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Bigfoot activity from Jackson county Michigan

Jackson County [COMMENT:  The following series of events reported by R A, out to May 2006. All occurred in SW Jackson county.] Jackson Co.Nov 2001  –  Eight Foot Tall “Something” Seen from Deer Stand From: R A  Date Received:  Mar 2, 2002 Two weeks before firearm deer season I was sitting in my tree stand studying what deer were […]

Bigfoot activity from Monroe Michiagn

MONROE COUNTY REPORTS Monroe Co Oct 2001  –  Creature Seen in Bed of Pickup Truck Near Monroe Date Received: 20 May 2002 From:  Bobbie Short “Here is a MI report – sounds pretty far fetched – but I’ve been surprised before.”   –   Bobbie  Short —– Original Message —– From: <xyz…@aol.com>   To: Bobbie Short Sent:  May 20 state: Michigan      county: Monroe nearest_city: […]

Bigfoot sightings from Washtenaw county Michigan

WASHTENAW COUNTY REPORTS Washtenaw Co 1957  –  Sightings by 4 People Date Received:  02 Dec 2003           From: R W According to my old co-worker Charlie, there were a few sightings of a Bigfoot creature on M-17 [Washtenaw Ave] and Golfside Roads in 1957. [This intersection is about 1 mile east of US 23 in SW […]

Bigfoot sightings in Macomb county Michigan

MACOMB COUNTY REPORTS Macomb Co Jan 1981  –  Bigfoot Seen Leaning into Dumpster, Then Chases Vehicle Received: 27 May 2009 From: J R Location: 34 Mile Road and Townsend Road, 2 Miles north of downtown Romeo My girlfriend and I were out driving to a friend’s house after work.  It was approximately 10:30/11:00 pm in late January […]

Bigfoot sightings in Oakland county Michigan

OAKLAND COUNTY REPORTS Oakland Co 23 Oct 2005  –  Suspected Bigfoot Noises in Highland Rec Area Near Milford From: A W       Date Received: 1 Nov 2005 I am a bow hunter, and 10-23-05 was in my blind at 5:30AM in the Highland recreation area.  1 hour before sunrise. I heard stomping unlike any deer, almost a […]

Bigfoot sightings in Ingham county

Southeast Michigan INGHAM COUNTY REPORTS Ingham Co 1978 – Moaning/Howling in Middle of Nite, Bigfoot Chased Thru Orchard Near Dansville Date Received  13 Apr 2006 From: L B I remember the event clearly (It was Sept of 1978, or perhaps early Oct.) because  I was 9 months pregnant and not sleeping  well due to the discomfort of carrying […]

What does Bigfoot want from us Humans

What Do Bigfoots Want from Humans? Sightings of bigfoots and various other forms of contact with them can be classified into 3 categories: (1) Accidental Contact, as when a bigfoot is seen crossing a road in front of a moving car, or heard screaming at nite. (2) Human Planned Contact, resulting from a person actively seeking evidence […]

Bigfoot ethics ” To kill, or not to kill”

To Kill or Not to Kill? For several years, among those seeking to prove that bigfoot exists, there has been a great deal of discussion stating why it is desirable or necessary to kill a bigfoot.  The history of interactions between bigfoot and humans contains a great deal of evidence that bigfoot is more than an ordinary animal, […]

Sightings in Jackson county

It was old probably at least a week. It measured 41/2 by 2 inches. A small BF child stepped in some semi frozen mud by my father-in-law’s [deer] stand. It was faint due to the weather but I noticed the outlines of the three toes and the heel. ______________________ Jackson Co 17 Feb 2006  –  Found Two More […]