Bigfoot activity from Jackson county Michigan

Jackson County

[COMMENT:  The following series of events reported by R A, out to May 2006. All occurred in SW Jackson county.]

Jackson Co.Nov 2001  –  Eight Foot Tall “Something” Seen from Deer Stand

From: R A  Date Received:  Mar 2, 2002

Two weeks before firearm deer season I was sitting in my tree stand studying what deer were coming through and I noticed something dark and tall standing near a fifteen foot maple tree just barely outside my property. It wasn’t there before and I noticed it had a human like form but with all the brown tall swamp grass and brush I didn’t think it was anything. From four to five pm it was there and I noticed it didn’t move. But I heard a three point buck and a year old doe moving in from the north behind my stand. I turned to watch them. They were skittish and they disappeared in brush and I turned to see where they went and the object [had] disappeared away from the [fifteen foot maple] tree.

I estimated the creature’s height was eight to nine feet tall. The weather was clear and plenty of sun. I went out where the creature was, a day or two later, but didn’t find anything. I guess it was curious about what I was doing up in the stand.

Jackson Co Mar 29 2002  –  “I Heard a BF Yesterday”

I was down back picking up fallen limbs when I heard something very large walking though the dried leaves on my neighbor’s property. It was too big for a deer or dog and my neighbors don’t roam that area during the spring, just the fall during deer season. It stayed in the swamps and brush for fifteen minutes before I couldn’t hear it moving around. I was slightly spooked but I think I surprised it as well as it surprised me.  Also several nights this week, when the temps was in the thirties, I would get home and feel something watching me out in the brush by my bird feeders.

Jackson Co  May 7, 2002  –  Subject:  Footprint Found

Today I found an old footprint in the brush on an old deer trail down back near the back channel. Based
on the weathering on the print it has been out there probably a week or two ago. It didn’t have any form except for the basic outline of a right foot. No toe definition.

Jackson Co May 31, 2002  –  Foot Print Found; Three-Foot Tall  “Monkey” Seen

The foot print was in the mud down in the back channel. No one has been down in the channel for a couple of weeks so it was new. It was partially silted over due to the rain we had a week or two ago. My sister in law Kris saw what she termed as a three foot tall Monkey near Thorn Road a few miles from my house. She saw it at 2 am a week ago and she said it ran like a human on two legs. Since she doesn’t make up things like this I believe her. Maybe a toddler bigfoot?

Jackson Co 26 Jul 2002  –  Watched While Mowing?

Yesterday when I was finishing mowing down back by the creek, I had a very bad feeling that I was being watched from several spots around me. Over the noise of the mowing I kept hearing something thrashing the brush or knocking. I was only down there for forty minutes but it lasted for twenty to twenty-five minutes.

Jackson Co  Jul 28, 2002  –  Something Walked Thru

Something walked through the back last night during the storm. Based on what I could see (an outline) of a right foot, shaped like an overgrown human foot with an arch and from the way it rained, the water flow and debris, it was in no hurry to cross from the grassy area to the deer path closest to the wood shed. IT was going into Green’s swamp and the print was only five to seven feet from the path. Also the dimensions were at least fifteen inches by ten (?) inches and there was a barely outlined one paralleling the fence line ten to fifteen feet from the first one, heading in the same direction to the deer trail. I assume
it’s the juvenile.

Jackson Co  Oct 4, 2002  –   Good Look at a Bigfoot

The Sunday I was mowing down by the apple trees and brush piles, I spotted a large bigfoot out in the shadows and brush next door. It was 3:00 pm and dark clouds overhead, but I did get a good look at one who was standing a good thirty feet inside the neighbors land. I kept mowing and it stayed where it was at, and I got too nervous to finish up, so I went back to the house. Before I left I thought I may have spotted another one in the brush and trees near the bridge on the neighbor’s side. I don’t know why they were there, but they made me a little uncomfortable being there. Nothing since then. _____________________________________

Date: Jan 4, 2003 –  Tried Grunting at Bigfoot

This summer when Junior [R A’s name for a local Bigfoot] was a little aggressive I tried grunting and all I got for my troubles was a brush thrashing and wood knocking. That’s why I don’t really do it. I think it may be the second juvenile that I saw in November who was trailing me.

Jackson Co 17 Nov 2002  –  Juvenile Sighting

I did see a small juvenile BF about 4:30 PM Friday when I was in a blind near the back creek. It was standing on the edge of the woods/swamps and stood there staring at me for a good half an hour before it disappeared. I noticed there was no animal activity in the area all the time I was there. I didn’t see any adults and it was about three hundred feet from me. It was cloudy and visibility was very good. I think it was about five ten to six four. It appeared right after [my neighbor] Mr. Green passed through the area (approx. half an hour).

Jackson Co 8 June 2003  –  Recent Sightings on the Property

A week ago I was mowing down back near the old tree stand when I noticed something very dark brown through the brush looking west towards Green’s fields and it was moving back and forth maybe about thirty feet either way. I know it wasn’t a deer because of the height and width of it.  I warned my sister-in- law when mowing to keep her eyes pealed towards the swamps on the neighbor’s property because that’s where the BFs were seen last year. I also warned her to keep her four and seven year old away from the brush.

I have a suspicion that they are using the back channel [part of a local stream system] for a route now, since I know their routes into the property during the daylight hours. The channel area where its heavily brushy and thick trees.

I also had that feeling that I was watched maybe three weeks ago too.  They are moving ever so slowly right now. I know they’ll be [coming] through [here] when the blueberries are in season. They are loaded this year.

Jackson Co  3 Apr 2004  –  Junior Is all Grown Up

The last time I spotted Junior last summer, he was an eight foot tall adult and behaved like an alpha male. Wood knocking and brush thrashing. I haven’t seen any evidence they came through my back area but I
suspect they have been using the back channel area as an entry point.

Jackson Co 01 July 2004  –  Top of Bigfoot’s Head Seen in Brush

I had a interesting encounter yesterday. While mowing near the top part of the channel next to my wood shed, I noticed a top of a head in the brush about twenty feet into my neighbor’s property. It was very noticeable since the brush was about ten to eleven feet tall and the crown of the head was out in the open with no brush behind it. The creature stood there the entire time I was moving and probably thought I never spotted it. It wasn’t aggressive but passive as if wondering what the heck I was doing. I guess they are checking out the area for blueberries. My bushes are about two weeks from being loaded with ripe berries and I guess it wanted to check it out, but I was there. I checked the spot and it looked like something was there but didn’t break any dead branches or bushes. They say curiosity kills the cat…. But it shocked me to see one about eleven feet tall.

Follow on Message, 3 Jul 2004:

I went to the spot where I saw the creature the other day. Initially when I investigated the spot where I saw the creature. I followed a clear path made by deer and stood where it stood. No hair or scat but it was standing on a mound two feet high so my eleven feet estimate is down to eight to eight and half feet tall now. It had thick brush with no thorns and it was an ideal hiding place to watch me. From what I noticed it was one solitary animal not the normal two or more. I didn’t smell anything but a musty swamp scent.

Jackson Co 27 Aug 2004  –  Top of Bigfoot’s Head Seen at 50 Feet

I had to take some corn down to the bait piles down back at 7 pm when I noticed a BF standing in the brush where the last one did last month. All I saw was the top of its head. I kept on walking trying to ignore what I saw when it followed me and stopped by a deer path twenty feet to the left of where it stood previous. Its fur looked like grayish brown but when I saw it the first time it was dark brown. I think since I always notice they move in pairs maybe there were two not one. I didn’t see them move but they moved away from me deeper into the swamps and stayed away from me. They were about fifty feet from me. I was a little unnerved by the encounter since it’s nearing the time they tend to become a little aggressive. _______________________________________________________________________

Jackson Co 16 Feb 2005  –  Found Two Prints Today

I went down back to see if the BFs came through the area. Two tracks were found in the far back [water] channel. The creature tried climbing up the bank. Its left foot left a partial print of the upper foot and its right slid down leaving a heel slip. My in-laws are tapping maples and I found where one BF stood watching them from an old spot from last summer. They are curious and still using their favorite hiding place to observe us.

Jackson Co 19 June 2005  –  Watched by a Small BF

I was mowing down in the far back part of my property near the southern property line near Green’s and my other neighbor. It was standing in some thick brush but I could make out its eyes, which were hominid like, nose (flat like a chimps), and mouth (which I could see its incisors). It was in an area where I haven’t seen much activity in four to five years. I estimated it stood about six foot tall and I had a bad feeling I was being watched. I caught a glimpse of its whites in its eyes before I noticed most of the face. I didn’t see most of its head but it stood there watching me mowing for a good forty minutes. It didn’t show any brush shaking or tree knocking.  Probably a very curious juvenile.

Jackson Co 30 Jun 2005  –  The Smell of Waste

A week ago in the same area [where] I had the encounter with the juvenile BF, I smelled a scent I can only describe as an outhouse smell. It smelled like a human and it radiated from two places. One near the farthest deer blind, and [the other] the area near where I saw the [juvenile] BF. It struck me kind of odd that [it] smelled like someone took a dump near the blind. It wasn’t anyone I knew who would have done it, so I was wondering if a BF has that smell. I eliminated Green’s fertilizer because he uses cow manure, while this had a definite human smell to it.

Jackson Co 27 Jul 2005  –  Small Footprint and Odd Occurrences

It was 8 by 4 inches located near the cedar tree in the “L” [shaped clearing] by the cabin. It had to be a small [BF] child because of the size and had to step in the only dirt spot in a grassy area behind the tree by the brush.

Last week I went down back to do something other than mowing and I was heading back to the bridge when I heard a five gallon bucket banging on the brush about ten to twenty feet from me in our dump. I called out if it was one of my in-laws and no answer. It continued until I reached the bridge when it abruptly stopped. I know we dumped a few buckets back there and we gathered up most to use in the dam but the sound nearly sent a cold chill down my spine.

The other occurrence has been happening on and off for the last few weeks. From my front room window from the recliner near my bedroom door I see a dark object standing out in the swamp across the [water] channel from the house. It stays there for a few moments and leaves, leaving a light (shaded) area where it stood. It happened again tonight and I noticed it only stood there for maybe ten minutes before it disappeared. And I thought I saw something big walk by the burn barrels and disappear for a brief moment. I looked out and saw only a rabbit. I think something is close to the house since my barn cat and her nearly grown kittens, [which] used to stay down at the barn, now stay close to the house. This hasn’t happened in quite some time and I was wondering if a new creature moved in without the others knowing about it. The others tend to move in and out of the area without being noticed and leaving a few clues but this one has taken a keen interest in the house.

I’m not afraid but it concerns me that today [when] I placed my game tracker at the site of the small left footprint maybe I opened a can of worms with this one. I went down back last night and took a piece of wood and did some wood knocking to see what response I got. I thought better of it after a few minutes because of the bucket incident but I did get some rustling in the brush in the swamp where the bucket incident occurred.. And I do get that being watched feeling every night. I come home from work around 1230 am.

Jackson Co 5 Aug 2005  –  The Small BF is Back Again

I took a photo of a small partial footprint in a turkey dust bath in my deer plot down back. It was maybe twenty-five feet from my father-in-law’s deer blind. It seemed to be walking from the far back [water] channel towards the brush pile. When you wrote me last about the BF I saw out my front room window, (to answer your question) the creature couldn’t see the TV.