Sightings in Jackson county from the book ” Reports of Bigfoot/ Sasquatch in Michigan by Bob Daigle

It was old probably at least a week. It measured 41/2 by 2 inches. A small BF child stepped in some semi frozen mud by my father-in-law’s [deer] stand. It was faint due to the weather but I noticed the outlines of the three toes and the heel.

Jackson Co 17 Feb 2006  –  Found Two More BF Footprints

They were just two footprints of two different individuals. One the same size as the one down by the one deer stand (4″) [as reported 27 Jan 2006] and another one about a size nine or ten men’s about six feet from it.  They were faint next to the dammed up area next to the cabin almost in front of the “L” cut.  I estimated they walked through there about the time when the temps dropped since the footprints were barely made in the soft soil. I am hazarding a guest that the bigger of the two may be a juvenile, the height of 5’ 8” to 6 foot tall, and the other maybe about three foot tall. It’s unusual that BFs even step in that area near the dam but the wildlife have discovered this new watering hole.

Jackson Co 21 Apr 2006  –  Two faint footprints

Tuesday I went out to spread some corn for the turkeys and on the way back along Green’s property line, I found two faint outlines of BF footprints. The discoloration of something standing while it rained the last time left an outline of both feet about six to seven feet spread. The size was about 16″ (?) a guess. At least I know they are around, probably Junior. They sure love being in and around the dammed up part of the channel near the cabin.

Jackson Co 22 May 2006  –  22-Inch Footprint

I was mowing down back beyond the back channel when I found a left footprint measuring 22 inches. It was there for over a week and the rain washed the two impressions away but left the outline. It was the left foot heading southwest into Green’s fields. At the same time I spotted a flash of movement near one of Green’s brush piles and it was about my height (five ten to five eleven). It scared the crap out of me since I wasn’t prepared to see anything. Then I got a feeling I was being watched from three different places. 

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Jackson Co 04 Nov 2002  –  Sightings on Farm of Two BFs Near Michigan Center

Frpm:  R A

My sister-in-law Kris has some friends who live in Michigan Center [a town east of Jackson off 1-27 south] who have been terrorized by two large BFs at night for the past week. This is what I know so far: It started last week when the people living in a farm house saw two pair of green glowing eyes just outside their porch light area.  Screams coming from the creatures sound like a banshee and [they] have killed and ripped apart a deer near the house. I don’t know whether they witnessed this or not but they did see the deer carcass in their yard. There have been eight witnesses and one man (owner?) had to flee back inside because of them. The house is about one hundred years old and familiar to the landscape of the area.

The descriptions of the BFs are sketchy. Six feet plus tall and one is taller than the other (whether its a male/female pair or juvenile and adult is in question). They have approached the house under the cover of darkness and may have walked on the porch. (I’m not too clear on that at the moment. These people are terrified.

04 Nov 2002  –  More Information About the Multiple BF Sightings

I talked with Kris, and the new information is as follows: The creatures have been around for a long time (i.e. the woman lived there most of her life). They have a definite pattern. They appear for three nights and don’t on two nights. If this is the pattern, then they are on a two night cycle last night and tonight. Then tomorrow through Friday they should appear. The woman claims when she was a little girl that her father talked about something being there.

They have found a number of footprints measuring maybe eighteen inches long. One BF has pushed on a car at night and the resident took off.

07 Nov  2002 – New Information

Josh, the person who I will be talking to this Saturday, said that the creatures are back last night and the same banshee screams could be heard. Apparently, his mother who lives there, doesn’t think the creatures exists based on my two recent calls to their house. To let you know, the property is about seventy acres, with a barn and an old cabin, so there is a lot of cover where the creatures are coming in and hiding. Their appearances always come at night around midnight.

Bigfoot Days in West Branch Michigan April 2018

West Branch, Michigan will be hosting ” Bigfoot Days” this coming April the 21st, 2018. There will be many quality speakers from around the Michigan area, including the legendary Doctor Jeff Meldrum. Dr. Meldrum will be sharing his knowledge and expertise on everything Bigfoot. More details to follow.

Recent Bigfoot sighting in Shiawassee county

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News report from WDIV Detroit

Michigan Bigfoot photo

Here is a photo from Bob Daigle taken around 2013 taken at Robin’s first house in Newaygo Co.

The man on the right is Igor Burtsev from Moscow. The original photo was taken by two cam McLaren of Van Buren County Michigan, and he also provided the 2 zoomed-in photos with the red arrows.
His son Jeremy and grandson Jacob are also shown in the photo.  The location is the place where Robin Haynes was living at that time,
about 1 mile from White Cloud in Newaygo Co. Mich.  There was about 1 acre of cleared land around the house. I am sure that at the time when
the photo was taken, no one realized they were being watched by 1 or more BF’s. I visited that location probably 5 or 6 times over a 2 year period,
and discovered at least one BF track about 200 yards from the house, and saw many possible signs of BF activity, and one occasion had a close
nite time counter, along with Igor and Joe Stewart, while standing right next to the house.



Strange events in northern Michigan

I attended the Bigfoot conference in West Branch Michigan this past April. I met quit a few people there. Some very down to earth folk, and some not so much. But two guys in particular I got to know were Ernie, and Chuck. As typical with these types of town hall meetings the M C in charge asked everyone in attendance if they had any Bigfoot sightings. One of the people that stood up was Ernie. He mentioned the time he saw one cross his trail while hunting on his family property in Northeast Michigan. I could tell by his emotions while he  was telling the story that he seemed quite shaken up by the sighting. Actually, there were a couple of people that seemed very believable and forth right with  their stories, and some, were very far fetched.

Chuck, and Ernie got together during the conference and they  made arrangements to go up to Ernie’s property later that evening. It was  Chuck, and his son, and Ernie and his girlfriend going up to Ernie’s cabin. Here are the details as told by Chuck.

They got onto Ernie’s property late afternoon. Ernie’s family holds a huge expansive property in excess of 1100 acres, with several cabins, barns, and various other out buildings, and many two tracks roads, and lumber trails inter twinning throughout the property. Ernie  decided to use his  4 wheeler to show Chuck around his property and they went as far back as they could, then they walked from there to a nearby cliff and made their way down to the Thunder bay river which runs through the length of the property. Chuck had mentioned how beautiful it was there and it reminded him of the wilderness of Colorado. So as they are walking down this trail it was Ernie, and Chuck’s son ahead of them and Chuck and Ernie’s girl friend coming up from behind when  they heard a loud “Thud boom boom Thud” as if  something heavy had hit the ground, Chuck said it sounded like a big bass drum going BOOM BOOM. They all stopped to give a listen and see if anything else developed. They then decided to do some wood knocks and some whoops. Well nothing came of this and it was starting to get dark so they made their way back to the 4 wheeler. By now it was totally dark and as they were making their way back to the cabin  Chuck was focusing his spot light out into the darkness and catching some eye shine as they went. Mostly it was the local wildlife like deer, and elk, some porcupine, and even a huge barred owl. At this point Chuck said things really started to get weird. On the trail that they had originally came barreling down on, there was a large piece of tree jammed into the in the middle of the trail. This tree was not there when they first went down . They got off  of their 4 wheeler and Chuck tried to get both of his arms around this tree to move it and it would not budge. It was driven, or slammed deep into this trail he figured at least a couple of feet. It was at this point that Chuck noticed a strong pungent,musky sulfur smell right at the spot where this tree was driven into the trail. Chuck knew then and there that this was probably the smell of a Bigfoot  that he had read, and heard so many eye witnesses say they have encountered. His first instinct was to make sure he had his side arm safely on his hip just to make him feel secure. At this point Chuck, and Ernie got back on their 4 wheeler Ernie wanted to show him one of his other cabins he had on his property. Ernie some times stays there when he comes up to visit. The area was completely dark and Ernie was fumbling for his keys to unlock the door when they heard a low  growl. They were not sure if this was some sort of a warning but as luck would have it Chuck’s son was able to record this growl on his I phone.

They eventually headed back to the main cabin to settle in for the night. Later that evening, he figured around midnight , everyone was asleep when Chuck was awoken by a loud knock. He was not sure where it came from but he was suddenly wide awake. As he laid there he heard strange banging, almost  like something was banging on metal not too far away. And there was also sounds of other movement and the scurrying of animals moving in the night. While he is looking out his window he saw a point of light in the back of the woods leading up to the house. It was at this point that he felt real FEAR and  a feeling that he was being watched. Both he, and his son were frozen with fear, but Chuck had the presence of mind to go outside with some of his equipment to try to record what was going on. But this  fear stayed with him. This was something he could not explain but it was like a wave of fear, or being ZAPPED.  It was at this point that the light post along the side door mounted to the house started shaking and vibrating to the point it was tapping on the side of the house. He just stood at the door way observing what was happening right in front of his eyes. While all of this was going on he was listening to something move out in front of him about 30 yards. Moving through the leaves and brush very slowly. He could not see anything because the light post on the house was still vibrating and he could not focus on any object.  He is not saying for sure it was Bigfoot, could of been a deer, raccoon or whatever but the whole situation totally freaked him and his son out.

The next day around 12:30pm they all went back out to the trail where the tree was shoved into the ground. Chuck was curious to see if that sulfur smell was still prevalent but by then it had dissipated. They walked the area one last time for that weekend just to see if there were any other strange things to uncover but that was it for the time being.

Chuck and Ernie said that they would be going back up and try to set up some game cameras and record anything else unusual. I’m sure there will be more of these stories coming up.


Bigfoot encounter in the Waterloo-Pinckney Preserve

Two men camping out in the Waterloo-Pinckney game preserve had a possible encounter with a Bigfoot. This area encompasses some 18.6 miles of rugged hiking trails with many lakes and creeks,  a scenic overlook and a horse camp. These two individuals decided to set up camp in the southwest corner of Waterloo-Pinckney preserve on September 16th of 2016. Tyler Kroetsch, and Will Neill are both Marine reservists who decided to get away and spend some time camping and back packing.

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Bigfoot: Friend or Fiend

There has been a lot of stories over the centuries regarding whether Bigfoot is friendly towards humans or is a true monster. Is he Passive, or aggressive? I think for the most part that Bigfoot is more of just leave  me alone by nature. Which means that if you have a chance encounter he will probably move off into the woods and let you alone.

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