Bigfoot sightings in Ingham county

Southeast Michigan
Ingham Co 1978 – Moaning/Howling in Middle of Nite, Bigfoot Chased Thru Orchard Near Dansville

Date Received  13 Apr 2006 From: L B

I remember the event clearly (It was Sept of 1978, or perhaps early Oct.) because  I was 9 months pregnant and not sleeping  well due to the discomfort of carrying a 10 lb son.

I heard a very weird moaning/howling in the woods across the road from us in the middle of the night. During the middle of the night I heard a very strange, moaning howl.  It started out low and wound up to a higher pitch – it was a LONG howl – perhaps lasting over 1 minute.  I have heard owls, coyotes, dogs, etc – this was completely different and sounded like it was coming from a rain barrel. For some odd reason I thought a horse was caught in the fence – altho this howl sounded NOTHING like a horse!  Anyway, I went out the door and headed to the coral – I don’t know how I expected to untangle a thrashing horse from a fence when I was over 9 months pregnant! I actually went into the yard to investigate, thinking one of our horses had gotten caught in a fence.

There was a full moon that night, and halfway to the coral I could see that the horses were fine.  They were standing in the middle of the coral, shoulder to shoulder, with their heads towards the woods across the road, and their ears all pointed in that direction also. They didn’t seem upset, just very vigilant. That’s when I got a little scared!  I didn’t stick around to watch very long! Got scared when I saw the horses were fine, and ran for the house. I hustled right back in the house, scared.  I went back in the house and closed and locked all the doors and windows. It was a warm enough night to have windows open, and in 1978 we almost never locked our doors.  I woke my husband and told him about the howl, but he just turned over and went back to sleep.

Just a few days later, the Ingham County News came out, and the headline was “BIGFOOT SIGHTED IN DANSVILLE”.  The newspaper ran an article about a bigfoot sighting near Dansville, just a few days earlier (the night I heard the moaning). The story I remember in the News said  the creature was sighted in an orchard at M36 and Walker Rd by a deputy sheriff and two other men, who chased it thru an orchard near Walker road, which is 3 miles from my house They mentioned the howling and also the horrible smell associated with the sighting. I did not smell anything.  As I recall, a couple of days later, the creature was again sighted again near Williamston, where it was said to have destroyed  someone’s chicken coop and killed several chickens.  Then – never sighted again that I know of.  I did find another article about continued hunts for bigfoot taking place by local citizens.

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Ingham Co Late 1970’s – “Thing” Seen Crossing M36 Near Dansville

Date: 19 Aug 2008     From: Anonymous

It was in the late 70s I think or maybe the early 80s when a couple of locals of Dansville saw the thing crossing M36 not far out of town. The first place they went to tell of this was the Wooden Nickle. Then the following spring we had a Bigfoot race on May 25, and have had one race that is every year after that. I know the dog I had then would not go into one part of the Dansville state game area for a couple of years.