Bigfoot in Menominee county Michigan 2012

Craig Sulk says it all started with a series of three photographs taken on one of the trail cameras on his 80 acres of property in Menominee County, Michigan in May 2012.
“To us it was pretty obvious it was something way out of the ordinary,” he told Local 5.
Craig was flipping through photos on the computer when he noticed the anomaly and showed his wife, Barb.
“And he said, ‘look at this,’” Barb remembers, “and I don’t recall who said it, but they said it’s a bigfoot and we were like, ‘get out of here.’”
Over the years and after gaining further evidence, like seeing glowing red eyes at night, trees being knocked over, and strange sounds at night, that initial skepticism has grown into a belief in bigfoot.
“Once you get the picture and know these things are real, then you start looking at other things that are happening around you and after a while, you just know that certain things that have happened, there’s no other explanation than a bigfoot did it,” Craig said.
The first three trail camera photos lead to an appearance on Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot” in 2014, which in turn lead to the national spotlight landing on the Sulk property.
Craig says he named the bigfoot “Hyden” because “he’s always hidden,” and together with Barb, opened “The Hyden Adventure,” to give visitors a chance to see the evidence for themselves.
“We want people to be able to come and experience and listen and learn,” Barb said.
According to the Sulks, a lot of their guests come with their own bigfoot experiences and beliefs.
“A lot of people who come here really have nowhere to go and talk about what they’ve experienced,” Craig explained, “and they come here and it gives them a place to not be ridiculed.”
Another opportunity for bigfoot believers to come together is the Third annual Marinette/Menominee Bigfoot Convention, which will take place on June 8, 2019, and will feature several nationally known speakers.
Craig says that although he and Barb have never seen a bigfoot, they do not doubt the creature’s existence.
“We’ve had enough circumstantial evidence to know that they exist,” he said. “They’re very elusive because, in my opinion, they don’t want to be seen.”
Gathering that circumstantial evidence, Barb says, is an experience in and of itself.
“Finding all the evidence, and listening and hearing them, and the footprint, it’s just something that a lot of people that do believe don’t get to experience,” she said. “There’s a lot of unknowns out there. I think once they (visitors) leave here, they’re thinking about it, ‘are they real?’”
To learn more about The Hyden Adventure, click here.
To learn more about the Third annual Marinette/Menominee Bigfoot Convention, click here.
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