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Bigfoot in your back yard?

From Gum shoe guy:   Urban, Suburban and Rural Bigfoot Think of it like wheel with and hub, and spokes that reach out in all directions around the center of Detroit. There are roughly 4.75 – 5. 75 million in the greater metropolitan Detroit area of southeast Michigan consisting of six primary and four secondary […]

A Bigfoot story

Jake and the Bigfoot Lookup In the big darkened woods on a warm moonlit night He ran behind trees and dodged all the light The sounds of the night sent chills up his spine What could he be hearing? What would he find? The silence was broken by twigs under foot He hid in the […]

The relationship between dogs and Bigfoot

Comment: The following observation comes from a gentleman that I will refer to as ” Gum shoe”. I know him personally, he is a former police officer and a credible person in the Bigfoot world. He has gathered hundreds of reports, and sightings from all over our state, and he has even had his own  […]

The Monroe Michigan Monster

Back in the early 60’s there was a story going around about a Bigfoot that attacked a young girl, and her mother while they were driving in a rural section of Monroe, Michigan. A friend of mine who is currently retired but has many years of law enforcement, recently went behind  the scenes, to dig […]

Possible Bigfoot evidence in the Grand Rapids area

Subject: Hair   I received a message from a gentleman named Mike, who lives in the Grand Rapids area. He sent me an amazing story of something he and his grandson found while they were out hiking in a stretch of woods near by. He explained he and his grandson where out target shooting, and […]

St. Clair county Bigfoot

I received an interesting telephone call from a man in Port Huron, Michigan on the night of Tuesday 6/13/2018. He was somewhat nervous, because it was the first time that he had told his story to someone other than family and friends. This narrative begins in the early 1980s while the witness was young man […]

The relationship between Dogs, and Sasquatch

Sasquatches often pose no threat to our dogs, but then again there is no shortage of accounts of sasquatches killing and in some cases likely eating dogs. Even though on occasion sasquatches are the known culprits in the disappearance and consumption of people’s livestock and pets, that’s not to say these creatures have a preference […]

Bigfoot encounters in northern Michigan

So here’s the short version and recap of the adventure at his property, first off its huge massive and completely private they own 80 acres one way and like a thousand more acres curving around with so many trails old logging roads ect. I mean like there are three different cabins out there not including […]