Bigfoot activity from Lenawee county Michigan


Lenawee Co 22 Aug 2006  –  Seen One 50 Yards Away at Nite, and Other Encounters

Hi, … me and my … team members were in our camp and we noticed this stinky like smell. We knew then something was in the area, so I had an airsoft gun laser on my rifle and shined it in an area, and one of them moved. I have seen one about 50 yards away in the middle of the night, a size estimation of 7-8 ft. They smell like cow manure, sewage, and muck. We leave them be because they do not bother us, and gives us something to do.

Lenawee Co 24 Aug 2006  –  Seen one laying on the ground; Tracks found
From: A

We have seen one laying on the ground and it shifted side ways while laying on the ground, all we seen was a silhouette, because it was dark but coming up on morning. So that day we went looking for anything like foot prints, trails, anything, and we found a foot print. It was around 10″ to 13″ long and 5″ to 7″ wide, and we looked where one was laying and its legs where 4 ft. long.

The tracks we seen, the toes were straight across, and we seen them a couple of times during the night, and they don’t come into the moon light so they stay in the dark areas. I think that there is two grown ups with a little one, because we seen another track that looks like a kids size foot print and still the toe’s were straight across. Do you know if sasquatch’s make a hard breathing sound or not, cause I’ve heard something breathing hard near me in middle of the day and it sounded bigger than a deer or an animal I know of.

Lenawee Co 25 Aug 2006  –  Re: sasquatch

We seen different looking poop in a swampy area and it had berries in it. None of us knew what done that but it was strange.

Lenawee Co 27 Aug 2006  –  Followed by sasquatch

We are NOT after one to kill one, we actually like them and I think that they are more of our friends than our enemy. They also follow us. I think they like apples, but I could do some experiments on what food they eat.

Lenawee Co 28 Aug 2006  –  Corn and Sasquatch

Also is it possible of them liking corn? I might try it to see for sure because when we where in our camp we seen corn leaves from corn cobs on the ground where they were. And when they run, they run like us like [with] a thumping sound and they’re fast. Well I’m going to do some food experiments and take some photos of the food if there is some left and maybe gather some information about what I experience about them.

Lenawee Co 24 Sep 2006  –  Objects Thrown, Bigfoot Seen

The only thing that has happened unusually is they have thrown lightly a walnut and rock, and we found no signs of them when we went out, but we more or less made our camp for keeping animals out and keep us safe from them like coyotes, cougars, and don’t know about BF yet but they don’t mind us being in our camp. It’s just when they come near it I think it’s their curiosity of what we are and what we do, like us. We see them and watch them to see what they do and their normal every day things.