Bigfoot sightings in Macomb county Michigan


Macomb Co Jan 1981  –  Bigfoot Seen Leaning into Dumpster, Then Chases Vehicle

Received: 27 May 2009 From: J R

Location: 34 Mile Road and Townsend Road, 2 Miles north of downtown Romeo

My girlfriend and I were out driving to a friend’s house after work.  It was approximately 10:30/11:00 pm in late January and we were traveling north on Townsend Road, we reached the corner of Townsend and 34 Mile Road and on the right was a house set back off the road with an industrial size dumpster in the driveway towards the back, by the garage. Leaning into the dumpster was a creature on two legs going through the contents.  It was totally covered in fur from head to toe. There was about a foot of snow on the ground and the moon was shining so we had a pretty good view.

We stopped at the corner and I backed up to get a better view.  It looked at us – the face seemed to be clear – like a bearded human.  It turned towards us as we turned the corner.  It began to run at us across the lawn.  Of coursed we were scared and I floored it.  It came running across the lawn quite quickly and, since I was driving, once it was behind us I never looked back – my girlfriend said it quit running once we
got past the house and stopped and just stood there.

I was always scared to go back to that area.  The houses were few and far between at the time in that area and there were lots of wooded areas around there, also some farm areas.  It was quite tall and totally covered in fur – it was not a fur coat, it was total body coverage of hair – like I said previously – he stood tall enough that he had to bend over into the dumpster easily – he was not reaching over but looking into the dumpster.  I guess we figured he was just looking for food and we interrupted – there was not much traffic out in that area.  This was not a bear or a human, I am positive this was a Bigfoot and my friend will definitely corroborate the sighting.
He stood tall enough that his chest was at or above the top of the dumpster – totally  covered in brownish fur – looked the length of a retriever’s fur  –  it was full moonlight with about a foot of snow on the ground.  It was not snowing at the time and the roads were relatively clear.  It ran after us  on two legs – I am positive this was a bigfoot and so is my girlfriend.  We were not drinking or anything else at the time. It was scary – we slowed because we couldn’t figure out what it was.  There were a lot of woods in the area at that time, and a lot  of farmland.

Additional Comments by Witness:

–one of the scariest things I have ever seen – that thing was across a piece of two acre property in very few steps. It happened in winter of 1981, late January or early February – I know there was a lot of snow on the ground – probably a foot and it was fairly fresh .  People make fun of me when they hear the story – but the two of us that saw it did not find it funny at all.  I know it was quite a while ago but I can still picture where and what it looked like very clearly.

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Macomb Co July 2000  –  Large Ape-Like Creature Seen Carrying Dead Chickens

From: Mrs X thru Bobbie Short

The nearest city is Richmond and Lindsey is the closest road. I told my parents but they laughed at me and think some person stole the chickens, but they have no excuse for the blood left behind although there wasn’t too much. What happened was a large ape like creature ran through my front yard with dead chickens in his arms. He had killed some of our hens and was running off with them. I had just gotten home from work around 2 pm and my family wasn’t home yet. I was pulling up the driveway. I didn’t even get out of my car I left immediately. This thing was tall, about 7 or 8 feet, with darkish hair very shaggy looking; it looked sort of like a very large chimpanzee with much more muscle.

Please contact me about this incident. Should I be worried please, I am very worried.

[Unable to contact the witness. The general location is in northern Macomb Co.]

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Macomb Co Fall 2008 –  Hunter Followed by Suspected Bigfoot

Date Received:  28 Jan 2009 From: Max

Man a lot of people have seen it [bighfoot], even friends of my chiropractor. A guy at work was run off of property behind his house he had rented to hunt deer. North east of Romeo Michigan west side of McKay Rd. Found a deer in a tree with a mangled rear leg during the deer bow season. Was scared off by a “Big thing that growled very loud” not a cat, bear, dog, this thing was “something else”.  Followed him all the way back home growling all the way, just staying out of sight. He said it was no great cat, dog or bear, kept just out of sight, growled like something he never heard before (LOUD). Eventually something came back and ate it all.  I have worked with him for over 20 years, I find him very credible and he does not like story telling. He is still scared and is concerned if his dogs will be safe. I told him to keep his dogs out of the woods and told him he was dealing with [what] I think is a rogue male.