Bigfoot Lore by Val Zavala

Bigfoot and Owls
Legend, Lore or Something More
Quite a few Native American legends are consistent with data collected by historians and researchers. I have not been able to confirm this but it is the belief of many  that Owl – represents the Iroquois omen of death. If somebody knows or more of cultural symbology please feel free to comment. If the Owl is in fact the Native American Iroquois omen of death as some believe, is it mere coincidence that Bigfoot, who we believe has watched and studied man for hundreds of years, use the same the same call that so many hear? If there is any credence to this then, is it possible this “Whooo, Whooo” owl mimicking foretell a warning to any wayfaring strangers hiking, camping, hunting in the outdoors of some impending danger?
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