Bigfoot encounter in the Waterloo-Pinckney Preserve

Two men camping out in the Waterloo-Pinckney game preserve had a possible encounter with a Bigfoot. This area encompasses some 18.6 miles of rugged hiking trails with many lakes and creeks,  a scenic overlook and a horse camp. These two individuals decided to set up camp in the southwest corner of Waterloo-Pinckney preserve on September 16th of 2016. Tyler Kroetsch, and Will Neill are both Marine reservists who decided to get away and spend some time camping and back packing.

They got out to the area they intended to camp around 11:30 pm, they got their camp set up by about 12:30am. Then approximately 2am they heard heavy foot steps coming into their campground about  20 to 25 feet away. They were  lying still at that point waiting to hear what was to come next, when they heard the loudest, freakiest , most inhuman yell/scream they had ever heard directed at them not once but twice. The only animal that even  remotely sounded like this was possibly a cougar. You could hear each step said Neill. It stopped almost directly in front of him about 20 feet away off to his right. Then it proceeded to take off running on what sounded like  two feet, away from their camp and the sound of it running made us realize it was something BIG . After this encounter they decided to move back into their cars for the rest of the evening. They joked about it being a ” Bigfoot” then they saw how much Bigfoot is reported on in this area of Michigan. Neill said later that he went from zero to 100% believer in Bigfoot after his encounter. Neill later went on to say that he and Kroetsch , who did not get a glimpse of what it was he heard , later compared the screams it made that night in the woods to You Tube clips of supposed Bigfoot calls made it the wild. He said they matched exactly. They feel that whatever it was it did not like them intruding into it’s territory. And it made sure they knew about it.