Bigfoot sighting in Caseville Michigan

This encounter comes from a Michigan researcher, Bob Dagle. I have permission from him to republish this tory from his book, ” Reports of Bigfoot/ Sasquatch in Michigan”.

Anyone that is familiar with the state of Michigan, and more specifically Caseville, would know this is a small, quaint, town in Michigan’s thumb area. And each summer it has a ” Cheeseburger festival” that people from all over the state comes to for fun, food, and a great party. But there is more to Caseville than just that. This story comes to us from a witness, name not disclosed, occurred in the summer of 1968 around 10PM with the weather condition clear, calm, with a full moon.

Here is her story: When I was a young girl we  would go to Caseville every summer fro two weeks. I was about 12 years old when this sighting occurred. One night there was a ” weenie roast” on the beach and several families who were renting cabins were invited. Usually the beach was deserted at night. The moon was very full, and it was late as the sun was completely set.

I was on the beach standing by the campfire with a group of kids when a boy, and girl came running down from the sand dunes. The boy was excited, and yelling “we saw a witch”! A witch tried to grab us! There’s a witch up there. He was shaking, wild eyed and seemed very scared. He explained that he and the girl with him had been walking on a path in the sand dunes when they (quote) ” fell into a hole”. The witch had set a trap , there was a hole covered with branches and we did not see it. When we stepped on it, we fell in, then the witch came up to grab us just as we climbed out to run away. ( I realize now they probably fell into the creature’s den, and it returned to it to see what was up).