Bigfoot Culture and Belief of Sasquatch in the United States
The word ‘Sasquatch’ itself comes from the word “Sesquac”, which in the Halkomelem language of the Coast Salish Indians means “wild man”. The Coast Salish Indians originally lived in the Fraser Valley and other parts of the American northwest, including parts of Canada.
However, the concept of an ape-like man is prevalent in Native American legends across the entire North American Continent, and even in native populations around the world.
In total, the Native American tribes of North America have more than sixty different names for Sasquatch. The word ‘Bigfoot’ was coined in the late 1950s by the media when a man discovered large footprints in the mud near Bluff Creek in northern California. While the prints were disclosed to be a hoax in the early 21st century, the term stuck, and gave rise to the modern belief, interpretation and quest for Bigfoot.
Experts estimate that there are around 2,000-6,000 Bigfoots within the United States and Canada (excluding Hawaii).
Note: For the record these are not my estimates..
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