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Dogs and their relationship with Bigfoot

Either adversarial or companion, the two sides of Sasquatch and dogs do seem symbiotic if not complex but that’s our interpretation and I’ll admit that is far as we know or understand about them manly because there is still little known about them. Of about 1,400 reports from a North American perspective the U. S. […]

Bigfoot Behavior

Bigfoot Behavior Henry Moon, a professional guide back in the 1980’s once told us, “Bigfoot cannot be trusted; they are opportunists who steal whatever they can; they do not understand shame and they think everything should be shared.” If true, it probably explains why we have reports of them Big Ones running off with a hunter’s […]

Where is the evidence?

WHERE’S THE EVIDENCE??? “Bigfoot has left behind plenty of evidence in the form of huge footprints showing dermal ridges, hairs that are from an unknown creature, scat, DNA evidence, and of course, all the sightings. Possible Bigfoot beds and shelters have been found in the woods, along with broken, twisted tree branches that are too […]

Bigfoot in Michigan’s thumb area

“Their first encounter with the animal came in September, when her neighbors’ barn door was ripped off at the hinges. “I’ve had fences torn down and grain barrels dumped over and eaten,” she said. She said her dogs have raced off into the dark, barking at an unknown intruder, and their farm animals have been […]

Be careful of what you wish for!

I have interviewed several eye witnesses that have had encountered Bigfoot. And to a man they have told me that it was a ” Life changing moment” that forever changed them So be carful where you go! The “Loss of Innocence” – Advice to Aspiring Bigfoot Researchers I used to love the outdoors. I would […]

Diseases in the Bigfoot world

Here is an article provided by Gumshoe corner. Disease and Bigfoots A blessing or curse? Consider this Bigfoots live a hard difficult life. Few would argue Bigfoots live a life of luxury. It has been said that Bigfoots posses this superhuman healing ability. So, somebody aptly suggest that Sasquatches may have a host of diseases and […]

Giants in America

 Guest Post by Stewart Taylor.  Stewart enjoys sharing with interested folks about what he has been fortunate with obtaining. To teach and convey these subjects are a forest people living among us. GIANTS IN AMERICA BY STEWART TAYLOR Throughout world history and legends, there are documented accounts of ordinary men coming in contact with humanoid giants […]

How do you know when Bigfoot is present?

How do you know if Bigfoot is in your vicinity? Check out the following traits of Bigfoot behavior presented by my good friend GumShoe. Who is a Bigfoot  researcher and witness. Thank you for your insight.   “BIGFOOT CREATURE IN THE AREA” 1. General “feeling” of uneasiness, fear or anxiousness, feeling of being watched while […]

Bigfoot living in Detroit?

Here is an interesting story by ” Gum Shoe Guy”. Gum Shoe has collected hundreds of stories, and sightings just in our state of Michigan. Michigan Bigfoot Report and Data: Gumshoguy’s Corner Hard to imagine but Bigfoot Sasquatches live and thrive on the peripheral fringes of inner cities and suburb cities”~ Gumshoguy ———————- 2014 February […]

Early Native American Lore

This post was kindly sent into me by a gentleman named Thomas Phelps, who has a back ground in history. I appreciate his contribution.     A book by Andrew Blackbird titled, History of the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan (first published in 1887, but available on Scribd), has a legend story in Chapter […]