Bigfoot: Friend or Fiend

There has been a lot of stories over the centuries regarding whether Bigfoot is friendly towards humans or is a true monster. Is he Passive, or aggressive? I think for the most part that Bigfoot is more of just leave  me alone by nature. Which means that if you have a chance encounter he will probably move off into the woods and let you alone.

Where he does have issues with humans is when they invade his territory he will probably do such stuff as, throw rocks or sticks your way, do some tree banging, or snarl, and growl at you to try to scare you. He can be pretty persuasive.  This in itself is quit intimidating but for the most part he is just trying to get you the heck out of  it’s territory and leave him and his family alone.

I know there have been accounts by native Americans regarding Bigfoot stealing their family members, possibly even eating them or mating with their people. I am not discounting that this could not happen but for the most part stories over the years become distorted, and stretched. These stories were also told to keep their youngsters in line. For instance the Shasta Indians of northern California would say to their young ” The Itssuraqai, ( cannibal monster) will devour you if you stray too far from the village.

I have also heard of people encountering Bigfoot, and say that a ” calm” came about them and that they felt at peace during their encounter. Part of this could be due to the bigfoot sending them a message that they are not there to hurt, or harm anyone so let’s be at peace with one another. I also feel that people that live in remote areas may have a comfortable relationship with these forest giants. Where they are  living  peacefully together.

Where the aggression of Bigfoot takes place could have to do with how man kind has treated them in the past. If mankind shoots, at them, hunts them and tries to kill them and their family, Bigfoot will react in an aggressive manner. But if mankind will live in harmony with them, and let them be to feed, forage, procreate, and raise their family the will in turn live peacefully with us.  Maybe there is a lesson to be learned from this.