Bigfoot in Munising Michigan

I want to share  a story told to me by a person I met in Munising back in 2014. My wife and I were vacationing in Michigan’s upper peninsula in September of 2014. We love to travel that time of year after the tourists are mostly gone, the weather turns cooler ,and the trees are starting to change. It’s a beautiful time of year. We drove from our home to Munising in about 7 hours.This area has so much to offer. Boundless forests, many, many waterfalls, hiking trails, lakes, and rivers and an abundance of wild life.

We got into town, checked into our hotel, then proceeded to do some exploring. You can get a map for the many waterfalls in the area so we thought we would hit a couple closer to town. We found one just on the out skirts of the city and spent an hour or so walking around it, taking some pictures and other wise just enjoying the day. Probably around 5-5:30 we decided to head into town and stop and have a quick drink before heading out to dinner. We remembered a little tavern that we visited the year before, it was the only place in town at the time that was showing the Lions game. So we decided to head back to that quaint little tavern. I think we were the only ones in there when we first walked in. A very nice lady,  greeted us and proceeded to get us set up. Mind you I had never met this person before but as were getting seated and ordered our drinks she pulls out a television for us to watch a particular program. She introduced herself as Laurie, and she insisted that we watch this program  and give her our feed back. The program on t v was an episode of ” Finding Bigfoot”. So as we are watching this program she proceeds to tell us she, and her mother saw a Bigfoot. Which totally caught my attention. I have been a Bigfoot enthusiast for many years, and I have read as much as I can on the Big guy. So as I am watching this program, Laurie proceeds to tell me here story.

It was July, ( she does not remember exactly what year) around 12:30 am when she and her mother were coming from the casino, just west of the city of Munising, and heading east on M28 back to town passing an overlook platform over M28. Because it was July Laurie had her windows down when she heard a loud “Screech” just over the hill. Seconds later there was another screech. She said it was like a woman was on top of the hill that let out a high pitched curdling screams. She instantly knew what it was and anticipated her sighting the source. But it did not show itself. She did end up calling the sheriffs department and reported her encounter and asked for them to go check out the area. But they did not find any signs of anything unusual. It was some time later after watching the Finding Bigfoot program when they blasted out Bigfoot screams that Laurie confirmed the scream she heard that night was in fact a Bigfoot.