Bigfoot Behavior

Bigfoot Behavior
Henry Moon, a professional guide back in the 1980’s once told us, “Bigfoot cannot be trusted; they are opportunists who steal whatever they can; they do not understand shame and they think everything should be shared.” If true, it probably explains why we have reports of them Big Ones running off with a hunter’s killIt may occasionally explain missing persons.
“In ancient times my mother’s mother and her people traded with their kind, but no more. The stealing caused terrible hostilities between us for too many years in the past. It is well that we now respect the territory of the yah-yahaas4a and leave them alone; in return they do not steal from us anymore, they watch and observe us! We don’t see them very often, their men have become few; and those few left are scattered into small family groups; they have become wild in their natural habits; their people live like the bear in summer and in caves in the cold months.”
Source: Posted to the Henry Franzoni’s Teleport Conference, The IVBC, August 1, 1996, by Christopher Murphy
Source: The defacto Sasquatch, Bobbie Short, p28
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