Bigfoot sightings in Oakland county Michigan


Oakland Co 23 Oct 2005  –  Suspected Bigfoot Noises in Highland Rec Area Near Milford

From: A W       Date Received: 1 Nov 2005

I am a bow hunter, and 10-23-05 was in my blind at 5:30AM in the Highland recreation area.  1 hour before sunrise. I heard stomping unlike any deer, almost a teasing stomping behind me, the sticks I heard breaking were larger than any deer had ever broken that I have heard. This went on until 1 hour before sunrise when I heard something ‘howl’ at me from my left a hundred yards away. It wasn’t like a coyote howl, it was more like the scream of the howler monkeys that have been on survivor this season. I rationalized it as a possum being attacked by something at the time, since I have heard them scream many times in different ways. But I was wondering if you have had any sightings in the Highland Rec area north of Milford.

Referencing bigfoot noises  –  From A W   –  Date received:  7 Nov 2005

First of all, I am not afraid to go back to the spot, I will be hunting it this week and weekend. This Bigfoot could have came right up behind me and twisted my neck off, he didn’t, he wanted me out of there. Especially since at first I thought it was a big deer wandering up on me and I was afraid to turn and spook it. I am still skeptical, I have spent countless thousands of hours in the woods from The Upper Peninsula down to Oakland county, and have never seen sign, or heard any Bigfoot. The sound was loud. And it seemed to be directed at me.

I didn’t look for tracks, because at the time I had to rationalize it as normal incident with wildlife. I have heard rabbits get attacked by a coyote and their screams are louder and more disturbing than this. It wasn’t a dying rabbit, so I imagined the sound as a possum getting attacked  by a bobcat or a owl or something. Now that I think about it, the sound could be described as a woman trying to imitate a howler monkey from the “Survivor” TV show.

I’ve heard deer break 1/2″ sticks and it sounds like a person slowly breaking a 2″ stick over their knee in the dark quiet of morning. What these noises sounded like were when we would look for kindling we would break the lower branches off of the reachable bottoms of pine trees and they are dead so you can snap a pretty good size branch with an open fist or a boot. I’d guess these were 1-2″ branches or sticks being broken quickly like that. When a deer breaks a fairly big branch, he doesn’t stomp on it, he kind of steps on it and you can tell it is a non-violent break, the noises I heard were more violent.

After thinking about the howling, I think it was more of a defiant howl, not an attempt to scare me. The sticks were trying to scare me but not the howl. It was almost as if it decided to leave as dawn broke and as it was leaving off to my left up on a hillock it was sort of a howl.  I was much more scared of the stomping, when I heard the howl, it was relief that it was not unseen behind me, but off to my left up on a clear hill.

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Oakland Co 13 July 2006  –  Sighting Near White Lake, MI

Hey my name is Curtis and I think I saw big foot. I’ll tell you the story… me and my friends built a fort deep in the woods and anyway we got out of the woods and one of my friends forgot something, so I was riding my bike back through the woods to get it and I was riding for about 5 minutes. Then I was riding down a hill and that’s when bigfoot saw me. I heard bushes crack and then I heard a big splash like he jumped into the swamp. All I saw was the back of its head. His head was bigger than the average head and his head was white.

I also found a couple broken branches that had a radius of 2 and a half inches. There were 4 of them. And I found all this and meadow lake park. It was like 5 minutes of bike riding downhill into the woods but I’ll try to put pictures of the footprints and broken branches I found on my computer and send them to you, and I have one question: how big is the average bigfoot?

I know what I saw was no white tail deer because it was standing about 6 and a half feet tall and had a head that was bigger that mine. If our fort was in BF territory then it seems scary to go back there now. I saw the footprint but I never got a picture of it.

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Oakland Co. 2009  –  Bigfoot Sightings on Farm, Objects Thrown at House

Received 22 July 2009 From: E A

Oxford Michigan, at on of my buddy’s house we have seen these creatures several times. Experienced them throwing rocks and sticks at his house. I have also experienced one chasing my truck down a dirt road. We have also seen them emerge from the tree line and then return to the trees like we weren’t even there. His house is a farm house on 80 acres.

Bigfoot sightings in Ingham county

Southeast Michigan
Ingham Co 1978 – Moaning/Howling in Middle of Nite, Bigfoot Chased Thru Orchard Near Dansville

Date Received  13 Apr 2006 From: L B

I remember the event clearly (It was Sept of 1978, or perhaps early Oct.) because  I was 9 months pregnant and not sleeping  well due to the discomfort of carrying a 10 lb son.

I heard a very weird moaning/howling in the woods across the road from us in the middle of the night. During the middle of the night I heard a very strange, moaning howl.  It started out low and wound up to a higher pitch – it was a LONG howl – perhaps lasting over 1 minute.  I have heard owls, coyotes, dogs, etc – this was completely different and sounded like it was coming from a rain barrel. For some odd reason I thought a horse was caught in the fence – altho this howl sounded NOTHING like a horse!  Anyway, I went out the door and headed to the coral – I don’t know how I expected to untangle a thrashing horse from a fence when I was over 9 months pregnant! I actually went into the yard to investigate, thinking one of our horses had gotten caught in a fence.

There was a full moon that night, and halfway to the coral I could see that the horses were fine.  They were standing in the middle of the coral, shoulder to shoulder, with their heads towards the woods across the road, and their ears all pointed in that direction also. They didn’t seem upset, just very vigilant. That’s when I got a little scared!  I didn’t stick around to watch very long! Got scared when I saw the horses were fine, and ran for the house. I hustled right back in the house, scared.  I went back in the house and closed and locked all the doors and windows. It was a warm enough night to have windows open, and in 1978 we almost never locked our doors.  I woke my husband and told him about the howl, but he just turned over and went back to sleep.

Just a few days later, the Ingham County News came out, and the headline was “BIGFOOT SIGHTED IN DANSVILLE”.  The newspaper ran an article about a bigfoot sighting near Dansville, just a few days earlier (the night I heard the moaning). The story I remember in the News said  the creature was sighted in an orchard at M36 and Walker Rd by a deputy sheriff and two other men, who chased it thru an orchard near Walker road, which is 3 miles from my house They mentioned the howling and also the horrible smell associated with the sighting. I did not smell anything.  As I recall, a couple of days later, the creature was again sighted again near Williamston, where it was said to have destroyed  someone’s chicken coop and killed several chickens.  Then – never sighted again that I know of.  I did find another article about continued hunts for bigfoot taking place by local citizens.

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Ingham Co Late 1970’s – “Thing” Seen Crossing M36 Near Dansville

Date: 19 Aug 2008     From: Anonymous

It was in the late 70s I think or maybe the early 80s when a couple of locals of Dansville saw the thing crossing M36 not far out of town. The first place they went to tell of this was the Wooden Nickle. Then the following spring we had a Bigfoot race on May 25, and have had one race that is every year after that. I know the dog I had then would not go into one part of the Dansville state game area for a couple of years.

What does Bigfoot want from us Humans

What Do Bigfoots Want from Humans?

Sightings of bigfoots and various other forms of contact with them can be classified into 3 categories:

(1) Accidental Contact, as when a bigfoot is seen crossing a road in front of a moving car, or heard screaming at nite.

(2) Human Planned Contact, resulting from a person actively seeking evidence of or an encounter with a bigfoot.

(3) Bigfoot Initiated Contact, in which the bigfoot actively seeks or initiates some form of contact with humans.

The types of contact initiated by a bigfoot include: looking into the window of a house, throwing things at a house or banging on it, approaching homesites and observing activities of humans outdoors, approaching campers and others out in the woods.

When food is taken, it is obvious what the bigfoot wants.  But why do the other forms of bigfoot initiated contact occur? The more we understand the why, the more likely we are to be able to encourage that type of contact and increase its frequency. To know why bigfoots initiate contact with us, we need to know what it is they want from us.

Here are some of the possible reasons for bigfoots initiating contact with us.  Perhaps others can add to the list.

(1)  Food, and sometimes drink.  Anything edible left outside or growing near someone’s home may be desirable to a bigfoot. In dry weather, any source of water, such as a swimming pool, artificial pond, watering trough, or even a water spigot.

(2)  Security.  Defense of territory or family.  Bigfoots may approach humans in the woods, follow them, vocalize, break branches, throw objects, and while humans are in their tents, enter campsites and even make contact with tents.  Their motivation may be that they want the humans out of their territory.  Perhaps the humans are near a bigfoot food source, or there is a mother and infant nearby.

(3)  Curiosity.  Their desire to watch what humans are doing or hear the sounds they are making (including our entertainment media). If bigfoot hearing is more sensitive than human’s, then they may be able to hear our voices, TV, radio, and music while hiding nearby, even with the house’s
doors and windows closed.  There are many reports of a bigfoot looking into a window. The closer they approach the home (most often at nite), the more likely they are to be seen by humans.  Curiosity may also be the motivation for them to approach campsites, especially when there is no sign of aggression by the bigfoot.  Many reports suggest that bigfoots may be especially curious about human infants and small children.

(4)  Boredom.  Many zoos recognize the need for “enrichment activities” for their animals.  If, at least at certain times of the year, bigfoots have leftover time after satisfying their need for food, they may then seek interesting things to occupy their time, such as watching humans and their activities.

(5)  Loneliness.  The assumed and very likely low population density of bigfoots may result in some individuals having long periods with no contact with their fellow beings.  This may explain those reports of a bigfoot frequently spending time right outside a house at nite, sometimes tapping on siding or windows and making low volume vocalizations.  Loneliness may also be a motivation for the reported cases of long term contact and habituation.  Since humans so often tend to view bigfoots as fearsome monsters, a bigfoot is not likely to find a human friend.  But in some cases loneliness or a need for friendship may be a motivating factor for a bigfoot to approach humans.

(6) Comfortable Life Style.  Bigfoots may realize that humans always seem to have food, shelter, and entertainment.  They may come in close to observe these things with some idea of trying to improve their own life style.

On the one hand, it is obvious that bigfoots in general have an overwhelming desire to not be seen by humans.  But on the other hand, there is reported a very strong pattern of bigfoots approaching humans (both in the forest and around homes), when they could more easily just keep their distance and remain entirely unknown. In these situations, they apparently do want something from us, or something associated with us. Understanding what they want is the key to increasing both the frequency and quality of our contacts with the bigfoot.

Bigfoot ethics ” To kill, or not to kill”

To Kill or Not to Kill?

For several years, among those seeking to prove that bigfoot exists, there has been a great deal of discussion stating why it is desirable or necessary to kill a bigfoot.  The history of interactions between bigfoot and humans contains a great deal of evidence that bigfoot is more than an ordinary animal, and recent DNA evidence strongly suggests that it is genetically much closer to us than any of the great apes, and may be a near human.  The moral issues of killing a bigfoot are very significant, and there are also  legal issues that result from killing an unclassified animal.  It is hoped that the totality of incidents recorded in this book will provide additional evidence of the good will and forbearance that bigfoots so often exhibit during their close encounters with humans whom they could so easily harm or kill.  We should show the same good will toward them, and remove from consideration any idea of killing a bigfoot to prove they exist.


Sightings in Jackson county

It was old probably at least a week. It measured 41/2 by 2 inches. A small BF child stepped in some semi frozen mud by my father-in-law’s [deer] stand. It was faint due to the weather but I noticed the outlines of the three toes and the heel.

Jackson Co 17 Feb 2006  –  Found Two More BF Footprints

They were just two footprints of two different individuals. One the same size as the one down by the one deer stand (4″) [as reported 27 Jan 2006] and another one about a size nine or ten men’s about six feet from it.  They were faint next to the dammed up area next to the cabin almost in front of the “L” cut.  I estimated they walked through there about the time when the temps dropped since the footprints were barely made in the soft soil. I am hazarding a guest that the bigger of the two may be a juvenile, the height of 5’ 8” to 6 foot tall, and the other maybe about three foot tall. It’s unusual that BFs even step in that area near the dam but the wildlife have discovered this new watering hole.

Jackson Co 21 Apr 2006  –  Two faint footprints

Tuesday I went out to spread some corn for the turkeys and on the way back along Green’s property line, I found two faint outlines of BF footprints. The discoloration of something standing while it rained the last time left an outline of both feet about six to seven feet spread. The size was about 16″ (?) a guess. At least I know they are around, probably Junior. They sure love being in and around the dammed up part of the channel near the cabin.

Jackson Co 22 May 2006  –  22-Inch Footprint

I was mowing down back beyond the back channel when I found a left footprint measuring 22 inches. It was there for over a week and the rain washed the two impressions away but left the outline. It was the left foot heading southwest into Green’s fields. At the same time I spotted a flash of movement near one of Green’s brush piles and it was about my height (five ten to five eleven). It scared the crap out of me since I wasn’t prepared to see anything. Then I got a feeling I was being watched from three different places.

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Jackson Co 04 Nov 2002  –  Sightings on Farm of Two BFs Near Michigan Center

Frpm:  R A

My sister-in-law Kris has some friends who live in Michigan Center [a town east of Jackson off 1-27 south] who have been terrorized by two large BFs at night for the past week. This is what I know so far: It started last week when the people living in a farm house saw two pair of green glowing eyes just outside their porch light area.  Screams coming from the creatures sound like a banshee and [they] have killed and ripped apart a deer near the house. I don’t know whether they witnessed this or not but they did see the deer carcass in their yard. There have been eight witnesses and one man (owner?) had to flee back inside because of them. The house is about one hundred years old and familiar to the landscape of the area.

The descriptions of the BFs are sketchy. Six feet plus tall and one is taller than the other (whether its a male/female pair or juvenile and adult is in question). They have approached the house under the cover of darkness and may have walked on the porch. (I’m not too clear on that at the moment. These people are terrified.

04 Nov 2002  –  More Information About the Multiple BF Sightings

I talked with Kris, and the new information is as follows: The creatures have been around for a long time (i.e. the woman lived there most of her life). They have a definite pattern. They appear for three nights and don’t on two nights. If this is the pattern, then they are on a two night cycle last night and tonight. Then tomorrow through Friday they should appear. The woman claims when she was a little girl that her father talked about something being there.

They have found a number of footprints measuring maybe eighteen inches long. One BF has pushed on a car at night and the resident took off.

07 Nov  2002 – New Information

Josh, the person who I will be talking to this Saturday, said that the creatures are back last night and the same banshee screams could be heard. Apparently, his mother who lives there, doesn’t think the creatures exists based on my two recent calls to their house. To let you know, the property is about seventy acres, with a barn and an old cabin, so there is a lot of cover where the creatures are coming in and hiding. Their appearances always come at night around midnight.