Bigfoot activity from Monroe Michiagn


Monroe Co Oct 2001  –  Creature Seen in Bed of Pickup Truck Near Monroe

Date Received: 20 May 2002 From:  Bobbie Short

“Here is a MI report – sounds pretty far fetched – but I’ve been surprised before.”   –   Bobbie  Short

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state: Michigan      county: Monroe nearest_city: Monroe
month: October      year: 2001           time: 10:00 pm closest water:  Raisin River,   closest road: M 50

detailed description:  We were tent camping in the woods when we heard a noise in the bed of the pickup truck. We grabbed some big sticks and moved slowly towards the truck. We shined a flash light at the truck. Apparently we startled the creature, it threw the cooler at us and howled, standing up to it’s full height(7-8 feet). It tucked the food under it’s arms and ran. We were all in shock for ten minutes, lets just say we didn’t stay to camp that night.
terrain description: Very wooded with dense brush all around. There were a lot of berry bushes.

creature description: It was tall(7-8 feet tall). Shaggy long brown hair, large ape like appearance, large muscles. It had teeth similar to a human, but sharper. Very low bass tone howl. But when my wife threw a rock at it, it screamed like a woman.

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Monroe Co 2008  –  Bigfoot Encounter Near Rockwood by 14 Year Old Boy

From: X Y Date Received: 14 May 2008

Location:  Near Rockwood (Wayne Co. / Monroe Co. border)

It was in the woods peeking through a bush. Right by swamp and behind trees. It sometimes throws rocks at people. It might live in the abandoned cabin deep into the woods also. It moves to different hiding spots near swamp.

Re: Bigfoot sighting in Cambridge Meadows

From:  A B Date Received:  30 May 2008

Hi, I’m X Y ’s friend A B, we will try to get some good photos and send them to you. Here are some questions we want to ask: Will bigfoot attack humans? Do they make big muffled steps? Do they make chattering noises with their teeth? What times will they come out (morning, night, etc)?  We will keep in touch by sending you emails and photos of bigfoot tracks. We are not lying that bigfoot is in our area,.
I found a footprint but it’s hard to see where the toes are.

[Comment: There was no further communication on this situation.]