Possible Bigfoot evidence in the Grand Rapids area

Subject: Hair


I received a message from a gentleman named Mike, who lives in the Grand Rapids area. He sent me an amazing story of something he and his grandson found while they were out hiking in a stretch of woods near by.

He explained he and his grandson where out target shooting, and hunting salamanders near the Grand River, deep in the woods of a 200 acre parcel.His grandson called him over and pointed up in a large tree.  He asked “grandpa what kind of hair is this ? I looked and saw a clump of hair stuck to the bark about 7ft. up the tree. He  pulled it down and it appears to still have tissue on the ends as if pulled out. Its dark brown almost black and the tips of the hair are lighter. Not sure what I have but it would be interesting to find out.

I was intrigued with his story and after I  received his message I called Mike to get a better understanding of what he and his grandson found. We both thought it unusual that a matting of hair, and tissue to be that high up in a tree. And what could possibly leave that tissue,/hair  that high up? We could not think of anything. Mike did say the fur was nothing that he recognized and had a strange coloring to it.

In addition Mike, had mentioned some strange noises he had been hearing in the area, but wrote them off as coyote’s.

Mike was going to try to have the hair, and tissue analyzed and see who the owner is. He would let me know as soon as he found out the origin.And as soon as I  hear anything I will publish the results.

He also has some other strange things that have happened to a  friend of  his in area. I will get all the details, and publish them when I can. I am planning to go see him in October of 2019. I will get an account of his stories and publish them at as later time. I will look forward to my visit.

I thank Mike very much for coming forward with his story, I feel he is a very credible person. I enjoy reading, and hearing of Bigfoot stories in Michigan. I think I read that Michigan has the fifth highest ratings of sightings in the country.























Suburban Bigfoot. Somethinf to ponder

St. Clair county Bigfoot

I received an interesting telephone call from a man in Port Huron, Michigan on the night of Tuesday 6/13/2018. He was somewhat nervous, because it was the first time that he had told his story to someone other than family and friends.

This narrative begins in the early 1980s while the witness was young man living on his family farm in St. Clair County, Michigan…approximately 8 miles northwest of Port Huron. The first incident occurred when his older sister and her husband where living in a trailer on the property. About 2am she frantically ran into her parent’s house, yelling for her father to grab a gun because something huge had literally picked up the end of the trailer and moved it several feet.

There were other incidents of this 7-8 foot red-eyed hairy hominid walking onto the property, literally getting into the livestock pens and storage areas. In fact, it has killed many peacocks and pheasants that the witness’ mother has been raising. The family was on high alert for many years, fearing that the beast would make an attempt to break into the house.

One interesting incident occurred when the witness and a friend made their way to the sand dunes on the shore of Lake Huron…which was several miles east of the farm. This beast had literally followed the pair and shadowed them throughout the day. The being was not aggressive, but made the witness very nervous not knowing what would happen.

The witness also explained that there had been a strange incident back in the 1940s, when two local girls had gone missing after picking berries. Eventually the pair turned up, but there was never an explanation given as to what happened. Many years later, the witness befriended the woman, who was then in her 70s. He recalled the incident with her. She confided to the witness that ‘we would have never found our way back if it were not for the big hairy man who brought us home.’

There was another incident in 1981, also in St. Clair County, that made the news:

The Detroit News-Sunday, November 22, 1981

Hairy, red-eyed


BY Ann Cohen
News Staff Writer

Cindy Barone isn’t sure she wants to call the creature, “Bigfoot.”

But something big, hairy and red-eyed has frightened her family three times since September.