Bigfoot encounter in the Waterloo-Pinckney Preserve

Two men camping out in the Waterloo-Pinckney game preserve had a possible encounter with a Bigfoot. This area encompasses some 18.6 miles of rugged hiking trails with many lakes and creeks,  a scenic overlook and a horse camp. These two individuals decided to set up camp in the southwest corner of Waterloo-Pinckney preserve on September 16th of 2016. Tyler Kroetsch, and Will Neill are both Marine reservists who decided to get away and spend some time camping and back packing.

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Bigfoot: Friend or Fiend

There has been a lot of stories over the centuries regarding whether Bigfoot is friendly towards humans or is a true monster. Is he Passive, or aggressive? I think for the most part that Bigfoot is more of just leave  me alone by nature. Which means that if you have a chance encounter he will probably move off into the woods and let you alone.

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Sasquatch behavoiors

Sasquatch Behavior By SRA Andy
Most people think that we do not know much about the behavior of sasquatches; however, that simply is not the case. Through years of study and eye witness testimony, we have seen the same behavior patterns over and over, giving us a fairly good understanding of at least many aspects of their behavior and lifestyles, even if we do not usually know why they do what they do. This page contains a discussion on the various aspects of sasquatch behavior that we has seen and studied. Read more

Waterloo Recreation area

February 2nd, 2017

I recently came in contact with a gentleman named Bob Daigle through his Bigfoot website .About a week later we had a lunch and discussed the world of Bigfoot. It was refreshing to talk to someone that has the same interest in the Bigfoot world as I do. We had also discussed getting out into the field and checking out some areas that have been reputed to have Bigfoot activities.

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Bigfoot in Munising Michigan

I want to share  a story told to me by a person I met in Munising back in 2014. My wife and I were vacationing in Michigan’s upper peninsula in September of 2014. We love to travel that time of year after the tourists are mostly gone, the weather turns cooler ,and the trees are starting to change. It’s a beautiful time of year. We drove from our home to Munising in about 7 hours.This area has so much to offer. Boundless forests, many, many waterfalls, hiking trails, lakes, and rivers and an abundance of wild life. Read more