in BF territory then it seems scary to go back there now. I saw the footprint but I never got a picture of it.

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Oakland Co. 2009  –  Bigfoot Sightings on Farm, Objects Thrown at House

Received 22 July 2009 From: E A

Oxford Michigan, at on of my buddy’s house we have seen these creatures several times. Experienced them throwing rocks and sticks at his house. I have also experienced one chasing my truck down a dirt road. We have also seen them emerge from the tree line and then return to the trees like we weren’t even there. His house is a farm house on 80 acres.