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Bigfoot message?

“Something has a strong penchant for hanging things in trees like ornaments and trophies. The something likes using trees to hide and conceal objects too. Something always synonymous to trees and rocks or water. Connect the dots and the picture becomes clearer each time. Nothing is a coincidence. Nothing is random. Everything has meaning. This […]

Bigfoot encounter in the Salt Fork area of Ohio

Tracks in snow at Salt Fork State Park Ohio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=zXHAyXg01Zw… YOUTUBE.COM Bigfoot Prints in the snow Salt Fork Ohio Grassman In the deep forest of Salt Fork State Park I found Bigfoot Prints in the snow believed to belong to the Ohio Grassman.#WeDoItOutDoors#Bigfoot#SaltForkOhioGra…

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“There have been puzzles and mysteries surrounding Bigfoot Sasquatches for a very long time. It seems neither enigmatologist puzzle masters or cruciverbalist’s have been able to crack the Bigfoot Sasquatches code.“ INTRODUCTION Hello, my name is Val, and this my introduction: I am the Gumshoguy. The word Gumshoe is a moniker for a sleuth, a […]

Bear encounters with Sasquatch

Michigan Bigfoot Report and Data: Gumshoguy’s Corner BEARS AND BIGFOOT Are Bigfoot Killers of the bear? I just remembered a case of a hunter finding a dead Grizzly with its jaw ripped out, and in the report, he found this quite strange…. And his question was, what could rip the lower jaw out of a […]

Look up! If Gorillas sleep in nest high up in the trees why not Bigfoot Sasquatches? Comments

St. Clair county Bigfoot

St. Clair County Bigfoot Posted: 14 Jun 2018 10:13 AM PDT I received an interesting telephone call from a man in Port Huron, Michigan on the night of Tuesday 6/13/2018. He was somewhat nervous, because it was the first time that he had told his story to someone other than family and friends. This narrative begins […]

Rock design

« Halloween Old and New;   There are many that believe that the Bigfoot creatures will try to communicate, with both rocks, and sticks. This is their way of messaging ,possibly to us, as well as to each other. Here is an example of a possible communication with this individual very up close, and personal. Another […]


Michigan Bigfoot report and data

I am posting a face book page dedicated to my personal friend and fellow researcher. His name is Val and  he posts daily reports of Bigfoot activity from all over. He has had a Bigfoot sighting himself a few years back. And when I interviewed him he had mentioned that this sighting was a ” […]

Bigfoot Culture and Belief of Sasquatch in the United States The word ‘Sasquatch’ itself comes from the word “Sesquac”, which in the Halkomelem language of the Coast Salish Indians means “wild man”. The Coast Salish Indians originally lived in the Fraser Valley and other parts of the American northwest, including parts of Canada. However, the […]