Bigfoot encounter in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Bigfoot Encounter in Michigan Upper Peninsula

“First time I saw one was in (outside) Toledo, Ohio in 1964. One walked right in front of the bay window that was 5-6 feet off the ground (it was a tall monster). I saw another one in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, that was a close one. I was fishing in a small boat close to the shore when one came close and freaked me out for a long time. I still don’t camp anymore in the woods.

I was about 15, I think, when I went on a camping trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I’m from Toledo, Ohio and have lived close to trees and the woods all my life. Well, I went with an aunt and uncle with the pop up camper (not too safe). It was an okay trip to the campgrounds on some lake in the middle of BFE. The night we got there something took the bag of food my uncle put on a super high tree branch. It was gone in the morning, I knew something was out there. The light brought us out of the camper and we saw the bag was gone (spooky already). Later on in the morning, I wanted to go fishing (in a row boat) of all things. I was probably rowing for a half an hour to get to the other side of the lake and found a cove. So I went in the cove and tossed a line in the water (fishing) it wasn’t but a short time and I heard thunder. That was enough to get me ready to leave as storms are not fun when its cold. As soon as I reeled in the line, I noticed a doe that was standing near the water and getting a drink. She turned to run and froze in her tracks. I looked at the top of the little hill that had a path on it and saw a real live Bigfoot. It was standing up and moving back and forth. I was already in third gear when I saw that. I’ve heard that some of them like human food (me). I don’t know what happened to that baby doe but I’m sure it was caught.” WE