A Bigfoot story

Jake and the Bigfoot
In the big darkened woods on a warm moonlit night
He ran behind trees and dodged all the light
The sounds of the night sent chills up his spine
What could he be hearing? What would he find?
The silence was broken by twigs under foot
He hid in the darkness. Should he dare look?
Something approached as he lifted his head
Wide eyed and mouth open, Jake’s heart filled with dread
He fought six year old fear and six year old pride
As he stood toe to toe and swore not to cry
Feet bigger than dad’s and wearing no clothes
Hairy all over, he looked down his nose
At a six year old boy with widened blue eyes
Looking up at this creature. Jake soon realized
This was a Big Foot! It wasn’t a man!
He wasn’t afraid, He took his big hand
He stared in his eyes for what seemed like days
Although never speaking, he shared Big Foot ways.
He could hear in his mind, all the things Big Foot thought
Revealing what he was…….and what he was NOT!
This gentle creation that held Jake’s small hand
Told of his family and how they lived off the land
The experiences, work and games that they played
His home and the forest and friends he had made
Appearing before certain people at times
That understand Mother Nature and God’s awesome signs
The chosen humanity are different than most
The others never see us. Never allowed too close
You’re soft hearted, caring, considerate boy
Brimming with love with a heart full of joy
Jake felt his six year old heart swell with love
For his big footed friend who towered above
He led him past trees where the others awaited
Jake couldn’t believe what God had created
Now running and playing and laughing so free
Experiencing wondrous infinite beauty
But as time passed, they wandered away
Having so much to do, they were done with their play
His big footed friend led him back the spot
Where thanked him for sharing all he was taught
Jake let go of his hand and hugged him so tight
Squeezing his neck with all of his might
He felt love and kindness in the embrace of his friend
As tears filled his eyes he knew it was the end
The beautiful Big Foot cupped his six year old face
And in the silence he felt his heart start to race
He saw beauty and colors and love and lots more
Magnificent things he’d never noticed before
He knew he’d see him again as he walked slowly away
Knowing tomorrow would be a wonderful new day