Bear encounters with Sasquatch

Michigan Bigfoot Report and Data: Gumshoguy’s Corner
Are Bigfoot Killers of the bear?
I just remembered a case of a hunter finding a dead Grizzly with its jaw ripped out, and in the report, he found this quite strange…. And his question was, what could rip the lower jaw out of a Grizzly? It would be very hard for another Grizzly bear to rip a jaw out with its own jaws and teeth, but would be a useful technique for a Sasquatch to render a Grizzly as non-lethal. That according to a Ray Crowe Western Bigfoot Society, October, 1998 Track Record# 82. The question lingers but never answered until a published article printed a piece about a video titled, “The Legends of Bigfoot,” documenting a decade of his 24-year research. produced by Ivan Marx and It premiered in 1975. In it, the former professional tracker, Alaskan game warden, hunter, Ivan Marx of Burney, California claims Researcher reported Sasquatch winding up a Bear’s neck apparently like a rubber band until it snapped at the third vertebra and despite having Bigfoot hair in its mouth, skeptics discounted the bear kill as having been caused by a wild mule.
Do wild mules kills bears? The answer is to that is: The best place to hide a lie is between two truths. People are taken-in by the truths of the deception, but damned by the lie they could not see. The beauty of the Truth is that there can only be one.
Rewinding further into history again; here is a brief article recorded in a British newspaper, The London Times dated January 4, 1784:
“There is lately arrived in France from North America, a wild man, who was caught in the woods, 200 miles back from the Lake of The Woods, by a party of Indians; they had seen him several times, but he was so swift of foot that they could by no means catch up with him. He is near seven feet high, covered with hair, but has little appearance of understanding and is remarkably sullen and subdued. When he was taken, half a bear was found lying by him, whom he had just killed.”
Still unconvinced?
Apparently this has been known for many hundreds of years. You or I wouldn’t learn this because I am betting you and me were not wealthy enough or priviledged enough to know this because only the world’s most wealthiest were privy to such secrets.
Only the World’s wealthiest privy to knowledge 400 years ago
History tells us Bigfoot Sasquatches have been around a long time. How could Bigfoot Sasquatches be mentioned in Queen Mary’s book of knowledge 460 years ago? A book of knowledge was for the privileged, the very wealthiest, and the peasants and serfs had to real-world realities then and now. Bears have reason to fear Sasquatches. Bears usually scoot upon sight or scent of Bigfoots and sometimes when they hear the vocalizations bears become nervous and agitated and leave the area. For those of who said Bigfoot I would have to agree with you. Bigfoot killers of the bear? Legends of the Sasquatch being a killer of bears, is traceable as far back as 230 years ago and beyond perhaps at least 460 years. That is not to say Sasquatches are not injured. Bears have been known to devour consume infant Sasquatches when they happen upon them similar to bear cubs and Sasquatches respond with all the wrath and fury of their sense of vengeance an redemption and they hunt hunt kill and consume bears where they find them. I will qualify this preface as first saying I am not a Bigfoot expert nor am I Bigfoot researcher. I am a data miner of Bigfoot reports and have read and studied or analyzed hundreds of them. There are reports of Bigfoot, Sasquatches stalking and hunting bears. Hunters and professional tracking guides have reported finding bear tracks overlaid with Bigfoot prints clearly illustrating one predator stalking another predator. There have been photos of disastrous after effects of this meeting of minds and there have been reports of bears observed being chased through campsites by Sasquatches, bears chased through woods by screaming Sasquatches in hot pursuit. Large grizzly bears rolled up like a tortilla and hidden under brush. There have been reports of decapitated bear carcasses that have also been found. There is a native Indian story of a pair of hunters coming upon some horrendous screaming and growling and branch breaking then quietly watch in horror as Sasquatch and bear fight to the death.
Illistration  not mine
Source: Western Bigfoot Society, October, 1998 Track Record# 82
Source: The Journal of the Arts, Thursday, October 30, 1975, pC-1
Source: The London Times dated January 4, 1784
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  1. Dustyn Bradshaw
    Dustyn Bradshaw says:

    In 2005 I took care of my dad, he had multiple sclerosis. He wasn’t a gun collector, we never had many guns growing up but I remember him taking two particular guns every where we went. He bought the guns in “81”. Before that we never took guns hunting rocks. I got to thinking about the guns one day and asked him what happened to them? Boy the story he told me.
    My dad was digging a pocket of aquamarine and at lunch he decided to walk over a little hill not far from him to prospect while he ate his sandwich. He got to the top and found a dead baby bear. The ground and trees was torn up and left a trail so he decided to follow. He said there was trees broke off at ground level 8″ to 10″ in diameter and some that looked like they was just pulled out of the ground and used like a bat, bark, limbs stripped clean, and blood all over them. Blood all over everything he said. At the end of this trail was the momma bear laying dead. He knew the meanest thing in them mountains was a momma bear protecting her young, so this really scared him.
    When he got back to town he bought a semi auto 30/06 and a 44 mag for protection. He had his guns and was off for some more prospecting. He was close to the top of the mountain when a storm blew in. It was a long way to the truck so he took cover under some ledges. He noticed something coming up the draw below him and watched it threw the scope of his gun. He said it walked on two feet and fast. While it was going up the mountain it was ripping out brush and stripping the out side of the roots with its teeth, then throw the brush behind him at the same time he was tearing another brush out of the ground. He said the animal was so big, he didn’t think his guns would kill it. It got to about the same elevation as him, just in the opposite side of the draw and stopped. He said they both sat there and watched each other for a few minutes, my dad watching from his scope still, then it Turned, took what seemed to be just a few steps and was over the mountain. He said he would have never pulled that trigger, it looked to human. It had a massive brow line, square teeth, and it’s nose looked like a professional boxers. (When they have it smashed flat cause of being broke to many times) he said he didn’t see a neck, and described it’s build as simular to a body builder, but much bigger.
    He never would say he saw a bigfoot.
    When I was a boy first going rock hounding with dad he never took us to the west side of that mountain. He made really good money mining rocks on the east side. He was able to build a brand new house, bought a 79 Chevrolet 4×4 brand new. Paid cash for all of it with the gems he found. After his experience we never went to the east side again. It all maked since to me when he told me the story. Why he never let us venture on our own to far, why he never went deer hunting in that area again, or prospecting in that area. When I was a teen I went there looking for gem stones, and I did find Indian writings. They look to me like it was a big Bear with its paws in the air, and foot prints. Many other Petroglyphs as well, in some kind of red paint or whatever they used. Anyway I don’t think they are drawings of a bear anymore.


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